Napoleon's Empire Collapses

Napoleon's Empire Collapses

Napoleons Empire Collapses Chapter 7.4 Continental System Napoleon blockades the British forced closing of

ports Continental System used to strengthen Europe and weaken Britain Smuggling and

uncooperative allies make this blockade fail Britain responds with its own blockade of France, led by its stronger navy America

and British fight war of 1812, although they are pushed out, no major damage done to British Peninsular war Napoleon

send troops across Spain to attack Portugal, Spanish protest Napoleon appoints his brother King of Spain, angering people Spanish

fight as guerrillas small groups that attack and then disappear British aid the Spanish Napoleon

loses 300,000 troops during the Peninsular War Nationalist rebels fight French all over empire Invasion of Russia Napoleon

decided to invade Russia after relations break down June 1812, Napoleons army marches into Russia with 420,000 men

Russians use scorched earth policy, destroying crops and livestock Napoleon finds Moscow abandoned and burning

Napoleon is forced to retreat, losing thousands of troops to raids, cold weather Downfall

Britain, Prussia, Sweden, Russia, and Austria join forces against Napoleon Napoleon raises another army, but meets quick defeat by allied powers

Napoleon finally surrenders and is exiled to the Island of Elba Last Try Louis

XVIII , the new king is quickly overthrown and Napoleon returns from exile Waterloo British and Prussian forces defeat Napoleons new army

This defeat ends the Hundred Days napoleon last attempt at power

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