Objective:SWBAT determine various parts of an angle. (1.4 ...

Objective:SWBAT determine various parts of an angle. (1.4 ...

Angles: http://www.kidsinglish.com/newspeak/video_clips/fantastikos-math-wmvs/f ant-math.htm Warm-Up: on worksheet (1-12) Pre-Assessment from Suffolk Public Schools (1-?) This does not count as a grade! Objective: SWBAT determine various parts of an angle. (1.4)

SWBAT apply angle bisectors & angle addition postulate (1.5) **hw/hw log/storybook Homework (day 6): Regular:p. 31 (1-3, 8, 13, 14, 18-23, 29, 30)- ck odd answers in text!! Day 7: bring compass & straightedge, Quiz on angle bisectors, midpts/Assignment Sheet signed by parent Honors: Angles and their Bisectors wks/day 8: bring compass & straightedge, Quiz on angle bisectors, midpts/Pearsonsuccess Due

Friday/Assignment sheet signed by parent Your storybook will be graded as class grades, unless told otherwise. *Each class grade is worth 5 points (indicated with a check mark). *If your page does not have a check, there are highlighted portions which indicates you either have the wrong information or Are missing pertinent information.fix it!!! At this point if you did not earn all the points you may this ONCE,

fix it and bring it tomorrow morning by 8:20 am for partial credit. **Have you put your name, block and SY in your storybook? Make sure p.6 is completed, as I will collect and grade this page. Today we will be learning about angles, what page is that? p. Example

1.Name all angles with B as a vertex. 2. Name the sides of <5. 3. Write another name for <6. Congruent angles Two angles with the same angle measure (Note: Arcs on the angle signify that they are

congruent.) What angles are congruent? There are three ways to name an angle Trace the angle: Vertex:

The vertex must be the middle letter This angle can be named as _________ only the vertex letter (only when there is only one angle present). Angle number

A Only if the angle has a number B Lesson 1-4: Angles 2

C 12 Classifying Angles: Right Angle

Acute Angle Obtuse Angle Straight Angle D A

An angle whose measure is exactly 90. B An angle whose measure is less than 90

C An angle whose measure is between 90 and 180 An angle whose measure is exactly

180 Example K is the vertex of how many angles? __________ Can you identify the angle as

K ? ___________ How angles are there in the diagram? __________ Name each angle. ____________________________________

L M 2 K Lesson 1-4: Angles 3

P 14 Example Classify each angle as right, obtuse, acute or straight. 1.


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