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New Zealand A Country of British Commonwealth A country originally called AO TEA ROA Land of a long white cloud, we know today as New Zealand

The Dutch explorer Abel Tasman discovered New Zealand in 1642. The country itself is a little larger than Britain (270,534 km). It is home to about 4 million people but 60 million sheep. NEW ZEALAND

New Zealand is a constitutional monarchy with a parliamentary democracy. Elizabeth II is the Queen of New Zealand and the head of state. The Queen is represented by the GovernorGeneral. is 1, 500 km away from Australia and it is its greatest strength and weakness, too. It is isolated but on the other hand, a large part of the country is untouched by civilization. A lady, who lived there for 17 years and then moved to Britain, says: If I set off an hour-fly-trip in Europe, Ill land in Paris,

Madrid or Brussels. But there - I landed again in New Zealand or I was lost in the Pacific Ocean. The capital city, but not the largest one, is called WELLINGTON. It is located on the North Island. The city population is about 230.000 inhabitants

The biggest city of New Zealand - AUCKLAND - is also located on the North Island 1.400.000.inhabitants The Sky Tower (328 m) is the most amazing landmark. It is a TV tower and an observation deck. The construction is resistant to wind up 200 km/h and earthquakes to 7.0 Richter magnitude. The third most populated and most beautiful town is CHRISTCHURCH

located on the South Island Before and after a destructive earthquake in 2011 The original inhabitants are called Maori and today they are about 15% of the population They came from Polynesia about

800 AD. Their original clothes were made of dog fur and feathers of endemic birds kiwi, and moa. Maoris life and culture is reflected in religious rituals, war dances and art. Their strange tattoos

represented higher social status and was attractive to the opposite sex. In the past, their stuck out tongue should have frightened their enemies. They usually become Maori`s slaves or food

if they lost the battle. Today their war dances are performed at Maori celebrations or at shows for tourists. White New Zealanders call themselves KIWIS One of the world`s famous people is Sir Edmund Hillary (1919- 2008) He was the first man who stood on

the top of Mount Everest in 1953. His photo is also on the New Zealand five-dollar note Russell Crowe and Sam Neil are actors who made their fortune in Hollywood Crowe in Gladiator

and Sam Neil in Jurassic Park New Zealanders love all kinds of outdoor sports, including skiing, snowboarding, sailing, diving, mountaineering but the most popular is rugby.

The national rugby team All Blacks is the best in the world. Other athletes, THE TEAM NEW ZEALAND, are a brilliant yachting team which achieved excellent results in Americas Cup and won it twice. New Zealand`s beautiful landscape not only attracts thousands of tourists. Peter Jackson, a New Zealand film director, set the

Middle Earth , a mysterious country from his trilogy The Lord of Rings into stunning valleys and green hills of New Zealand`s countryside. As well the series Xen a: Warrior Pri ncess was

filmed ther e Rotorua Hot Springs, North Island The Waitomo Glowworm Caves are visited because of the population of Arachnocampa luminosa a unique kind of worm that glows in the dark. The larvae are hung from the ceiling on sticky strings

Traveling around the North Island, dont miss the NINETY MILE BEACH . (It is actually only 55 km) The South Island is more well-known for its beautiful scenery, lakes, mountains, glaciers where lovers of winter sports can ski and snowboard. If you hadnt visited PANCAKE ROCKS in South Island , you

wouldnt have been to New Zealand. New Zealand fauna and flora make a very fragile ecosystem. Even a seed dragged by mistake can damage the natural balance. There is a border patrol called Customs and they monitor in-comers as well as those who are leaving. They work hard to protect the country. KEA is a kind of mountain parrot. It is very

sociable and clever. You must be careful because it seems the birds have fun stealing things from people Both pictures show KIWI. The KIWI-BIRD is a national symbol of New Zealand and is critically endangered. As many other fligthless birds, the kiwis were masshunted over the last centuries. Comprehensive questions 1. Who discovered New Zealand and when?

2. Can you name any big New Zealand cities. What fact about them can you remember? 3. Who are the original inhabitants of NZ and where did they come from? 4. Why do they stick out their tongues and wear tattoos? 5. Can you mention any famous Kiwis? In which branch did they succeed? 6. If you plan a trip to NZ, what places would you recommend

and why? 7. What can you say about NZ`s ecosystem and how is it protected? 8. Can you add any more facts about New Zealand? Sources JOHNSON, Margaret. New Zealand. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2009, ISBN 9788483234853.

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