Parity of esteemSteve TrenchardChief ... -

Parity of esteemSteve TrenchardChief ... -

Parity of esteem Steve Trenchard Chief Executive Derbyshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust Better together We provide integrated mental and physical healthcare services for people of all ages. This includes specialist services such as learning disabilities, drug and alcohol and eating disorder services.

Our locations Community Mental Health teams County Wide (including Derby City) Services for adults (of working age) Forensic services Perinatal mental health services Services for older adults

Memory services CMHTs Assertive Outreach Early Intervention Derby City Amber Valley South Derbyshire North East Derbyshire Chesterfield Erewash

North Dales South Dales High Peak County South and City Only Adult acute inpatient Psychology Learning Disability Services CAMHS

Mental health liaison Crisis resolution home treatment Organic In-patients Day hospital Acute occupational therapy Eating Disorders service Psychological therapies Drug and Alcohol Services

City Only Children Specialist Services Universal Childrens Services During 2013/14 Population of almost 1 million Values

311 beds Income circa 117m Parity of esteem At 22.8%, mental ill health is the largest disease burden within the UK

This is bigger than cardiovascular disease (16.2%) or cancer (15.9%) Yet mental health services receive only 11% of funding. Parity of esteem

Only 26% of adults with mental illness receive appropriate care A person with schizophrenia can expect their life expectancy to be reduced by an average of approximately 20 years. Overlap between long-term conditions and

mental health problems Monthly costs per patient with and without mental health problems (US dollars) Kings Fund 2012 report Care for large numbers of people with long-term physical health conditions could be improved by better integrating mental health support with primary care and chronic disease management programmes, with closer working between mental health specialists and other professionals.

Collaborative care arrangements between primary care and mental health specialists can improve outcomes with no or limited additional net costs. Innovative forms of liaison psychiatry demonstrate that providing better support for co-morbid mental health needs can reduce physical health care costs in acute hospitals. @Steve_Trenchard @derbyshcft

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