Mannerism - Woodbridge Township School District

Mannerism - Woodbridge Township School District

Mannerism (1520-1600) Background Late Renaissance [Pre-Baroque]. Art was at an impasse after the perfection and harmony of the Renaissance. Antithetical to the principles of the

High Renaissance. From the Italian de maneria. A work of art done in the artists characteristic touch or recognizable manner. First used by the German art historian, Heinrich Wlfflin in the early 20c. Influenced by Michelangelos later works.

Michelang elo Sistine Chapel 15081512 Sistine Chapel: Last Judgment

Characteristics Replace Harmony with dissonance & discord. Reason with emotion. Reality with imagination. Create instability instead of equilibrium. Bodies are distorted.

Colors are lurid. Pictoral space is crowded. A void in the center. Hanging figures. Titian , Venus of Urbino, 1538 ?

Parmigiani no Madonna with the Long Neck 1535-1540

Details: Madonna w/the Long Neck El Greco The Resurrection c.1597-1604 An attempt to

express the religious tensions of the times. El Greco Burial of Count Orgaz

1586 Giorgio The neTempes t 1510

Tintoretto The Last Supper (1594) The Last Supper: Manneris m vs. High

Renaissa nce Characteristics of Mannerist Architecture Stylishness in design could be applied to a building as well as to a painting. Showed extensive knowledge of Roman architectural style.

Complex, out of step style taking liberties with classical architecture. Architecture, sculpture, and walled gardens were seen as a complex, but not necessary unified whole. Villa Capra [or Villa Rotunda]

By Andrea Palladio 1566-1571 Palladian architectural style [popular in England] Entrance to the Villa Farnese at

Caprarola By Giacomo Vignola 1560 The Fontainebleau School French Mannerism flourished from

1531 to the early 17c. Characteristics: Extensive use of stucco in moldings & picture frames. Frescoes. An elaborate [often mysterious] system of allegories and mythical iconography.

Centered around the Royal Chateau of Fontainebleau. The Royal Chateau at Fontainebleau Gallery [right] by Rosso Fiorentino & Francesco Primaticcio


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