Guided By the Mountains - University of Arizona

Guided By the Mountains - University of Arizona

Guided By the Mountains Exploring the Efficacy of Traditional and Contemporary Governance November 15, 2010 Acknowledgments Mom!

Family Committee Members Marshall Foundation Din Policy Institute Navajo Nation Din College American

Indian Studies U of A Political Science Dept. U of A Sociology Dept. U of A What Well Cover Some Din Philosophy

Highlights of Din Governance History Nation Building Approaches Concepts of Din Governance Contemporary Role of Din Philosophy Empirical Evidence For Contemporary Din Philosophy Salience Din Philosophy of Governance?

Interaction Disrupts Din Ways of Governing Din International Governance? A History of Disruption Interacting with Colonial Actors

The History Book Version Treaties with Spain - Four Treaties with Mexico - Ten Treaties with the U.S. Nine Two All

are Ratified By Congress are Broken Breaking Treaties is Consistent with Many European Philosophies of Governance, especially Realism

U.S. Federal Indian Policy Not Conducive to Din Governance Treaty Making Ignores Din Norms of Diplomacy

Murder of Narbonna beauty way leader Removal Hwldi

Ignores Din mandate to live within Sacred Mountains Reservation Period 1868 Treaty Din leaders believed they were granted

the space within the Sacred Mountains Self Determination In spirit, an opportunity to have Din ways guide the people Perhaps too much disruption has already occurred

We cant expect 200 years of disruption to be repaired in 35 years Nation Building Approaches? Level of Generality Issues

Inconsistent systematic approach to research Can lessons from Nation A be applied to Nation B? Making sense of the plethora of research The Future of Nation Building Research What are the patterns of current research?

Cultural Political Economic Gaming Current Orientations of Nation Building Research

Concepts of Din Governance Concept Basic Building Method (Goertz 2006) Level Secondary Level Data/Indicator Level

Concepts of Din Governance Limitations Primary on Concept Building and secondary documents Shareable knowledge

An invitation for fine tuning Concepts of Naat1anii Concepts of Naat1anii Concepts of Naat1anii Concepts of Naachid

Concepts of Naachid Post 1922 Concepts Post 1922 Concepts Post 1922 Concepts

Post 1922 Concepts Concept Analysis Qualitatively Pre-contact governance is bottom up

Expresses the philosophy of government by the people and for the people Post contact governance is top heavy

Expresses U.S. Federal interest in Extracting resources

Enriching energy corporations Preventing Navajos from making decisions about their land management Concept Analysis Transparency The level of grass roots governing may not

otherwise be overt in descriptions of pre contact governance The level of Federal influence may not be otherwise clear in post 1922 governance The level of Navajo agency may not be visible without concepts (snapshots) of each change Concept Analysis Tunable

Did you agree with every aspect of each concept? Communities can comment on the various institutions

Communities are in a better position to adopt what they like as they see fit Debatably, concepts may be less open to covert manipulation for self interest? Concept Analysis Replicable

Others may create concepts for Din or other Native Nations Reliable Consequences Changes

of tuning are consistent will resonate across all levels Valid Are subjective decisions consistent with a given philosophy?

Salience of Din Philosophy Today Fundamental Laws Adopted by NNC Each branch of Navajo Nation government

(judicial, executive, council) supports adopting Recognition that merely recognizing Fundamental Laws does not mean the Fundamental Laws have been understood by branches of government More work needs to be completed Currently, challenges to Fundamental Law exist

today Looking Ahead Today, Navajo Nation lacks an international agenda Suggestions:

Recognize Domestic Naat1anii Establish International Naat1anii Consider potential for shaping norms of international behavior Based on economic liberalism

Domestic Naat1anii? Do Traditional Ways Belong Here? Why is tradition still here today? Didnt colonial activity eliminate traditional ways?

What about traditional ways of governing? Time may have had more impact on traditional ways of governing than overt U.S. pressure Are the old institutions gone? Or are they dormant? Do Traditional Ways Belong Here?

What if we could prove: 1. 2. 3. 4.

Din had more to do with suspending or ending their own traditional institutions of governance Observable data supports Din agency in ending or suspending their institutions Din institutions are dormant and not lost Future events may open windows of opportunity to reestablish traditional institutions

Do Traditional Ways Belong Here? Research Design Two Theories Explain why traditional governance is still here

Peoplehood explains how institutions of Din governance were preserved Punctuated Equilibrium Model (PEM) explains how the history of interaction failed to remove institutions of Din governance

Do Traditional Ways Belong Here? Research Design Data?

Primary and sources Oral accounts How did traditional institutions survive? How did colonial interaction fail to eliminate traditional institutions

Testing the Theory

Stasis A = Naat1anii System Shock = Event or events which disrupt Naat1anii System or Critical Juncture Chaos period Stasis B = Business Council of 1922 Which events are shocking enough to disrupt Naat1anii System stasis? Table 6.2 here List

Shock Continuum Distribution of Events Event Frequency and Relative Shocks Impact of Institutions 2 by 2 table

Table 6.7 Truth Table Here Truncated Truth Table Shocks of .6 or greater 2 by 2 table Set Theory Set Relationship

Conclusions Search from above - Atsa Search from the ground Maii Tso First Record of Indigenous Political Philosophy Fills the blank between objective and subjective

decisions Quantitative Proof of Existence

Concepts Future Research involves more tipping points for modifications from 1922-today . . . But does it matter? Not really lost, just dormant do other Native Nations fit?

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