Lamar Rose - African Methodist Episcopal Church

Lamar Rose - African Methodist Episcopal Church

RULES COMMITTEE Foster L. Chisholm, Chair Introduction To: Bishop Clement W. Fugh, Presiding Prelate of the Fifth Episcopal District; Mrs. Alexia B. Fugh, Episcopal Supervisor; Dr. Willie Glover, Connectional Lay President; Connectional Officers; Mr. Simeon Rhoden, President, Fifth Episcopal District Lay Organization; Fifth District Lay Officers; Presiding Elders; Pastors; Clergy; Delegates; Visitors and Friends AFRICAN METHODIST EPISCOPAL CHURCH FIFTH DISTRICT LAY ORGANIZATION June 29-July 1, 2017 CONVENTION RULES The Rules Committee met via email and compiled the following Convention Rules for the 60th Annual Session of the Fifth District Lay Organization. Copyright 2016 Boeing. All rights reserved. Convention Convention Rules Rules The session of the day shall begin, dismiss for lunch, reconvene, and adjourn as programmed. The quorum is a majority of the number who have registered as attending, irrespective of whether some may have departed. No committee shall meet during the business session except by

consent of the District President. ALL RESOLUTIONS must be submitted by 9:00 PM on Thursday, June 29, 2017 and shall bear the signature of the author of said Resolution. No delegate may speak to an issue more than twice and for no longer than three (3) minutes. No delegate may relinquish their time to circumvent the three (3) minutes. Rules Rules (cont.) (cont.) A motion shall not be open for discussion until the motion has been seconded and so stated by the Chair. When a question is pending, no motion shall be in order except adjournment, recess, raising the question of privilege, previous question, postpone indefinitely, postpone definitely, to refer to committee, division of the house, amend or postpone indefinitely, substitute motion, precedence. A delegate desiring the floor must remain at the microphone until recognized by the Chair. A delegate must state their name and conference. Copyright 2016 Boeing. All rights reserved. Rules Rules (cont.) (cont.)

No delegate shall interrupt another delegate except to call for a point of order or request information or point of personal privilege. Marshals shall be appointed by the Chair from each conference as recommended by the Conference President. Those marshals shall maintain strict order and see that only members are seated within the established bounds of the meeting as assigned to each conference. They shall perform such other duties as may be assigned to them by the President (i.e. time keepers) in keeping with the duties of the office. All cell phones must be turned off or placed on vibrate only during all sessions. In the absence of a special rule herein stated, Robert's Rules of Order (newly revised eleventh edition) shall govern the procedure. Milestone/Implementation Milestone/Implementation Dates Dates June 29 July 1, 2017 Committee Committee Participants Participants JoLee Brooks, Midwest Conf. Sylvia Payne, Pacific Northwest Conf.

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