Introducing Application Delivery Networking

Introducing Application Delivery Networking

1 BIG-IP Global Traffic Manager Presented by: your name, your title 2 Getting Users to the Best Available Data Center Client L-DNS Site 1 (Primary) Site 2 (Back up) Router Router BIG-IP GTM

BIG-IP LTM Corporate Servers BIG-IP GTM BIG-IP LTM Corporate Servers 3 Powering Mission-Critical Events 4 High Cost of Downtime 33% of businesses did not have Disaster Recovery plans in place

16% of businesses lost between $100-$500K/day 26% of businesses dont know how much they lost Source: AT&T and IAEM report 47% of the businesses cited that disaster recovery was a prime target for IT Spending Network Computing Survivors Guide to 2006 survey 5 DNS Management Errors Remain Pervasive We screwed up. This is the worst day of my professional life Network Administrator at Microsoft Microsoft's websites were offline for up to 23 hours the most dramatic snafu to date on the Internet because of DNS equipment misconfiguration affecting more than 72 million users.

6 Struggling to Deliver Multi-service Applications Service Oriented Architecture Clinical Record Services Clinical records down in Dallas data center! Employee Information Services Personal Information Services

7 Manual Recovery is Difficult Slow to Implement Error Prone Costly Network Administrator Labor Intensive 8 SOA Application Management Delivering unique flexibility and intelligence to meet emerging application challenges San Francisco Data Center

Washington DC Data Center High availability Persistence Ease of maintenance 9 Manage Service Dependencies Data Center B Data Center A One step failover NewCar App Solution - BIG-IP Global Traffic Manager Challenge

Benefits Hundreds of applications Lower complexity, ease management Manual failover is slow, error prone Reduced management overhead Multi-step failover to shut down each application service Cost savings from reduced staff No instantaneous failover Eliminate cost of downtime 10

Intelligent Session Persistence Data Center Dallas Data Center Boston Stocks Funds Bonds Stocks Funds Bonds Session 1 10:38am Session 2 11:27am Solution - Retirement Portfolio BIG-IP Global Traffic Manager

Challenges Clients transaction history was lost Clients forced to relogin, extra security overhead No way to track application state based on client information Corrupted data and lost revenue Benefits Better end-user experience Improved profitability through recovery of lost revenue Reduced security overhead Reduced management overhead 11 Distributed Application Management Manage multiple services as part of a collective application 12

Eliminate Downtime from DNS Errors ZoneRunner Only integrated DNS Management Utility Easy DNS management Auto population of protocols Validation/error checking Rollback to the last transaction Importation of zones Automatic reverse lookups 13 New GUI for Superior Manageability 14 New BIG-IP Global Traffic Manager Raising the bar for global

application delivery Unmatched Intelligence, Management, and Performance SOA Application Management ZoneRunner - Eliminate DNS Errors Advanced application and component monitoring iRules - Flexibility to define distribution policies IPv6 AAAA record support Leading DNS performance (40K Res/s ) TMOS 15 BIG-IP Global Traffic Manager BIG-IP Global Traffic Manager Application Health Features Composite monitors Application-specific monitors Distributed application

monitoring Management Features Performance Features New and improved user interface ZoneRunner - New zone file management tool New and improved IP classifier Support for IPv6 networks Distributed application model Client continuity iRules 3x performance increase $26,990 - Standalone system (1500 - new platform) $23,990 - Add-on module to BIG-IP Optional modules: IPV6

16 BIG-IP GTM Platform Transition BIG-IP 1000 BIG-IP BIG-IP 3-DNS BIG-IP BIG-IP 2400 51X0 520 520/540 1500 GTM v9.x Standalone GTM v9.x Module * *

* * BIG-IP BIG-IP 3400 6400 BIG-IP 6800 * Requires a memory upgrade. See Internal FAQ for trade-in promotion. 17 BIG-IP Global Traffic Manager Benefits Reduces TCO and improves uptime Eliminates lost revenue from broken data transactions Visibility into application health and faster recovery times

Only solution with simplified zone file management to reduce DNS risks High performance DNS server built-in First and only solution in the industry to manage SOA applications Only solution that supports 3rd party LB vendors Features TMOS and iControl 18 GTM Delivers Unmatched Services Performance Management Availability F5 Composite Monitors Application Specific Monitors

Distributed application monitoring Load balancing Integrated Zone File Management Support for IPv6 Distributed Application Management Secure Web Management Client Continuity iRules High Performance DNS Authoritative DNS CDN Support

Cisco Limited Radware Limited Nortel Netscaler Limited

Limited Limited Limited

Limited 19 Why Should You Buy GTM? Does your business have a disaster recovery plan for natural disasters? Does your business have global clients that need regionalized access to content? Does your business want to maximize your investment in the secondary data center? Is DNS management error prone and cumbersome? Do you follow a multi-step manual failover process? Are you rolling out SOA applications soon?


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