Jobs of Abraham Lincoln - Indiana University

Jobs of Abraham Lincoln - Indiana University

Abraham Lincoln More Than Just a President By Barb Baumann 2009 Childhood Jobs in Kentucky While Abraham Lincoln was at Sinking Springs,

Kentucky, he was so young that he was unable to help with household chores. While at Knob Creek Farm, Lincoln was age 2 to almost 8. It was here that he was first able to help his parents, and he did so by fetching water, carrying firewood, and helping to plant the garden. It is likely that he also brought home

fish to eatthose he caught at Knob Creek. Garden at Knob Creek Today Lincoln helped with planting the garden at Knob Creek. In fact, one of his earliest recollections was of planting pumpkins seeds only to have a heavy rain wash them away the next day.

Pail Used to Fetch Water Lincoln may have fetched water using a pail similar to this one.

Carrying Firewood Since firewood was used for heat and cooking, it was a necessity. When children were old

enough to carry firewood, they helped the family in this way. What relationship did the environment and location of

Knob Creek Farm have on the household chores Abraham Lincoln did for his family? Jobs at Pigeon Creek, Indiana Abraham Lincoln: Helped clear the land

Helped his father plant and harvest crops Helped build the family home by mixing mortar to use as fill between the logs Did odd jobs for neighbors to earn a little money for the family Built a small boat and ran a ferrying service

Land at Pigeon Creek Tools Used to Split Rails for Fence As Lincoln grew, he took on more and more responsibility in

helping his family survive. What qualities did Abe Lincoln reveal while at Pigeon Creek that would serve him well in the future? Lincoln Homestead Site in

Harristown, Illinois Although Lincolns family spent only one year at this site, he helped build a log cabin, raise corn, split

rails for fence, and was with his family as they survived the terrible winter of 1831. Located on Bluff Over

Sangamon River It was on the Sangamon River that Lincoln traveled by canoe to meet Denton Offutt to ferry a flatboat down the Mississippi River. Since Offutt failed to purchase a flatboat, Lincoln with two friends built a boat they could use to ferry the produce to New Orleans. When Lincoln left the

homestead near Harristown to take the flatboat down the Mississippi, he no longer returned to live with his family. Why was this a turning point in Lincolns life?

Jobs in New Salem While in New Salem, Lincoln had a variety of jobs. When he first arrived here, he was hired by Denton Offutt as a clerk in his store. When that store closed, he hired out to

farmers and split rails. Lincoln became a partner in store ownership with William Berry and the men ran two stores at different times. Postmaster Abraham Lincoln was the postmaster for

New Salem. The mail box was located in the back of the 2nd Lincoln-Berry store. Deputy Land Surveyor Lincoln bought surveying equipment and tried his hand at this job for a short time.

Lincoln served as a captain in the militia during the Black Hawk War. Capt. Abraham Lincoln of the Illinois Volunteer Militia at the time of the Black Hawk War 1831-32, by Leonard Crunelle, 1930 archives/2009/02/021209Captain.aspx Lincoln became a lawyer in 1836. What jobs from Lincolns past most likely prepared him for

becoming a lawyer? Lincoln left New Salem to practice law in Springfield, Illinois. Lincoln was also a member of Congress from 1847-1849.

Lincoln the Legislator Marble, by Avard T. Fairbanks, 1985 While practicing law, Lincoln

received the nomination for and was elected President of the United States of America. The inauguration of Abraham Lincoln as U.S. president, Washington, D.C., March 4, 1861.

Library of Congress, Washington, D.C. Although Abraham Lincoln is mostly known for his presidency, his many other jobs helped prepare him for this position. How might Lincolns life have

been different if he hadnt held the many jobs he had throughout his lifetime?

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