HP 325 Ch. 12, Motor Assessment

HP 325 Ch. 12, Motor Assessment

HS 325 The Teen Brain and Cognitive Function GLSP~ Game Stages Lab Debrief Review of Teaching Styles and Instructional Decisions Observations of 2 recesses due today Mon, Nov. 20 Learning Lab- Meet in Rolle Gym Volunteers needed to set up equipment Inside the Teen Brain Insights

Key Points ??? Generate a list with a partner Ok to use notes Inside the Teen Brain What a teen does matters! The cells connected and used will survive and flourish Use it or lose it! Rapid brain growth during adolescence The teen brain is changing! Gray matter (thinking part of brain) thickens throughout childhood. Immature frontal cortex

Strategies, Organizing, Consequences: still not fully developed Brain is most vulnerable to drug use/abuse Generic Levels of Skill Proficiency (GLSP) Pre-control (Beginner)

Control (Advance Beginner) Utilization (Intermediate) Proficiency (Advanced) GLSP applies to SKILL, not age. Pre-control Inability to repeat movements in succession

Awkward, Inefficient Movements Mostly unsuccessful in reaching goal Control More consistent movements

Skill performed correctly more frequently Skill is not yet internalized/automatic Intense concentration often required The learner is unable to consistently perform the skill in unpredictable situations or combine 1 movement with another. Utilization

Movements appear more automatic The learner has developed control in predictable situations Beginning to have success in unpredictable situations Able to combine the skill with other skills and use in

a variety of situations Proficiency Skill performances are automatic/internalized Appears effortless The learner can focus on other relevant aspects of the performance rather than on the specific skill (opponent, position of teammates, reading the field, etc.)

Able to make on the adjustments and judgments to meet the changing demands of a dynamic ame situation. Guidelines for Using GLSP Determine the classs predominant skill level for the specific skill being worked on. Match the tasks to the predominant class skill level.

Make adjustments for individual differences using Intratask Variation, Teaching by Invitation, Indirect Teaching Methods, etc. Spend the majority of the class time in APPLICATION to hold student interest as they improve their skill. Insights re: GLSP In the upper elementary to the middle school grades it is not uncommon to have children in the same grade

at pre-control, control, and utilization levels. When children have PE 1-2 times per week they will only reach utilization level if they work/train/participate in the skill outside of class. Achieving the level of proficiency is RARE.

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