CSRC Directors Report Yehuda Bock and Susie Pike

CSRC Directors Report Yehuda Bock and Susie Pike

CSRC Directors Report Yehuda Bock and Susie Pike Humphrey CSRC Coordinating Council Spring Meeting PG&E Headquarters San Francisco May 16, 2003 California Spatial Reference Center Providing Californias geodetic framework for scientific, surveying, engineering, and geographic information systems

Mandate Building on Existing Science Infrastructure: Provide the necessary geodetic services to ensure the availability of accurate, consistent, and timely spatial referencing data. Monitor temporal changes in geodetic coordinates due to tectonic motion, volcanic deformation and land subsidence.

Establish the legal spatial reference system for California. SOPAC/CSRC Operational Staff Director: Yehuda Bock Coordination and Administration: Susie Pike System Administration: Brent Gilmore Analysis: Peng Fang, Linette Prawirodirdjo Web Development and Analysis: Paul Jamason Programmers: Michael Scharber, David Malveaux* InSAR: Karen Watson (part time) Consultants*: Don DOnofrio, Larry Fenske, Mike Potterfield Professional Land Surveyors* : Jim Swanson (Northern California)

Cecilia Whitaker (Southern California) * CSRC Only SOPAC/CSRC Data Center Financial Report Funds Received All Sources thru FY03 Spending History thru April 2003 Spending by Task NGS/JIMO 02-03 Summary JIMO/NGS FY02-03

Salaries & Benefits Supplies Subcontracts & Professional Services Amount Requeste d Spent thru

04/30/03 817,135 576,033 Balance 241,102 135,545 137,152

(1,607) 615,958 265,766 350,192 Equipment 227,703 174,397

53,306 Travel 27,625 9,160 18,465 Indirect Costs 172,034

119,396 52,638 TOTAL 1,996,000 1,281,90 4 714,096

Obligated 136,042 Balance 578,054 Work Plan Work Plan At the Fall Coordinating Council meeting a Work Plan Committee was formed. Members of the committee included Dave Stone (chair), Don

DOnofrio, Larry Fenske, Greg Helmer and Marti Ikehara. In late 2002, the Work Plan Committee requested that interested parties and groups help them develop a plan for FY03/04. Individuals were asked to fill out and submit a "Priority Survey" to the Committee with their ideas of CSRC goals and available funding. The individual responses were tallied and compiled into the "Priority Survey Summary", which was used to provide guidance and direction to the Council in prioritizing its goals for the upcoming year. Work Plan The summary is available for download at: http://csrc.

ucsd.edu/input/csrc/workPlanPrioritySurveySummary. pdf and the FY03/04 Work Plan is available at:http://csrc. ucsd.edu/input/csrc/csrcWorkPlan2003_04.pdf. The Work Plan served as the basis for the CSRC FY04 (July 1, 2003 to June 30, 2004) funding proposal that was submitted to NGS on April 2, 2003. Work Plan Perform Outreach

Perform User Assistance and Education Develop Orthmetric Adjustment Procedures Operate and Maintain CSRC CORS Establish NAVD88 on CSRC CORS

Implement CSRC Master Plan Some Highlights CSRC Data Portal CSRC Data Portal map with new map interface displaying all CORS and HPGN sites from 1998

and 2000 (postHector Mine earthquake) adjustments performed by the CSRC for Caltrans. CSRC Data Portal Example of the use of the new SOPAC map interface to locate CORS and GPS monument locations in Northern

California within a 100 km radius of the map center. Map generated by SOPACs GSAC Center, which is accessible through the CSRC Data Portal. CSRC is the first major CSRC Data Portal Location of

height modernization monuments and CORS (CGPS stations) in Yolo County, Contra Costa County, and the San Francisco Bay Area. Map generated by SOPACs GSAC Map Interface.

CSRC Data Portal In this example, a GSAC user locates all passive monuments and BARD sites in a 20 km radius about the map center (in Contra Costa County). SECTOR

Ground Subsidence CSRC Master Plan On March 12, 2003, CSRC received notice from NGS that the Master Plan for a Modern Geodetic Control Network is fully acceptable to NGS.

Copies of the final Master Plan are available on the CSRC website at http://csrc. ucsd.edu/input/csrc/ csrcMasterPlan.pdf Distribution of plan OCRTN Overview

Streaming raw high-rate (1 sec) GPS data from 10 (soon 12) continuously operating reference sites (CORS) to central facility in Santa Ana. These data are available to anyone in raw (MBEN) or RINEX formats for postprocessing. Generating and making available real-time data (1-2 s latency) via the wireless Internet to anyone at no cost (free) for real-time kinematic (RTK) surveying and various forms of dynamic positioning in Orange County. Some Uses Public and Private Surveying ** Precise GIS ** Emergency Response

Police Work Intelligent Transportation ** Aircraft Navigation Bridge and Dam Deformation ** Geophysics ** Weather Forecasting ** ** Currently being used or evaluated The End

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