Happily Ever After:

Happily Ever After:

HAPPILY EVER AFTER: The Art of Translating Childrens Books Naturaleza Moore, M.A. * CHICATA * 25 April 2009 OVERVIEW Introduction Development Techniques Examples Discussion ONCE UPON A TIME

Tales spread through oral interpretation. Then written versions appeared. Gradual rejection of realism. Followed by translations and reinterpretations. Perrault Brothers Grimm Andersen TRANSLATION OF CHILDRENS LITERATURE

Shavits Poetics of Childrens Literature (London, 1986) Subjective adjustments Translators influence is greater ROLE OF THE TRANSLATOR Anonymous and invisible Define perception of childhood AIDA MARCUSE Born in Montevideo, Uruguay Educational market short stories and poems

Translator of childrens books Gives lectures and workshops EXAMPLE: GLORIA FUERTES EL CAMELLO COJITO (AUTO DE LOS REYES MAGOS) Melchor empujaba al bicho. El camello cojeando

Ms medio muerto que vivo Y a las tantas ya del alba El camello se pinch Va espeluchando su felpa -ya cantaban pajarillos- Con un cardo en el camino Entre los troncos de olivos.

los tres reyes se quedaron Y el mecnico Melchor Le dio vino. boquiabiertos e indecisos, Acercndose a Gaspar, oyendo hablar como a un Hombre Melchor le dijo al odo:

a un Nio recin nacido. Baltasar fue a repostar -Vaya birria de camello Ms all del quinto pino.... que en Oriente te han vendido. E intranquilo el gran Melchor Consultaba su "Longinos".

-No llegamos, no llegamos -No quiero oro ni incienso ni esos tesoros tan fros, A la entrada de Beln quiero al camello, le quiero. Al camello le dio hipo.

Le quiero, repiti el Nio. Ay, qu tristeza tan grande RECOGNITION: Presented biennially since 1996 Books translated into English, published in Britain Submissions continue to increase RESEARCH LIBRARIES

Newberry Library Baldwin Library of Historical Childrens Literature Founded in 1953 (Zurich, Switzerland) Network committed to uniting children with books Promote international understanding Give children access to quality books Encourage distribution Provide training Promote scholarly work International Childrens Book Day: April 2

www.ibby.org CONCLUSION The field of translating childrens literature is ever-evolving and more necessary than ever. Translators interested in pursuing the challenge should not only strive to produce excellent translations, but also seek avenues to promote the translator as a vital participant who should not remain unknown.

INTRODUCTORY BIBLIOGRAPHY General introduction and history: Hunt, Peter. An Introduction to Childrens Literature. OUP, 1994 -Childrens Literature. Routledge, 1993 Nikolajeva, Maria. Childrens Literature Comes of Age. Garland, 1996 Reynolds, Kimberley. Childrens Literature. Northcote House, 1996 Zipes, Jack. Fairy Tales and the Art of Subversion. Wildman, 1983 Language and values: Bettelheim, Bruno. The Uses of Enchantment. Peregrine Books, 1978 Chapleau, Sebastien. New Voices in Children's Literature Criticism. Birmingham: Pied Piper Publishing, 2004 Knowles, Murray and Kirsten Malmkjaer. Language Control in Childrens Literature. Routledge, 1996 Ingles, Fred. The Promise of Happiness. Value and Meaning in Childrens Fiction. CUP, 1981 Zohar, Sahvit. Poetics of Childrens Literature. Univ. of Georgia press, 1986.

Translation: Klingberg, Gote. Childrens Fiction in the Hands of Translators. CWK, 1986 Lathey, Gillian, ed. The Translation of Children's Literature, A Reader. Clevedon: Multilingual Matters, 2006 Oittinen, Riitta. I am Me- I am Other. On the Dialogics of Translating for Children. Univ. of Tampere, 1993 Pedersen, Vigo. Essays on Translation. Nyd Nordisk, 1988 Van Coillie, Jan & Walter P. Verschueren, eds. Childrens Literature in Translation: Challenges and Strategies. Manchester: St. Jerome, 2006

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