Medical Body Area Networking (MBAN)

Medical Body Area Networking (MBAN)

Medical Body Area Networking (MBAN) IEEE 802.15.4j Standardization Raymond Krasinski, Director, Standardization, Philips IP&S Chair IEEE 802.15.4j Task Group June 20, 2011 FCC Medical Body Area Networking The US Federal Communications Commission is considering allocating 40 MHz of bandwidth, on a secondary basis, for Medical Body Area Network applications. 2 Agenda

1. FCC Rulemaking 2. MBAN Proposal 3. Standardization Philips Intellectual Property & Standards, 3 MBAN FCC - Background Dec 2007: GE Healthcare petitioned the US Federal Communications Commission to use the 2.36 to 2.4 GHz band for Medical BAN Band to be used only for medical applications* This band is primarily allocated in various parts to aeronautical mobile telemetry and telecommand (AMT), radio astronomy and amateur MBAN will use band on a secondary basis and must defer to primary users May 2008: FCC issued Notice of Inquiry

Jun 2009: FCC published Notice of Proposed Rulemaking Oct 2009: NPRM responses from interested parties Nov 2009: NPRM reply comments from interested parties 19 NPRM comments and 5 reply comments received. GEHC, Philips, AFTRCC and Boeing provided comprehensive technical statements Other comments narrower in scope The primary difference between GEHC/Philips and AFTRCC/Boeing is coexistence between AMT and MBAN. * Proposed eligibility & permissible communications: Licensed by rule operations by authorized health care professionals and by any other person, if such use is prescribed by a health care professional. Limited to transmission of data (no voice) used for monitoring, diagnosing or treating patients Philips Intellectual Property & Standards,

4 FCC Process - Current Status Current Stage: Interested parties permitted to make additional presentations to FCC Representatives of AFTRCC, Philips and GE met with FCC on January 13, 2011 to present a joint proposal for MBANS service rules Seen as a positive step since Philips and GEHC are major proponents and AFTRCC the major opponent to MBAN use of the band until this point Entire presentation and proposed service rules can be found on FCC filed comment server Docket #08-59 ( The joint parties continue to work together to achieve a balanced outcome . Next Stage: FCC decision and rules Currently expected early fall Philips Intellectual Property & Standards,

5 MBAN Proposal Eligibility & Permissible Communications Limited to transmission of data (no voice) used for monitoring, diagnosing or treating patients. Licenses by rule operations by authorized health care professionals and by any other person, if such use is prescribed by a health care professional. Frequencies & Authorized Locations 2360-2390 MHz MBANS operations limited to health care facilities (indoor use only, mobile ambulances and home deployment excluded) For in-hospital Patient Monitoring (PM) applications MBANS coordinator will be selected to manage band use 2390-2400 MHz MBANS operations permitted anywhere For in-hospital PM applications, remote home healthcare monitoring, PM monitoring in ambulances,

Philips Intellectual Property & Standards, Note: copied in part from IEEE 802.15-08-0761-01-0006, Nov, 2008. 6 In-Hospital Use Interference Resolution MBANs operation in 2360-2390 MHz only allowed if there is no interference with existing AMT sites (primary user) Must register with MBANS coordinator Electronic key/beacon system incorporated in MBANS system and managed by coordinator Healthcare facilities with no radio Line-of-Site to an AMT location may use the band Healthcare facilities with radio Line-of-Site to an AMT location will require analysis to determine if interference likely with primary user. If analysis is positive, then operation allowed Provisions also made for time-limited access to unoccupied AMT

channels where interference with primary user cannot be ruled out Philips Intellectual Property & Standards, 7 Standardization Technical solutions are needed to implement the FCC rules once they are issued. IEEE 802.15.4 is a good technical fit, but it will need to be modified to operate in the proposed band. 8 Standardization at IEEE - History

Mar 2010 Philips proposes the creation of an IEEE Study Group Study Group submits Project Authorization Request to IEEE asking to become a Task Group Dec 2010

Explore the possibility of an amendment to IEEE 802.15.4 to support new proposed band Sep 2010 Group is created at March Plenary meeting Study Group promoted to Task Group to begin drafting specification Jan 2011 First Task Group meeting

Issuance of Call for Applications Philips Intellectual Property & Standards, 9 Scope of IEEE MBAN Task Group Draft an amendment of 802.15.4 for MBAN This amendment defines a physical layer for IEEE 802.15.4 in the 2360 to 2400 MHz band which complies with Federal Communications Commission (FCC) MBAN rules. This amendment defines modifications to the MAC needed to support this new physical layer. Philips Intellectual Property & Standards, 10 Standardization at IEEE Current Progress

Mar 2011 Issuance of Call for Proposals May 2011 3 preliminary proposals received Philips, Samsung and LG Jul 2011

Will hear final proposals Begin discussions on acceptance/merger of proposals Planned completion of standardization: Summer, 2012 Philips Intellectual Property & Standards, 11 FCC Basic Rulemaking Procedure Petition for Rulemaking Rejection FCC Outside FCC

Request for Public Comment (30 days) Public Comment Order Disposing of Petition Notice of Inquiry (NOI) Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM) Public Comment Further Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (FNPRM) Report and Order Philips Intellectual Property & Standards,

Request for Reconsideration 13 Background The NPRM can be found on the FCC website: 29/FCC-09-57A1.pdf Filings in response to the NPRM can be found at:- z=ms66y&name=08-59 For more details on the FCC Rulemaking process see Radios Regulatory Roadblocks by Mitchell Lazarus, IEEE Spectrum, September 2009 Philips Intellectual Property & Standards, 14

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