How did Stalin consolidate his control of Eastern Europe?

How did Stalin consolidate his control of Eastern Europe?

How did Stalin consolidate his control of Eastern Europe? L/O To explain why Satellite states were set-up and to identify the key features of COMINFORM & COMECON What is a satellite state? Satellite State = a country that is officially independent but is in reality controlled by another country. Between 1947-49, the USSR extended its control in Eastern Europe by turning

Poland, Hungary, Czechoslovakia, Romania, Bulgaria and Eastern Germany into Satellite States. Stalin set-up satellite states as a bufferzone for protection and as a reaction to the Marshall Plan. This would prevent American influence spreading. COMINFORM (1947) The Communist Information Bureau was an international political organisation that represented Communist Parties across Europe and brought them under the control and direction of the USSR.

Cominform was Stalins direct response to the Truman Doctrine. It tried to contain American influence, forced other Satellite States to reject Marshall Aid and worked to organise strikes in Western Europe. In France, 2 million workers went on strike in winter 1947, calling for France to reject Marshall Aid. COMINFORM (1947) Cominform was also used to ensure the loyalty of East European governments. It investigated and reported on government

ministers and removed those not loyal to Stalin and the USSR. In Hungary, 5% of population was in prison by 1953. Cominform consolidated the power of the USSR over its Satellite States by stamping out opposition and ensuring the loyalty of governments. COMECON (1949) The Council for Mutual Economic Assistance was Stalins Communist alternative to the Marshall Plan.

It aimed to encourage economic development in Eastern Europe AND prevent trade with Western Europe and the USA. COMECON minimised US influence in Eastern Europe by integrated E. European economies with the USSR. In reality, they lost more to the USSR then they gained. Conclusion The Truman Doctrine and Marshall Plan brought Western Europe into Americas

sphere of influence. COMINFORM and COMECON established Soviet control over Eastern Europe. Marshall Plan and COMECON had therefore turned these spheres of influence into two official economic alliances further cementing the division between the two camps. Tasks 1. Complete the following table, summarising the key features of Cominform and Comecon:

COMINFORM COMECON Full name Date established Aims Effects 2. Why did Stalin launch Comecon in 1949? Explain your answer. (8 marks)

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