Medical Delivery Management Providers

Medical Delivery Management Providers

Outpatient Services and Primary Health Care Heidi Kinsell Manager, Academic Programs Health Services Administration Overview for Today Outpatient Care Primary Care What are key issues? Some Key Terms

Outpatient Services Ambulatory Care Primary Care Definitions Outpatient Services = those that do not require overnight hospital stay.

Ambulatory Services = services provided to the walking patient. Community Medicine = services provided in the immediate community where patients live Where is Outpatient Care Provided? Physician offices Hospital outpatient departments

Diagnostic (e.g. lab, radiology) Therapeutic (e.g. PT, chemotherapy) Hospital emergency departments Nursing homes, Home health, Hospice Ambulatory clinics and surgery centers Chiropractors Public health centers/services Retail Clinics Outpatient Care = Growth!

All trend lines are up, up, up Why? Reimbursement changes Payments Utilization controls New technologies Patient preferences

Important Considerations Outpatient services are delivered. In a variety of settings By various types of providers For various conditions Acute Chronic Preventive Primary, secondary, tertiary Etc.

Trends to Watch Retail Clinics Use of the Internet in various ways Information (general, specific) Tracking care (conditions, progress)

Finding providers, support groups, community Increased role of the patient/consumer Medical Home Email and Phone visits The Health Services System Preventive Care Primary Care Secondary Care

Tertiary Care Restorative Care Continuing Care The Health Services System Preventive Care Primary Care Secondary Care Tertiary Care Restorative Care

Continuing Care Understanding Primary Care Primary Care Main health care provider in non-emergency situations Secondary Care Specialist for expert opinion or surgical/other intervention. Tertiary Care Complex care for relatively uncommon conditions (usually institution-based and technology-driven) Two Dimensions to Consider

Type of Care Preventive-- Coordination-- Continuing Location of Care Inpatient --- Outpatient With various inpatient sites (e.g. hospital, nursing home) and outpatient locations (e.g. physician office, surgery center, home)

Primary Care Three key elements Point of Entry Coordination of Care Essential Care Point of Entry First contact with health care system Gatekeepers

Patients come through primary care physicians to hospitals and specialists Con: Limits care? Pro: Prevents unnecessary care? Coordination of Care PCPs coordinate delivery of care from many sources Patient advisors, patient advocates Ensure continuity and comprehensiveness

The Evidence this works (better health outcomes) people prefer it (patient satisfaction) Ideal Attributes of Primary Care Integrated Coordinating Continuity of care Accessibility

Remove barriers of geography, financing, race, language, culture Accountability For both patients and providers Who Provides Primary Care?

Physicians/Doctors Extenders Nurses Ancillary Alternative Physicians PCPs (Primary Care Physicians) Typically

Family Practice General Internal Medicine Pediatrics Obstetrics & Gynecology Others Controversy Who? Specialized primary care training?

PCP Trends Historically over-supply of specialists Bias towards specialists and sub-specialists Follow the money Now/Future

Growing demand for PCPs Income still lower New organizational and financial structures promoting use of primary care physicians Physician Extenders or Nonphysician Practitioners

Nurse Practitioners Physician Assistants Nurse Midwives Social Workers Nutritionist Alternative Medicine Providers Also known as complementary medicine Examples include

Chiropractic Homeopathy, herbal formulas Acupuncture Meditation, biofeedback Spiritual guidance Others Primary Care Tools Clinical guidelines

Disease management Case management Pharmacy care management Others Future Trends/Issues Will the system adjust to appropriate mix of primary & speciality care? Enough primary care physicians in the right places? (Rural, Urban)

Healthcare Reform-GME payments Conclusions Primary care is a fundamental component of the health care system today and tomorrow.

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