Insights from the 2009-2010 Post-Season ... - Carleton University

Insights from the 2009-2010 Post-Season ... - Carleton University

OGS Workshops Fall 2017 Leslie Main Co-ordinator, Graduate Awards Claire Samson Associate Dean, Planning Todays Agenda

THE OGS PROGRAM Overview Application Process Research / Program Statement Reference Letters Note: Some of this info may apply to other award programs. OGS (Ontario Graduate Scholarship)

OGS is worth $5000 per term for 2 or 3 terms. Must be registered full-time to receive the award, but may be registered part-time when making application Carleton University has 181 awards to give out, 5 to international

students Students complete the application, Carleton deadline to the departments is November 15, 2017 Reference Deadline is December 1, 2017 If you have access to Carleton Central you complete the online application, otherwise you must complete the paper application CC, Awards & Financial Aid, Online Graduate Award Applications If you are applying to other institutions, please check procedures and deadlines at those institutions Application Order (for Paper Application only)

Application Checklist OGS Application Form signed

Academic Assessment Report 1 Academic Assessment Report 2 All transcripts (Official transcripts only) Proof of Citizenship - Permanent Resident Proof of Citizenship Student Visa Proof of Citizenship Protected Person Research/Program Statement Awards/Publication page (if applicable) OGS Adjudication

Students complete applications and submit to department by November 15, 2017 References must submit their letters by December 1, 2017 Departments review applications and calculate GPAs to determine eligibility

Departments forward eligible applications to faculty level committee Committee reviews and meets to make decisions on applications Applications are either, successful, reversion (waitlisted) or unsuccessful Faculty forward successful and reversion applications to FGPA for vetting FGPA informs students via email of the status of their OGS application by mid February 2017 How are applications adjudicated? What are the criteria?

50% on academic excellence (transcripts, awards, distinctions) 30% research potential 20% personal characteristics & interpersonal skills GPA Calculations All applicants must have a minimum GPA of 10.0

(A-) in each of their last two years of study, regardless of level of study Research/Program Statement Initial Considerations Non-specialist evaluators Demonstrate research potential Highlight accomplishments (pubs, conferences, etc) Statement of Interest or Program of Study

Follow the guidelines carefully (especially for page limit!) Remember your essay may be evaluated by an interdisciplinary group. Write clearly and avoid jargon yet demonstrate that you know your field. Get your referees to read over the statement! In a short essay, organization is crucial:

What is your research project? (Be specific!) How will you do it? Why are you doing it? Why are you well-equipped to do this project? The One-Page Statement What Not to Include: Personal & background info Revelations while walking in the snow

The One-Page Statement The One-Page Statement ~ Considerations but Not a Template ~ Setting the context Scholarship Societal importance Your research purpose Flow from the context Focus your attention

The One-Page Statement (contd) What will you do? Stage of program matters Demonstrate research potential Why are you a strong candidate? Relevance of your experience Carleton as a suitable place Non-Carleton support The Process

Reviews of draft proposals Other grad students in & beyond your program Friends Engage your supervisor Request reviews Trust building exercise References Start early Ensure references will:

Be supportive Collectively cover (i) academic excellence, (ii) research potential (iii) communication, interpersonal, leadership & community skills References contd Up to one non-academic reference, preferably in related area Current supervisor If you do not know her/him well??? Share previous papers, meet regularly

Final Thoughts Start early Seek advice All components are important Final check is critical

Contact Info [email protected] [email protected]

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