Our trip in Wrexham - edu

Our trip in Wrexham - edu

Our internship in Wrexham 2.10. 2016 It was the 2nd of October 2016 - a day of departure to project Erasmus+. At first, the driver picked up all 12 students and 2 teachers in Prievidza or Handlov and we set up to Bratislava airport and further to Manchester. In Bratislava we checked-in, boarded and our journey started. The

flight was very pleasant but the landing was hard. 2.10. 2016 In Manchester Kevin from Coleg Cambria was waiting for us. He loaded our luggage up and drove us to halls of residence in Wrexham where we would stay for 3 weeks. 3.10. 2016

The first morning in Wrexham was pretty calm. After a hard day of traveling we were all happy that we could take a rest. Even though our beds were overly soft we all woke up into beautiful sunny day. Our first road to school was suprisingly nice. First feelings about new city were mostly positive. After we arrived to school canteen we hesitantly looked at probably typical British breakfast. After breakfast we all went to reception where we were

given information about our day and school itself. Then we went to our classroom where our English teacher Mr.Gill was waiting. After the shyness dropped we all started talking. Until lunch we were only in class, after lunch we went on treasure hunt. It was very nice walk around the city, we learnt a lot of interesting information about Wrexham and people who were

either born or lived here. We all enjoyed our first day here in Wrexham. 4.10. 2016 This day we had classes with Mr. Gill again. In the morning we started with reporting questions and we learnt some new vocabulary. In the afternoon we made our own menu and learnt how to order the food.

5.10. 2016 This day we visited two interesting places. In the morning we saw Aquaduct. When we arrived, we immediately noticed the boats and the bridge where we met our teacher for the first time. His name is Paul, he is an artist and a nice guy. Our task was to draw the Aquaduct from various positions. Paul showed us a perspective drawing techniques from a single point. We drew Aquaduct from the bottom, from the left or right...or we drew its surrounding. We were

drawing about three hours and then we set up to our next journey to the Chirk castle. After we arrived at Chirk Castle, we took a picture of castle from afar. In the castle we saw a lot of interesting things and in almost every room there was a lady who knew everything about the history. We saw an amazing garden with beautiful sculptures. After individual sightseeing we started to draw castle and garden. We

were drawing till 4pm. 6.10. 2016 Today we woke up a little bit earlier because we went to school which was about 30 km from the hall of residence Northop. Because of some technical problems, we had to move to Chester. We visited the church and after that we sat in the garden and we drew something around us.

7.10. 2016 The fifth day was interesting. We had the lesson of painting with very funny and also positive teacher Paul. Paul is an artist and he illustrates books for children. We started untraditionally. Each of us got rubber and two pins. We used them to make the lines. He taught us how to use the pencil in the best way and how to mix colors. Paul showed us his pictures . The pictures were amazing! At the end

of the day we prepared baguettes for the next day /because of a trip to Liverpool/. 8.10. 2016 Trip to Liverpool We visited: Football stadium Anfield Liverpool Cathedral Albert dock Liverpool Cathedral is the largest in Britain and the 5th in the

world. 8.10. 2016 We spent our spare time: on fabulous carousel in special caf, where you pay for the time you spend inside and not for drinks and cakes. 10.10. 2016

This day we were supposed to record our own short film We were divided into two groups Both groups had to write their script by model but with their own ideas We wrote down dialogs and decided about

the roles We went to the city and started shooting our scenes Next time we were editing them and made the final movie 11.10. 2016 Today we had English lesson with our new

teacher Alex. At first we played one game to know each other. We had to answer many questions and learnt new words. After short break we played role plays and made dialogs between policeman and victim. After lunch break we played bowling. It was perfect.

12.10. 2016 We had English lesson whole day. We had it with Karen in the morning. We were talking about art, paintings and later about prepositions and

adjectives. After lunch we went to town and we were doing survey . We asked people, what they dont like / what they hate. 13.10. 2016 We had English lesson whole

day with our teacher Alex. We were talking about music: what kind of music we listen to or about playing some musical instruments. After lunch we went to town again and we asked people some questions about their favourite music, musician/singer . Actually one woman sang for us. 14.10. 2016

Today after breakfast we drew with our teacher Paul. It was absolutely great. We learnt new techniques in

drawing. We were drawing one picture whole day because we wanted to give it our best and learn a lot. We ate lunch dressed up in our smocks with pictures of superheroes. We enjoyed this day a lot. 15.10. 2016 We were in Chester. We had cloudy and rainy

morning but later it started better weather. We admired a beautiful black and white architecture of the houses. We also saw the Cathedral which was in a neo-Gothic style. We visited the city where we met many street artists. Some of them sang and made something of sand. 15.10. 2016 Either we learnt something about the history, for example, the oldest building

in Chester is the major collection of Roman Chester castle or there is the oldest race lane in Britain. 17.10. 2016 Today we got up early again, because we went by bus to school in Northop. In the class we met again our teacher Paul. We turned the computers on and started to do in Photoshop. He showed us how to work with layers. Then we saw his works

and we started to do the photomontage with the photos we took at Chirk castle. 18.10. 2016 Our staying here is slowly but surely coming to it's end. Cloudy sky didn't really make morning more pleasant. We were supposed to visit northern Wales. At 9AM we jumped into a car and our trip began. Our first stop was Caernarfon Castle. Historical atmosphere that was in

the whole area was incredible. After a lot, a lot of steep stairs we got on top of one of many towers. The view was totally worth it. We were lucky because while we were traveling, the clouds disappeared and it was sunny day once again. Because there were no clouds, we were able to see the whole city. After we visited the castle our trip continued. Our next stop was city Llandudno. Right as we

jumped off the car we ran to the beach. It was amazing. The sea and only the sea that was decorated by the coast and pier full of shops. Even though the wheater gone bad once again, it started raining after we went back home. 19.10. 2016 Our project Erasmus+ was going to its end. We were having English with Alex. At first it was a little bit boring but it was

getting better. At first we were talking about sport. Then we worked with computers and we were searching some typical English sports. At the end, she gave us one topic - How would we spend our holidays in Great Britain? We were discussing about this topic and then we went out and we were asking people 20.10. 2016 Today we edited our videos which

we recorded last week. It was funny day in Northop school with 2 tutors Rob and Julie. 21.10. 2016 Last day we had English lesson. We introduced our presentations about our reports. We watched our two videos. Each of us got certificate about internship and

Europass. In the afternoon we flew home. g n i h c t a w r o

f u o y k n a h T

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