Peer to Peer - Strom

Peer to Peer - Strom

Peer to Peer David Strom, [email protected] PC Expo/ eBiz presentations June 2001 (c) David Strom Inc. 2001 1 Summary

What is P2P? Learning from Napster, Groove Business models Motivations for using P2P Technology examples Corporate strategies (c) David Strom Inc. 2001 2 What is P2P? Sharing computing resources, such as files,

CPU cycles, and applications Apps are both server and client on a distributed network Makes some use of Internet protocols/standards (c) David Strom Inc. 2001 3 Examples of P2P technologies Simplest example is Windows/Mac built-in file sharing: remember WfW? Napster/Gnutella/Aimster/etc.

Chat products like ICQ, AIM, Bantu, OMNI, etc. (c) David Strom Inc. 2001 4 Other examples

[email protected] (search for ET) (distributed science) McAfee ASAP (anti-virus protection) Lightshare (desktop auctions) Groove Networks (P2P Notes) Uroam (remote access) Roku, VxPort (file sharing) OpenCola (info collection) (c) David Strom Inc. 2001 5

How does P2P leverage the existing Internet infrastructure? Builds on ftp, http, etc. so can pass information freely through routers and firewalls Doesnt require new domain name services or other authentication processes May make use of email and chat protocols as well No specialized knowledge to setup new servers and services No network administrators and other IT resources involved (c) David Strom Inc. 2001

6 What is Napster? Easy to share digital music files Uses http and ftp protocols Each user's PC acts as client and server It creates a community of users with common goals and interests It builds upon P2P services to increase the

overall value of the system (c) David Strom Inc. 2001 7 How did we obtain music before? Go to record store Deal with surly underaged clerks Try to find the right CD

Take it home, play on our stereos (c) David Strom Inc. 2001 8 Enter MP3 downloads Locate an ftp server with music on it Try to connect to the server (often busy)

Upload a few songs first Then hopefully find the right song and download it And much more work to host your own music ftp server! (c) David Strom Inc. 2001 9 Problems with the old method ftp sites often busy Had to learn the ins and outs of ftp client software Uploading requirement was onerous

Search tools crude, could often only find ftp sites, not songs Setting up servers painful too. (c) David Strom Inc. 2001 10 Shirkys list of lessons learned from Napster Centralize what you need to make your business model work A poor user interface isnt an issue, especially if people can still get things done It routes around network admins/firewalls

It allows people to create their own namespaces without specialized knowledge (c) David Strom Inc. 2001 11 How do you share info now? Mydocsonline or similar Internet hard disk PGP secure email, maybe Yahoo Calendars or similar Maybe even a web-based Office suite like TeamOn, FreeDesk or Blox

(c) David Strom Inc. 2001 12 Problems Motley collection difficult to manage Not everyone is willing to work with multiple tools Authentication is difficult multiple logins Still need to download lots of software, despite 100 % browser emphasis Tiresome email exchanges of documents Security by obscurity (c) David Strom Inc. 2001

13 Enter Groove Networks Authentication is always on Different workspaces for different collections of people Setup is easy No browser, email file swapping needed Supports a wide variety of tools and information sharing models Great for sharing files between home and work PCs (c) David Strom Inc. 2001

14 How distributed does your network have to be? Napster: central server to authenticate and track users Gnutella: everything is distributed Aimster: uses AOL IM directory to authenticate/track users (c) David Strom Inc. 2001 15

What business models make sense? Advertising User charges Corporate site licenses Core technology licenses ISP/ASP volume purchases

(c) David Strom Inc. 2001 16 Dale Doughertys thoughts on business models All the P2P players are hoping that their research leads them to establish a new way of doing things. At that point, the winner will be obvious and the business model will be crystal clear. (c) David Strom Inc. 2001

17 Signs that P2p is maturing Porn industry file swapping services (PornDigger, Already seeing downside articles in the press (c) David Strom Inc. 2001 18 Motivations for implementing

P2P Add intelligence to network edge devices Convenience and control Altruism Free up bandwidth (c) David Strom Inc. 2001 19

Motivations: the network edge Right now network edge devices are underused or dumb when it comes to working with the network fabric itself P2P adds intelligence, increased utilization at the edge Makes it easier for people to get more work done, just like c. 1981 PCs (c) David Strom Inc. 2001 20 Controlling your own network

destiny Ask your IT department for the capability to have real-time conversations with Internet users directly from your PC, that you wanted this set up within the hour, and that you had no budget for it. Now imagine being laughed out of the room. (from Shirky) (c) David Strom Inc. 2001 21 Advantages of ICQ No need for setting up IP addresses, DNS

configuration, firewall rules, web server hosting co-location agreements, IT policy pronouncements, lengthy approvals up the IT command structure, IT R&D review, IT rollouts, Do you detect a pattern here? (c) David Strom Inc. 2001 22 Motivations: convenience and control Stress-testing web sites over the Internet, from Exodus/United Devices

Shared-processing model frees up resources in their test lab for other projects, also provides more realism for test scenarios (c) David Strom Inc. 2001 23 Motivations: altruism My goal was to harness wasted CPU cycles that to me were just warming the air. I also liked the fact that I would be participating in an interesting community and doing some good science." -- SETI user

(c) David Strom Inc. 2001 24 Motivations: bandwidth McAfee ASAP uses P2P to download virus pattern files from local users, saving on wide-area connections The more you distribute the network, the less bandwidth you need from any centralized locations (c) David Strom Inc. 2001

25 Drawbacks to P2P Security loopholes Loss of control over desktop activities Some companies dont like to share and play with others (c) David Strom Inc. 2001 26 Corporate strategies

Download and try Napster or uRoam Compare with downloading music or PC/Anywhere for functionality Examine your own programs for file transfer components that could benefit from peering Examine whether you can benefit from shared processing models Setup a trial Groove workgroup and project team (c) David Strom Inc. 2001 27 Places for more information OReilly P2P conference:

pub/a/P2P/conference/ My review of Groove: varbiz.html (c) David Strom Inc. 2001 28

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