Internal USGS Real-Time Site Operations From DCP assignment ...

Internal USGS Real-Time Site Operations From DCP assignment ...

Internal USGS Real-Time Site Operations From DCP assignment to managing site metadata STIWG Meeting Austin Texas May 7, 2014 Brian Reece Richard Pardee An Inside Story We only see each others public operations Internal operations and

managing historical operational records are critical to historical data interpretation We have a lot to learn from each other about how we do business internally Overview National Water Information System (NWIS) Platform Assignment And Scheduling System What is it?

Brief history 1998 - 2012 June 2012 upgrade Site Information Management System What is it? Integrated workflows Data, metadata, history, workforce, safety National Water Information System (NWIS) er y

v i l e d web Sites Archive ter, a

w d n grou ter, a w e c surfa lity

a u q r e wat OPERATIONS NWISWeb What is it? Provides access to select USGS data

Real-time data Site information Current and historical Streamflow Daily means Daily, monthly, and annual statistics

Peak flows Field Measurements including channel geometry Ground-water levels Water-quality Does not include all data stored in NWIS What is PASS

Richard Pardee is the best! Component of our National Water Information System (NWIS) Centrally manages more than 12,000 USGS DCPID assignments in a very distributed organization Reporting system to NOAA DCS Configurations are shared with other agencies Some PASS History An application is only as good as the other application

it depends on 1998 2011 Completely compartmentalized Not NWIS aware, Not DCS Aware, in fact most people werent even aware it existed. Unknown systems depended on it and it was unknown what systems it depended on 2011 - USGS changing databases from Ingres to Oracle Small operational databases / systems tend to get left behind as orphans

Upgrading PASS Released June 2012 Integrated system documented and nurtured interconnections NWIS, DCS, SIMS, Manages configurations and notifications and is organizationally aware In the workflow How PASS works

User perspective / administrator perspective Focus on the workflow, communication and logging PASS Issues Manual updates by Richard to DADDS Richard shares with MS Water Science Center Need a direct webservice to this information internally and better sharing externally DECODES repository Dependency on nightly DCS download and parsing of a text file

In a nutshell, more integration What is SIMS Site Information Management System Centrally managed site operational details and history Metadata, documentation, and various site operational details Several systems depend on SIMS, SIMS depends on several other systems True interdependence

Some SIMS History Initially released to support the USGS Annual Water Data Report - ADR (2006) Maintained operational details to support the ADR 2007 - Expanded to related real-time field operational details 2008 to present - Expanded to

organization, workforce and site documentation tool Organizational NWIS is the foundation with 1.6 million sites and associated hydrologic data SIMS manages organizational details about modern / active sites Water Science Center (WSC) with primary responsibility WSC office with primary responsibility Person / operator with primary responsibility

Field trip(s) site is a part of How to safely visit and measure location Detailed historical information Lets go live

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