MHA Internships 2013 Kent Palamore Preceptor: Terri Nuss, MS, MBA, VP of Patient Centeredness Major Project: Noise Project Reviewed data to identify the root cause of noise-related complaints Compared units with high PG and HCAHPS scores to units with low scores and determine key differences Developed potential intervention and implementation strategies that can be applied to a pilot site Be able to apply findings to other across the system Develop a leaders diagnostic toolkit Identify opportunities for improvement System to prioritize which sources they should address first Shilpa Chhadwa Preceptor: Jim Walton, DO, MBA, President & CEO

Major Projects: Development of GAPN ACO ACO Coordinator Researched the requirements and developmental needs related to ACO approval by CMS Development of a new LLC and its related agreements/contracts Development of job descriptions for the LLC Development of the organizational governance and management structure

Developed the overall ACO Project structure Attended strategy, IT, Development, Recruitment and Care Coordination staff meetings Ensured that all application deadlines for ACO approval are met Budget analysis Supported the Genesis ACO Membership Recruitment & Support staff during both the recruitment and operational phases of the ACO Supported the Genesis ACO Care Coordination staff in the development of the Care Coordination Software and operations Supported the Genesis ACO Health IT staff in the development and operations of the ACO IT activities Garrett Boland Preceptor: John Christensen, Senior Analyst Major Projects: Ad Hoc Reporting Patient targeting in Walgreens hospitals Late patient eligibility reports Improving patient targeting reports CCTP - PAC (Community Based Care Transitions Program Post Acute Care)Transfer Survey follow-up calls Completed various PDF forms for Loopback Navigator and INTERACT (Interventions to

Reduce Acute Care Transfers) Help desk support Karyssa Bowers Preceptor: Natalie Wilkins, Plus ACO-Director Major Projects: Weighted Ranking Project Preferred Provider Process Applicant Provider Process Alignment of ACO patients Preferred Provider Executive Packet Geographic Barrier Project Quality Data Tracking (CASPER, ERehab, UDS, Hospice Compare, Deyta) Preferred Provider/ Applicant Provider Claims Reporting Hospital ECIN Reports Hospital Placement Reports Alexis Hunter Preceptor: Lewis Garrison, MSA, HSA, Med, Practice

Operations Manager II Major Projects: Developed Fire Escape Plan for Compliance Patient Registration Observation and Project Proposal: Front Office Success Developed Electronic Floor Plan to Study Patient Flow Scheduled Interviews for Non-Clinical & Clinical Candidates Active Involvement in Interviews Accompanied Clinical Supervisor on Compliance Site Visit at BFMC Midlothian Observed Management Meeting and Staff Meeting

Created Database for Medical Supply Inventory Exposed to Accounts Payable Overview and Organization Audited and Reconciled Invoices for Financial Assurance Audited Employee Time Entry (Baylor Attendance Policy) Chelsea Hart Preceptor: Joseph DeLeon, President Major Projects: Tier II Observations Employees observe other employees to ensure they are following the correct procedures of the hospital The specific procedures include Patient Identification Hand Hygiene

Time Outs During Surgery Collected the data from employees and used this information to create spreadsheets providing analysis and conclusions Presented findings monthly to the executive team and to the Director of Quality Improvement, comparing them to previous months Matthew Stabe Preceptor: Terri Nuss, MS, MBA, VP of Patient Centeredness Major Project: HCAHPS Crisis Admissions Patients admitted through the ED are showing a decline in their experience year-to-year ED volumes are growing These growing volumes are having a negative effect on system HCAHPs scores From a service stand point, we have a duty to help

these patients From a financial stand point, if this patient population continues to have a declining experience, reimbursements will be at risk due to a decrease in Value-Based Purchasing SriLakshmi Gummadi Preceptor: Dr. Elizabeth Trevino, CEO Major Projects: Needs Assessment Report JPS Community Connect Project Assisted with the development and implementation of NTACHC Policy Library

Assisted with HRSA Operational Site Visit Diabetes Salud! Program NTACHC Patient Satisfaction Surveys Organized and Restructured NTACHC Policies Reviewed, updated and added recent approved policies Formatted the new handbook distributed to all employees July 2013 Data Reports

Partnership with JPS Health Network for one of Medicaid Waiver Project Completed the Partner Capability Summary Employee Hand Book Patient origin by Zip Code Uninsured, Infant Mortality rate, Health Professional Shortage Areas, etc Collected and compiled operational, financial, clinical, compliance, patient and board governance documents to ensure compliance for FQHC requirements Participation in various meetings Texas Vaccines For Children (TVFC) Program Understand the policies and Procedures

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