NAVAIR Brief Template

NAVAIR Brief Template

NAWCTSD Briefing for Central Florida Chapters National Defense Industrial Association & Women In Defense Presented by: Mr. John Meyers NAWCTSD Public Release 19-ORL075 Distribution Statement A Approved for public release; distribution is unlimited. Increasing Chinese Military Capability in Indo-Pacific since 2000 2 China Military Power 2000-2019 3 Complexity is Increasing Pilots have many more systems, weapons, & missions in which to be proficient now 1960s Today

Analog Specialized Aircraft Simple Tools Fewer Missions Digital Generalized Aircraft Complex Tools Many Missions 4 Readiness 5 Human Performance FY00-FY11 69% OF CLASS A MISHAPS - HUMAN ERROR SIGNIFICANT FACTOR 52% OF CLASS B MISHAPS - HUMAN ERROR SIGNIFICANT FACTOR FY12-FY16 HUMAN ERROR SIGNIFICANT FACTOR

IN 86% OF ALL CLASS A MISHAPS Preliminary look at recent data shows trend is increasing 6 6 Mishap rate per 100k flight hours Mishap Bounce USMC Mishap Rate 7 Bending the Competitive Curve Not just incremental gains, but greater proficiency relative to competitor! + TRAINING NEEDS TO BE Much better (quality)

More accessible (DMT) More frequent + READINESS = Platform + People + Training + PROFICIENCY = Readiness + Reps/Sets + SUPREMACY = Blue > Red Proficiency 8 Mission Aligned Organization The Mission Aligned Organization emphasizes a fundamental and necessary shift in focus from process to mission outcomes (increased lethality and readiness). We will achieve these outcomes with increased responsiveness and speed, through execution of our two primary mission areas: Capability Development and Sustainment. -Garry Newton, Deputy Commander NAVAIR 9 Operating Construct & Relationships Digital

Sustainment Procurement Engineering Command Operations Comptroller General Counsel 10 Current NAWCTSD Organization Current Organization ADM M. Gilday Chief of Naval Operations VADM M. Jackson CNIC VADM D. Peters NAVAIRSYSCOM RDML W. Dillon NAWCWD

NAVAIR Level I Competencies RDML J. Lemmon NAWCAD John Meyers (SES), TD CAPT Tim Hill, CO Mike Merritt, DTD CAPT Dan Covelli XO / RRL S2025 TSPM ` Sponsors RDML G. Mayes CNRSE PMA-205 TBD TSD A-XO

LCDR Kramer NSA A-XO MCPO Todd Estes, CMC PMS-339 1.0 PMS-505 Program Management Mike Merritt 2.0 Contracts Greg Dougherty 4.0 Research & Engineering 5.0 Test & Evaluation John Owen

Carl Lee 6.0 Logistics Brad Ehrhardt 7.0 Corporate Operations John Daly 10.0 Comptroller 11.0 Counsel Suzanne CormierLivesay Lisa Daniel Wentz

NETC Aviation NSTC Office of Naval Research B. Hicks Surface & Undersea P. Honold International A. Matta Research & Technology CrossWarfare B. Seltzer

R. Wieckhorst 11 MAO Organization New MAO Organization ADM M. Gilday Chief of Naval Operations VADM D. Peters NAVAIRSYSCOM RDML W. Dillon NAWCWD Command Operations GT10000 VADM M. Jackson CNIC RDML G. Mayes

CNRSE RDML J. Lemmon NAWCAD John Meyers (SES), ED CAPT Tim Hill, CO Mike Merritt Acquisition Director CAPT Dan Covelli XO / RRL S2025 TSPM Command Staff MCPO Todd Estes, CMC LCDR Kramer, NSA A-XO CDR Wells, TSD A-XO Procurement GT20000 Sustainment

GT40000 Training Systems RDT&E GT50000 Digital GT60000 Aviation Products CrossWarfare Products PD Surface & Undersea Products Product Management Research & Technology Products International

RRL Products Products Special Projects Comptroller GT80000 Counsel GT90000 NAWCTSD ELT PMA-205 F-35 JPO PMS-339 PMS-505 SEA 07-TR CNATRA NETC NSTC AIR 1.4

NIPO ONR PEAT Customers 12 Workload Increasing Direct work demand signal increase 880 WYs (FY16) to 1097 WYs (FY19) Workload drivers Ready Relevant Learning (RRL) Live, Virtual, Constructive for Training (LVCt) Navigation, Seamanship, & Shiphandling Training (NSST) MRTS 3D (COLUMBIA Class, Naval Reactors, RRL, etc) LCS EA Development & In-Service Engineering Cyber Data Analytics 13 IPT Metrics 215 active projects for 2019 84% of NAWCTSD projects have team sizes of less

than 10 18 projects have a team size between 10-20 14 projects have a team size over 20 Projects with more than 10 WYs have multiple smaller embedded efforts Average team size is 5 Small Empowered Teams 14 NAWCTSD Focus Areas + FLEET READINESS Maintain relevant fielded devices that support current ops + EXPANDED FLEET CAPABILITY Delivering integrated warfighting capability/networked training opportunities Foster Live, Virtual, Constructive training solutions + LIFE-LONG LEARNING Meet needs of Navy career path training

Implement intelligent tutoring & AI across training areas Develop embedded assessment & data analysis tools + 15 The Human is the key component of any Warfighting System Hardware + Software + Human = System Capability Human = Physical + Cognitive Integration of Human / HW / SW Yields System Capabilities & Optimizes System Performance 16 Future of Human Performance Training Simulator Physical Training Online Training

Memory Unit (Data Recorder) Classroom NAVY Flight Records Wearables Signals Continuous Health Records Discrete META DATA 17 NAWCTSD Industry Engagement 18 c |A ade

P a| mi at riv ta api C e l t Departmen try us d n Naval X Tech Bridge Initiative

me nt o f th T E CH B R I D GE eN | Federal av y of Defense De pa rt Naval X Tech Bridge will facilitate communication between Department of

the Navy offices & the greater Department of defense innovation ecosystem as well as Academia, Industry, Private Capital & State & local government 19 FOR QUESTIONS OR MORE INFORMATION PLEASE CONTACT + [email protected] + [email protected] + #NAWCTSD + (407) 380-4000 20

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