Personal braning - Amazon S3

Personal braning - Amazon S3

The Marketing Mix (4 Ps) The marketing mix is a business tool used by brands. It is crucial when determining a product or brand's offering and image, and is associated with the four P's: Product, Price, Promotion, and Place. Successful businesses ensure the 4 Ps are well coordinated and appeal to their target market.

So how does this apply to ? How you are perceived and the reputation you have will determine how success you are. You must answer the following questions to discover how successful your Marketing Mix is! This can be done as a poster, video or essay

What is Brand You? Product 1. What is unique about you and what are your best features? 2. How do you add value to the lives of others? 3. What do you want to be? 4. If you were a character in any teen movie, who would

you be and why? 5. What are you passionate about and why? 6. Do you appeal to a Niche (small) or Mass (large) market? 7. What is more important to you; how good you look, or how good you are? Explain your answer. Product Possible answers Im a Niche product; I have a handful of great, close friends

I have amazing hair I want to be rich/famous/happy/ successful/ helpful/respected. Everybody loves me, I have 5000 friends on Facebook I love fashion and want to design my own clothes

Price 1. How much money would you like to earn per year and how do you intend to do this? 2. Why will employers be willing to pay this much for you? 3. What can you do to make yourself more valuable to employers?

Price Ill work hard and do whatever my boss says! I want to earn millions!... But Ive no idea how. Ill get a great education Ill make sure Im passionate about whatever I do

Ill make sure Im better than and different from the rest Promotion 1. What were your last 5 social media updates? 2. What do they say about you as a person? 3. What would your teachers and classmates say are your strengths and weaknesses?

4. Does this link with the real you? 5. If not, what can be done to change this? Promotion Everybody always loves my funny tweets My friends would say Im awesome, my teachers would say Im lazy Im not very good at selling myself, but

those who do know me like me I act confident, but really I just want attention Im the best dressed, best looking person here Place

1. Where do you spend most of your time? 2. Do you want to be a local, national, or global kinda person? Place Im usually in front of a screen / in the library / hangin out with friends I want to travel the world

I want to live in London or Paris I want to stay close to family and friends Ill go wherever my job takes me Coordinating the Marketing Mix 1. How do your 4Ps link together?

2. What problems can occur if they are not coordinated? E.g. someone who talks a lot but doesnt do much. 3. Which is the most important P in your Marketing Mix? Explain your answer 4. Evaluate the best ways to improve your personal marketing mix and image

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