Landscape Plan Graphics - Weebly

Landscape Plan Graphics - Weebly

Landscape Plan Graphics Presentation Plans At this stage of the design process were presenting ideas to a client Conveying material in

a professional, visually attractive way increases credibility Presentation plans require a combination of both straightedge

and free hand drawing More loose and expressive than construction drawings Composite Plans When adding multiple

plant symbols together for a final design we need to think about Layering Symbol identity Layering

Symbols overlap each other or appear to be under each other Symbol identity Using multiple textures when representing plants

makes it easy to that its easy to tell the difference between plant materials Start by choosing a pattern for the foliage Outline your circle guideline Determine the light direction

and draw or imagine two smaller circles Add foliage patterns to the smaller circles Shady side = more texture, sunny side= less texture Trees

Trees should be more heavily patterned unless you are showing plants underneath, then youll only outline your circle guideline in marker

Shrubs Begin with circle guidelines Guidelines should be touching or slightly overlapping Fill in with shape outline

Ground Cover No circle guideline is necessary Choose exterior outline Can fit any shape Landscape Graphics SHADOWING

Shadows add a dimension of depth to your plan and add vertical interest. Either cast shadows DOWN to the left or to the right. All the shadows in a design

must follow the same light direction. Steps for Making a Shadow Establish the light direction. Place a circle template that matches the plant size over

the symbol. Slide the template away from the light source a little and draw a guideline. Fill in the space between the outside of the plant and our guideline.

For conical trees like pines draw a cone shape behind the plant in the direction that the light is shining Fill in the cone, for

evergreen trees its ok to fill in outside the guidelines for a more textured shadow Shadow Density The most powerful shadows are solid black or a very dark

gray. Hardscape Symbols Paving Materials At scales of 3/32=1 its not necessary to texture the entire surface. Place texture around the edges and

corners, fade texture towards the middle. At 1/8=1 the texture becomes more course and you can still leave some empty zones without texture towards the center. At =1 you need to show

almost every paving element. Fountains or Water Features Water space is best left white light texture can be used to show ripples or water spray

Overhead Structures/Pergolas Must remember scale, how large they will be in relation to other elements

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