Live Mobile and Cloud Hacking by ACEs

Live Mobile and Cloud Hacking by ACEs

Live Mobile and Cloud Hacking by ACEs OGh | Fusion Middleware Experience (FME) 16-feb-2016 14:45 16:45 Agenda Introduction, Team and Case Building the process using PCS Building the backend using JCS Building the mobile access layer using MCS Building the mobile front-end using MAF Building the front-end using JET Team Lonneke Dikmans Luc Bors

Ronald van Luttikhuizen Steven Davelaar Wilfred van der Deijl Oracle MAF Building the mobile Conference App for conference attendees Oracle Process Cloud Service Designing and running the session process Oracle JET Building the Conference App for conference admins Oracle Mobile Cloud Service

Exposing conference backend in mobile-friendly way Oracle Java Cloud Service Provide SOAP and REST backend services to expose conference data Oracle Database Cloud Service Store relational conference data Process Introduction Oracle Process Cloud Service (PCS) PCS

Oracle Java Cloud Service (JCS) PaaS based on WebLogic Server 11g and 12c Standard, Enterprise, Suite General purpose, high-memory Pay per hour/month Java Cloud Offerings Java Cloud Service Java Cloud Service SaaS Extension Java Cloud Service Virtual Image Administration WLS Console, FMW Console, OTD Console, JCS Console REST APIs, WLST VM Access (not for SaaS Extension)

Requires DBCS, Storage Cloud Service, Compute Cloud Service Oracle Mobile Cloud Service | Making Mobile Agile Build to Last World Need for Speed World MOBILE CLOUD SERVICE Engaging & Fast Mobile Apps Complete Set of

Mobile Platform Services And Analytics Robust & Future Proof Backend Services & Enterprise Applications 10 Analytics Outside-in, Mobile First Continuous Development MOBILE APPLICATION

FRAMEWORK Diagnostics Usage Engagement Monitoring Inside-out, Service first SDLC Built-in APIs Offline Sync User Mgmt

Native MOBILE CLOUD SERVICE Notifications Storage ICS OSB / SOA CLOUD Connectors Mobile APIs / SDKs

Public Cloud Oracle Cloud Enterprise SaaS On-premise SECURE 3rd Party API Custom API Users Objs Custom Logic

Others ON-PREMISE PACKAGED APPLICATIONS Data Shaping Orchestrate CUSTOM APPLICATIONS 11 Oracle Mobile Platform Strategy Develop, Integrate, Secure, Deploy & Manage Develop Mobile Application

Framework Integrate, Monitor & Analyze Mobile Cloud Service Secure, Deploy & Manage Mobile Security Oracle Mobile Application Framework Overview Productivity boosting mobile development framework Build Once, Run on Multiple-Platforms

Simpler UI development Java, JavaScript, and HTML5-based application development Choice of development tools Offline-capable: SQLite with Encryption Full Access to Native Device Features Modular, Reusable Components Oracle MAF Architecture Servers MAF Device Native Container App. Configuration HTML 5, CSS3 & JavaScript Representation AMX Feature

Components Remote URL Feature Controller Java VM Apache Cordova Plugins & APIs Client Logic JDBC SQLite Device Services

Local HTML Feature Web View Encrypted Database Authentication, Credential Management & Access Control Mobile Device Configuration Service

Server-Generated HTML REST or SOAP Services APN/GCM Push Services What does Oracle JET provide? Collection of Open Source and Oracle built JavaScript libraries Advanced and basic UI Component sets Alta theme built-in Oracle standards compliant Accessibility Internationalization Security

Common Model API Validation and Converter framework Responsive grid and form layout JET Framework Features Common Model and Collection API (based on Backbone syntax) Messaging and event services for both Model layer and UI layer Validation framework for both client and server Caching services for performant paging and virtual scrolling Filtering services provided at the Model layer (e.g. sorting) Support for responsive design with a built in fluid-grid layout framework Libraries and resources are loaded using a lazy loading methodology URL and browser history managed as part of the framework Security testing of framework to meet Oracle Security review How is Oracle JET being released? Oracle is releasing Oracle JET in a three phase plan

1. Internal use 2. Oracle customer use 3. General Public use The first release was internal and you can see the result of that with many of the new Oracle Cloud Services The second phase is for Oracle Cloud customers. This release is covered under a restricted use license (RUL) and is available today. The third and final phase is to release Oracle JET as Open Source software. This is planned and should be available this year.

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