Literary Term Review - PC\|MAC

Literary Term Review - PC\|MAC

Literary Term Review Use this powerpoint to complete Literary Term Hand Out What is a canon? (not the large, powerful weapon)

The canon is often used to identify the classical and contemporary literature authorized by schools and universities as the core of literary study. What is a genre? A type or category of literary work. The novel, the short story, the play, the lyric poem are all examples of genres.

Story Arc The elements of plot and sequence of events within a story. It includes exposition, rising action, climax, falling action, and resolution (or denouement). Freytags Pyramid

A diagram of dramatic structure (the structure of a story) which shows complication and tension rising toward the climax and decreasing after to the end of the story.

See Next Slide for Sample to Draw Freytags Pyramid Who is the teller of the story? The voice that speaks or tells the story? Narrator

The narrator can be from different points of view What is a static character?

A simplified character who does not change or alter his / her personality or beliefs throughout the narrative. Dynamic Characters are the opposite of static characters.

What is a reliable narrator? A narrator (teller of the story) who can be trusted to tell the real version of the story sticking to reality and not casting judgments. What is an unreliable narrator?

The teller of the story displays characteristics that indicate a lack of creditability. Might provide incomplete or inaccurate information. Might cast judgments of other characters and their actions.

A universal character or symbol that consistently reoccurs through life and literature.

For example, the wise man or the bully or the hero or the rebel What is this called? Archetype Protagonist vs. Antagonist Pro = something youre for ( think pros and cons) Protagonist = the good guy the central

character of the story Antagonist = think anti- against Character who stands in opposition of the main character (the bad guy) What is a characters MOTIVE? the psychological and moral impulses and

external circumstances that cause a character to act, think, or feel a certain way. What is the official literary term for a struggle or obstacle between opposing forces? EXAMPLE: Protagonist vs. Antagonist CONFLICT These can be INTERNAL or EXTERNAL

All about the authors attitude

Think Author ? Think TONE! The reflection of the authors attitude toward his / her subject, characters, and readers. How does the author feel about what he / she is writing? What clues do I have that make me think he / she feels this way? SoWhat is MOOD about?

Mood is The atmosphere or feeling the work conveys to the reader. How does this piece of literature make you feel? How does the language in the story

create a mood? How did the author make me feel this way? When two characters act as a CONTRAST to one another in order to highlight specific character traits of the characters This is called FOIL.

Rico is a foil to Victor. What is suspense? Just like in the movies A state of anxious anticipation, expectation, or uncertainty regarding the resolution of the conflict, the solution of a problem, the outcome of events, or the eventual well-being of the characters.

When the author reveals events that happened before the opening of the novel (the exposition) in order for the reader to better understand the plot This is called a flashback.

What is foreshadowing? The author gives the reader hints or clues as to what will happen later on in the story. Allusion

A passing reference to a historical or fictional character, place, or event to other works that the writer assumes the reader will recognize. Figurative Language Terms

To be Continued

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