Powerpoint Jeopardy

Powerpoint Jeopardy

History Figurative Language Plot I

Plot II Motifs 10

10 10 10

10 20 20

20 20 20

30 30 30

30 30 40

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40 50 50

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Name two factors that contributed to the Holocaust leading up to WWII.

National Indifference Treaty of Versailles Anti Semitism Depression Hitlers charisma

Describe the invasion of Poland and its significance to the rest of WWII.

Radio station Took only three weeks Beginning of the war

Blitzkrieg: lightening war Name two methods of killing the Nazis adopted prior to adopting the Final Solution.

Killing Squads Euthanasia What are the laws called that limited Jewish freedom? Name two.

Nuremberg Laws What was Kristallnacht? Pogrom where Nazis burned

Jewish temples and businesses. 30,000 Jewish men were deported. Three days after the liberation of Buchenwald I became very

ill with food poisoning. I was transferred to the hospital and spent two weeks between life and death. irony

The march began. The dead stayed in the yard under the snow, like faithful guards assassinated, without burial.

simile Men threw themselves on top of each other, stamping on each other, tearing at each otherWild beasts of prey,

with animal hatred in their eyes; an extraordinary vitality had seized them. Metaphor

Never shall I forget those moments which murdered my God and my soul and turned my dreams to dust. Personification

She [Madame Schachter] continued to scream, breathless, her voice broken by sobs. 'Jews, listen to me! I can see a fire! There are huge

flames! It is a furnace!' Foreshadowing What does Elie ask Moshe to teach him? What is Moshes

advice? Instruct him in the Cabbala Ask God the right questions but do not expect answers. True questions are answered

by your inner self. What is a Kapo and how do they function within the camp and the novel?

A head prisoner, gains power They keep the other prisoners in line They show the hierarchy of power and the way antiSemitism was institutionalized and exploited.

Describe Elies arrival at Auschwitz. Include selection. Double: who is this person? Angel of Death.

Men/women separated. Stripped, decontaminated, tattooed. Dr. Mengele What is a pipel? And why was

the angel faced pipel hanged? Child who is given favor, probably sexually abused Kapo and resistance movement

What part of his body does Elie describe himself as becoming while in the camp? Why is this significant?

A stomach Dehumanizing Why not a heart for example? At what moment in the text does Elie lose his faith?

Jewish New Year. States that he is stronger than the Almighty. What is Elies fathers

inheritance to him? Significance? A knife and spoon Father = spiritual/mental survival

Spoon/knife = physical survival Name two examples of situational irony in the text.

Leaving the ghetto/police officer Liberation in the hospital Elie giving up his crown/shoes Name two characters in the

text that experienced a physical death. Explain. Zalman Juliek Chlomo

Name two characters in the text that experienced a spiritual death. Explain.

Meir Katz Akiba Drumer

Elie Madame Schachter Name one instance of SILENCE in the novel and why it is significant.

Elie not crying out when his father is beaten by the kapo shows how he was forced to silence his morals in fear of abuse.

What is the significance of NIGHT in the book. Cite one example. First night in Auschwitz.

Begins a time in Elies life where he loses all meaning. What facial feature does Wiesel continually describe. Why is this feature significant?

Eyes Windows to the soul What urge does Elie repeatedly say he is defined

by? Name one instance in the text. Hunger After the hanging of the Warsaw youth, the soup

tasted delicious. Name the camps Elie went to in order

Auschwitz-Birkenau Buna

Gliewitz Buchenwald

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