Past Tense

Past Tense

I miss my old days. I was a big footballer in the past. Gemi zaman I miss my childhood. Everything was better in the past. Olumlu cmle kurarken cmlemizin fiiline dikkat etmeliyiz. nk gemi zamanda fiiller 2 gruba ayrlr . FL REGULAR VERBS (Dzenli Fiiler) Cmle iersinde sonlarna ed eki yazlr. watc ed

hliste ed n hel ed p clea ed nwalked IRREGULAR VERBS (Dzensiz Fiiler) Cmle ierisinde farkl kelimelere dnr. (2.hali kullanlr) go went do read did read have see

had sa w have a picnic / last sunday / We We ha a last d picnic sunday in the park / Mary and Susan / yesterday afternoon / walk Mary and Susan yesterday afternoon. walke in the park d I and mumcleaned the house two days

ago Melek / at the cinema / yesterday / see / we We sa Mele at the w k cinema yesterda y. Susan and her watched cousin a film on yesterday DVD afternoon the Zoo / go to / last weekend / Tina Tina went tothe Zoolast weekend. REGULAR VERBS

How do you say these words? played ed cross water ed climb ed pushed washed brushed watched danced closed moved lived Now, try these words... painte dus ed v t isi ed

e twai d tcounde t d men e mend a add dd e d e end n de d decid decide d d d e d divide ivid d e

Pay attention to these... ticked picked talked walked looked helped jumped grouped hoped wiped IRREGULAR VERBS Present Past Present Past break

broke come came Present Past buy bought Present do Past did Present Past

Present Past drink drank eat ate Present Past Present Past fall fell

ride rode Present Past Present Past get got see saw Present Past

Present Past go went meet met LETS MAKE SENTENCES! My parentsgot married in 1977. a candy-floss / Batuhan / ten minutes ago / buy Batuhanboug a candyht floss ten minutes

ago Olumsuz cmle kurarken did kelimesiyle birlikte not eki kullanlr. Cmlenin fiilinde deiiklik yaplmaz. Did + not ---> didnt I didnt go to concert yesterday evening. Merry didnt help her mother for housework last Sunday. We didnt see Hasan at school yesterday morning. Cemal didnt meet his friends last night. his friend / at the hospital / visit / last weekend / Robert Rober didntvisithis tat the last friend weekend.

hospital the flowers / yesterday morning / pick / Henry / in the park Henr didntpickthe y flowers in the yesterday park morning. John and his didnt go family on holiday two years ago his homework / yesterday evening / do / John John didn do his t homework

yesterday evening. Soru cmlesi oluturmak iin yine Did kelimesi kullanlr ve bu kelime sorunun banda bulunur. Cmlenin fiili deimez. Did you come to Meleks birthday party last night? Yes, I did. Yes , I came to Meleks birthday party last night. Did Helen sleep well yesterday night? No, she didnt. No, she didnt sleep well yesterday night. I studied my English exam last weekend. Where did Ela go last summer? She went to Antalya last summer. Which film did you watch at the cinema last Sunday?

We watched The Nightmare. his leg / two days ago / Mustafa / break brok his legtwo days +Mustaf a e ago didntbrea his two days - Mustaf a k leg ago Did Mustaf break his a leg two days ago? ?meet / yesterday afternoon / in a cafe / Gl and Lale

and +Gl Lale - metin a yesterday cafe afternoon Gl and didn mee in a yesterday Lale t t cafe afternoon DidGl and mee in a yesterday The

farmers The +?farmers Did the picke the d apples didnt pickthe farmers last weekend last apples last weekend pickthe apples weekend?

a snowman / yesterday / make / they a snowmanyesterd +They mad e ay - They didn mak a snowman yesterd t e ay Did they mak a snowmanyesterday e ?

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