Introduction and Planning for Our Future with Special Education

Introduction and Planning for Our Future with Special Education

Introduction and Planning for Our Future with Special Education Agenda Special Education Team Introduction Current Programs in Our District Planning for our Future for Students with Disabilities in RCSD Steps for Planning for Our 7 SDC

classes for the 2019-2020 School Year Questions and Feedback Meet the Special Education Team Director: David Paliughi (650.482.2245) email: [email protected] Admin. Asst: Leilani Huerta (650.482.2288) email: [email protected] Mr. Paliughis schedule, Budget, Contracts, Legal Asst. Dir: Dr. Rosemary Wood (650.482.2254) email: [email protected] Fair Oaks, Gill, MIT, Orion, Roosevelt, North Star, Selby, Ford, Clifford, Instructional Assistants Prog. Specialist: Maggie Hong (650.482.2243) email: [email protected] Adelante, Taft, Cloud, Kennedy, Preschool, Hawes, Garfield, Hoover, Mental Health Cases

Admin Sec: Veronica Ramirez (650.423.2258) email: [email protected] Initials, SEIS, Preschool, NPS/Prvt/County Admin Sec: Kim Abbott (650.423.2265) email: [email protected] Annuals/Triennials, Addendums/Transitions, Ordering, Transportation TOSA: Kimberly Komiserak (650.482.3474) email: [email protected] New Teacher Support, Teacher Development, IEP support, Non Public/Private School Case Management Current Programs at Sites Every School Site Has the Following Services:

SDC and RSP Speech and Language Counseling School Psychologist Auxiliary Services (Occupational Therapy/ Adaptive PE)

Every school site will continue to have aforementioned services Our Current Programs and Sites for 2018-201 9 What Does RSP Looks Like RSP Teacher has a caseload of up to 28 students. Services are provided in the general education classroom (push in) and outside of the

classroom (pull out). Services are aimed at students accessing the general education curriculum. In general its 49% or less of the day. More Intensive Supports for Students

Low incidence disability Population with greater needs Lower student to adult ratio Services 50% or more of the day Students participate in Special Day Classes Special Day Class (SDC)

Students based on their need and disabling condition need to be eligible for these programs. Because there are fewer students with greater need, there are fewer of these programs Because there are fewer classes, the classes were located at schools across the district. This led to programs being at different school

sites Special Day Classes in RCSD Preschool SDC General Milieu SDC Moderate/Severe SDC Programs Therapeutic Milieu for Students with Emotional Disturbance

Planning for the Future... We See Opportunity for Serving Our Students... Programmatics During This Change Access to RSP, Speech, & Auxiliary Services will continue at all sites. These services will transition with children during the merger/consolidation process. Impacted programs: 3-5 SDC at Fair Oaks, 2 Preschool SDCs at Fair Oaks

K-2 SDC at Hawes, 3-5 SDC at Hawes K-4 SDC at Selby, 5-8 SDC at Selby, 6-8 SDC Therapeutic Class at Selby We are not going to reduce programs. Our programs will continue at other schools. Our Next Steps. Special education department is doing a study of the remaining 12 schools for what would be a fit for our students. We hope to have a decision in a week or two.

The decision will go to the Superintendent for approval. Once approved, families and staff will be notified with personal phone calls and letters. Considerations Our goal is to make it as least disruptive for our students and families as possible. It will be no expense to families of students in the 8 SDCs for transportation to the new schools. We recognize some classes have specific needs. We take into the account the

individual needs of these classes while determining the new location. Therapeutic class needs an extra classroom for support. Mobility and access around the school for our medically fragile classes Our goal is continuity with programs at sites so students do not need to move sites when students transition out of their classes. Questions and Feedback Your questions and feedback is important

to us. Thank You

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