Physical Education - Eversley

Physical Education - Eversley

Physical Education Eversley Primary School Physical Education Vision: For all children to leave Eversley Primary School with the skills, confidence, knowledge and enthusiasm for a lifelong participation in physical activity and sport. Physical Education is an essential part of our school curriculum at Eversley. We ensure that all children are provided with the opportunity to participate in two high quality PE lessons each week. Pupils in Year 5 take part in swimming lessons for fifteen weeks for one of their PE lessons each week. The sessions are delivered by qualified instructors at Arnos Swimming Pool. Physical Education Eversley Primary School Physical Education Kit consists of: A house colour T-shirt - with the school logo on the front Blue shorts with no stripes, logos or other colours Trainers or plimsolls that fit properly and are different to shoes worn in school A PE bag a proper bag clearly named, not a plastic carrier bag Tracksuits may also be worn for outdoor activities in cold weather Physical Education Children not doing PE Only with the acceptance of a letter from the parent/carer for medical reasons should a child not be participating in PE; however they will need to participate in a PE related activity as it is the law that children have a 2 hour curriculum provision for PE. For example their teacher may ask them to coach and assess other children, keep score, be a timer or write/draw a picture of rules for an activity. Children who have forgotten their kit It is very disruptive when children ask other classes to borrow a PE kit when they have forgotten their own. So to solve this, we have a Spare PE kit box in both welfare rooms and children can borrow from this box on occasions when they have forgotten their PE kit. We would be grateful for donations of spare PE kits for this box. Physical Education Earrings In accordance with the Association of Physical Educations health and safety policy, only children who have had their ears pierced in the last 6 weeks should have earrings in (only stud earrings allowed) and these should then be covered with micro pore tape which your childs teacher has. Please make sure on the days that your child has PE that earrings are removed or alternatively children will need to remove them before the start of their PE lesson. If you are considering getting your childs ears pierced, it would be helpful if

this could happen at the end of the summer term so they can be removed for lessons in September. Bare Feet During gymnastics and dance lessons, all children are to have bare feet unless the class teacher has received a note from a parent/carer Physical Education Outdoor Wear For outdoor PE all children should be wearing a plain navy blue tracksuit. There is no required fabric/style. This can be purchased easily from supermarkets, sports shops, etc. Royal blue tracksuits are available from our school uniform shop, if required. Plimsolls can be worn as a form of outdoor footwear but children are encouraged to wear trainers for all outdoor PE lessons. Please note that girls are not allowed to wear tights underneath their shorts for PE. Physical Education Physical Education inspires all pupils to succeed and achieve in competitive sport and other physical activities. It provides opportunities for pupils to become physically confident in a way that supports their health and fitness. Key Stage 1 children focus on developing their fundamental movement skills, through accessing a broad range of activities to extend their creativity, balance, agility and coordination. Key Stage 2 children focus on applying and developing a broader range of skills; learning how to use them in different ways and linking them to make actions and sequences of movement. They enjoy communicating, collaborating and competing with each other in a range of sports and activities as well as developing an understanding of how to improve through reflection and evaluation to help recognise their own success. Key Stage 1 PE Curriculum Overview Autumn 1 Year 1 Gymnastics Travelling (Safe and Healthy) Games Bouncing and Catching Year 2 Games Dribbling

Gymnastics Balance (Learning About Energy) Autumn 2 Dance Simple Movement Patterns (Healthy Muscles) Games Travelling with the ball Dance Communicate different moods, feelings and ideas (Benefits of Being Active) Games Throwing and catching Spring 1 Games Sending, kicking and striking Dance Exploring, Gesture and Formation, Creating short dances Gymnastics Parts high and low Dance Using

dynamics to develop the dance Spring 2 Dance Exploring Patterns and Pathways. Developing a simple dance Summer 1 Gymnastics Transferring weight from one body part to another Games Gymnastics Receiving with Taking weight hands and feet on different parts (Warming Up) Games Dance Sending skills Learning and performing Gymnastics different styles Jumping and of cultural landing dance Games Hitting and striking Summer 2 Games Creating games in pairs (Being ActiveBeing Healthy)

Dance Telling a story through dance Gymnastics Spinning and turning Games Running, jumping and hopping 2018/2019 YEAR 3 Key Stage 2 PE Curriculum Overview Autumn 1 Autumn 2 Invasion (Passing) Dance Invasion (Creating Space) YEAR 4 YEAR 5 Gym (Travelling with a change of direction) Spring 1 Spring 2 Summer 1

Summer 2 Gym (Stretching and Curling) Net/Wall (Directing the ball) Athletics Striking and fielding Dance Outdoor Ed (Simple orientation using maps) Net/Wall (Directing the ball) Invasion (Marking and Tackling) Invasion (Controlling and receiving) Gym (Receiving body weight) Invasion (keeping possession of the ball) Invasion ( Support play and formations)

Gym (Balance) Dance Invasion (shooting and keeping) Gym (Bridges) Dance Outdoor Ed (Follow map and symbol trails.) Outdoor Ed Striking and Fielding Striking and fielding Athletics Athletics Striking and fielding Striking and Fielding Athletics (orienteering) Athletics YEAR 6 Swimming 17/09/17 01/02/19 Swimming

17/09/18 01/02/19 Invasion (Attacking defending play) Gymnastics (Counter Balance) Invasion (Tag Rugby Tactics) Invasion (Develop Individual shots) Athletics Striking and Fielding Net/Wall (Directing the ball) Dance Gymnastics (Matching and Mirroring) Net/Wall (Develop individual shots) Striking and Fielding Athletics Outdoor Ed (orienteering) Athletics Striking and Fielding

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