GLAST Proposal Review

GLAST Proposal Review

GLAST LAT Project Gamma-ray Large Area Space Telescope GSFC Monthly, 15 Dec 2003 GLAST Large Area Telescope: LAT System Engineering Pat Hascall SLAC System Engineering LAT System Engineering 1 GLAST LAT Project GSFC Monthly, 15 Dec 2003 Topics Action Item Status Technical Baseline Management Requirements Management and Verification Planning Interface Control Documentation RFA Closure Key Metrics Risk Management LAT System Engineering 2 GLAST LAT Project GSFC Monthly, 15 Dec 2003 Monthly Action Item Status GSFC Monthly Review Notes/Actions Action Item ID 7-30-03-006 7-30-03-008 7-30-03-009 Actionee Description

Status Haller For TEM/TEM PS to be provided to CAL Qual/Accept program; provides a OPEN: ECD 27 August; ECD 29 specific list of differences from flight October - Further definition required, (hardware/software/performance), plan in work. include any constraints for use (T/V, EMC..) Jerry Clinton Define and maintain the production readiness/execution plan to include vendor selection and associated schedule to ensure unit availability dates are met OPEN: Draft production plan completed & provided to GSFC. Refinement required as vendors are selected. Update provided early December. Next update ECD:mid January. Dick Horn Establish subsystem metrics to ensure critical design elements are closing (e.g. drawings) and fabrication issues are monitored for closure and adverse trends (e.g. NCRs), phase in as possible Closed: Initial drawings and process status in place. Power & mass updates complete, NCR status and plans for future metrics presented by D. Marsh LAT System Engineering 3 GLAST LAT Project GSFC Monthly, 15 Dec 2003 Drawing Release Status Drawing preparations at SLAC matched needs for November (still need a few status updates to be sure) Drawing release did not keep pace

Tracker team put in 30 drawings in November that are still not released Due in part to vib test results have broken free drawings unaffected by that test Have instituted a better tracking system to provide better visibility into where drawings are in the release cycle Mechanical, Cal and Electrical on track ACD report is incomplete but progress is apparently 46 drawings behind release plan Additional drawings identified Four Tracker drawings 14 Outline drawings needed by Integration Intermediate link between subsystem models and LAT model Three harness drawings LAT System Engineering 4 GLAST LAT Project GSFC Monthly, 15 Dec 2003 S u b s y s te m R e l e a s e d D r a w i n g C o u n t Planned Drawing Release Planned Drawing Release Actuals Planned Total 600 500 400 300 200 100 0 Oct-03 Nov-03 LAT System Engineering Jan-04 Mar-04 Apr-04 Jun-04 5 GLAST LAT Project

GSFC Monthly, 15 Dec 2003 Issues No. 2 Title/Description X-lat to electronics thermal interface not complete 3 Technical baseline 4 Tracker/TEM/TEMPS flex cable layouts 5 EMI/EMC design 8/9 GTRC TOT timeouts, GTRC extra clock delay LAT System Engineering Description/Status Design nearly complete, still a few issues to work out. Peer review expected by end of October (Nov 5) Drawing Tree completion by end of Oct. All drawings under CM prior to flight build Conceptual redesign is complete, need to update drawings. Peer review on 28 Oct. Following items will be implemented to mitigate EMI/EMC issues: E Ni plating on metal to metal surfaces, Cal to implement presented design mods EMI gaskets per discussions with Fred, Venting unchanged Design mods in place, implementation audit to follow Cause understood. Fix would require GTRC redesign or correct in TEM. Plan presented at 29 Oct 03 Monthly Review. Revisit when chip is complete

Due Date Closed, Peer review held 5 Nov Actionee M. Nordby 19 Dec 03 P. Hascall Closed, Peer review held M. Nordby Closed F. Blanchette January R. Johnson 6 GLAST LAT Project GSFC Monthly, 15 Dec 2003 Issues (Continued) No. 10 Title/Description Tracker EM program completion 11 ACD TDA flexure / fiber interference 12 ACD LAT interface definition not complete (blanket attachment, grounding, cable tie downs, optical survey mounts) LAT System Engineering Description/Status Mid Nov Vib test results under evaluation (loss of torque in bolts holding flexures to grid simulator) TV test

planning in work. Rerouted fibers, tapered flexures and moved some flexures. Performing final analysis, dawings in review. Presented in Engineering review in November Cable tie downs to be addressed by the LAT. Remainder in work at low priority. (Will be broken into several issues as Martin plans effort) Have new engr assigned to task Due Date 19 Dec 03 Actionee R. Johnson Closed D. Thompson 19 Dec for M. Nordby plan 7 GLAST LAT Project GSFC Monthly, 15 Dec 2003 Issues (Continued) No. 13 Title/Description Tracker MCM attachment and wire bonding 15 Radiator integration clearances not sufficient Fly away instrumentation not finalized 16 17 New coupled loads results may create negative margins LAT System Engineering Description/Status

Test boards from preproduction group sent to Italy for inspection to verify solution Radiator integration approach in process Locations in the instrumentation plan must be finalized to be able to assess impacts to Tracker Grid and DAQ. Thermistors have been defined, internal accel counts bounded, strain guages are only on qual grid. Positions in work. Analysis complete. Results positive critical loads went down. LAT Structural Analysis Report in work. Environmental Spec to be updated Due Date Jan 04 Actionee R. Johnson 19 Dec M. Nordby 16 Jan 04 Hascall 30 Jan 04 J. Ku 8 GLAST LAT Project GSFC Monthly, 15 Dec 2003 Issues (Continued) No. 18 Title/Description EMI/EMC requirements and test 19 ACD channelization (+X and X faces)

20 PMT exposure to helium LAT System Engineering Description/Status System analysis tool under development, requires subsystems help. Will result in test requirements documented in the environmental spec ACD right FREE card (on the +X and X) channel numbers are not consistent with the ICD. Change proposed, reviewed in weekly engineering meeting on Nov 4 04. CR in work, work authorized as an emergency change The heat pipe pinch off tubes are close to the BEA, with the resulting potential for PMT helium exposure. Have leak rates from vendor, reviewing Due Date 9 Jan 04 Actionee F. Blanchette Closed pending CR sign off Hascall 16 Jan 03 Nordby 9 GLAST LAT Project GSFC Monthly, 15 Dec 2003 Requirements & Performance Verification Progress Test Data Requirements New direction to add appendix to LAT-MD-00408 for each subsystem defining End item data packages (12/10 F to F) Test Planning Post CDR LAT-MD-00408 out for signatures Highlights include:

Changes TKR & CAL to Proto Flight Programs Updated EMI section New Assy & Test Flow Added strength Testing LAT System Engineering 10 GLAST LAT Project GSFC Monthly, 15 Dec 2003 Updated LAT Performance Verification Plan Additions Added section on plan for the test plans Updated and re-formatted reference documents Added section on Strength Testing Deletions Removed reference to an ESD compatibility test Removed Appendix-A, example Test procedures Changes Updated LAT Assembly and Test Flow Updated EMI/EMC Section to reflect latest post CDR requirements Updated document release matrix Updated section on Test Data Packages Changed Tracker to a Proto Flight Program Changed Calorimeter to a Proto Flight Program Provided details on alignment and Survey Updated LAT Thermal Vacuum cycle plot (from CDR) LAT System Engineering 11 GLAST LAT Project GSFC Monthly, 15 Dec 2003 Test Plan Schedules LAT I&T - Assembly Plan 12/19/03 LAT Comprehensive Performance Plan- 6/04 LAT Limited Performance Plan - 6/04

LAT Operational Performance Tests - 3/04 LAT Instrumentation Plan - Update 1/16/04 LAT Survey Plan 1/16/04 LAT Dynamics Test Plan First Release 12/19/03, Final 3/04 LAT Thermal Test Plan - First Release 1/16/04, Final 3/04 LAT EMI/EMC Test Plan - First Release 3/04 LAT System Engineering 12 GLAST LAT Project GSFC Monthly, 15 Dec 2003 Interface Management LAT System Engineering 13 GLAST LAT Project GSFC Monthly, 15 Dec 2003 LAT-SC Interface Open Issues System Subject Data Digital signal grounding Mech LAT Radiator I/F pad size Closure Path Need Date Promise Date Comments Spectrum performing observatory grounding analysis. 6/1/2004 Done GSFC preparing CCR. 10/15/2003 In Closure

Is in 00040 (LAT document). Need a CCR to put this into the IRD. CCR 207 in review. ICN-37 signed. Mech LAT Connector Locations LAT Provide 10/15/2003 11/30/2003 Need X, Y and Z locations with connector orientations. In process - New EMI bulkheads installed on LAT mock-up. Checking cable routing and mechanical interfernces. Related to next two actions. Mech Harness Routing on LAT LAT Provide 10/15/2003 11/30/2003 Need pictures for ICD. Same as above. Mech Harness Support on LAT LAT Provide 10/15/2003 11/30/2003 Need definition of support hardware. Same as above. Therm LAT Thermal Model Size GPO Agree on Model, update IRD 10/15/2003 In Closure Update IRD to clean up compliance. Delivery to GSFC finished. Still checking model at GSFC. Elec

LAT current transients LAT Provide 10/15/2003 2/1/2004 Elec LAT Impedence LAT Provide 10/15/2003 2/1/2004 Elec 42 V Input Voltage GSFC to Respond ASAP Waiting Elec LAT startup plan (??) LAT Provide 10/15/2003 Waiting LAT System Engineering Spectrum delivered PRU measuremnts 12-1-03. LAT to perform measurments on EM units. Plan to sign up to measured values and close then. Spectrum delivered PRU measuremnts 12-1-03. LAT to perform measurments on EM units. Plan to sign up to measured values and close then. LAT submitted request to change IRD. Awaiting GSFC response. GSFC/SAI to define this. 14 GLAST LAT Project GSFC Monthly, 15 Dec 2003 ICNs

LAT signed this month ICN-9 Reduce the High Speed Serial Science Data Rate (11-11-03) ICN-17 LAT Orientation during TVAC Testing (11-11-03) ICN-25 Add SC RT to 1553 Protocol Document (11-11-03) ICN-37 Add Digital Grounds to Connector Pin-outs (11-21-03) ICN-36 LAT-SC Mechanical Interface (11-25-03) Currently under signature review ICN-39 PRU Over-Voltage Limit Currently in draft or revision ICN-33 LAT Analog RTD Part Type LAT System Engineering 15 GLAST LAT Project GSFC Monthly, 15 Dec 2003 Interface Documentation Status Document LAT-SC Interface Control Document (Spectrum Astro Managed Document) 1196 EI-Y46311-000 1553 Bus Potocol Document 1196 EI-S46310-000 GBM-LAT Interface Control Document 433-ICD-0001 Calorimeter LAT-DS-00233-6: CAL-LAT Interface Definition Drawing LAT-SS-00238-4: CAL-LAT Mech, Therm, Elec Interface Control Document ACD LAT-DS-00309-3: ACD-LAT Interface Definition Drawing LAT-SS-00363-5: ACD-LAT Mech, Therm, Elec Interface Control Document Tracker LAT-DS-00851-1: TKR-LAT Interface Definition Drawing LAT-SS-00138-5: TKR-LAT Mech, Therm Interface Control Document LAT-SS-00176-2: TKR-LAT Elec Interface Control Document Electronics LAT-DS-01630-1: Electronics-LAT Interface Definition Drawing LAT-SS-01794-1: Elec-LAT Mech, Therm, Elec Interface Control Document SAS LAT-SS-02365-1: SAS-LAT Interface Control Document LAT System Engineering Status Rev B in sign-off Released 25 Apr 03

In sign-off Released 6 May 03 Released 13 Mar 03 Released 22 Apr 03 Rev 6 update in-process Second draft in-process Released 14 Apr 03 Released 27 Jan 03 First draft review complete Second draft in-process First draft in-process 16 GLAST LAT Project GSFC Monthly, 15 Dec 2003 Working CDRL Delivery List NO. ITEM PURPOSE FROM TO MATURITY Promise DATE Feb. 04 Nov. 05 Dec. 05 Prelim. MCDR- 2 months Dec. 05 Items 2 & 3 previously combined 1. LAT Safety Input to Launch Vehicle Documentation Meet Range Safety Requirements LAT SAI Preliminary FINAL 2.

Spacecraft I & T Support Obs. Development LAT SAI N/A 3. Launch Vehicle I & T Support LAT SAI/LV N/A 4. Support Development of S/C I & T Procedures Obs. Testing LAT SAI N/A 5. LAT Delivery Obs. I & T LAT SAI FM 6. LAT GSE (Mechanical and Electrical) Obs. I & T LAT SAI FM 7. Flight Connectors

Obs. I & T SAI LAT Test FM 8. LAT Thermal Model - Full TMM - Launch Vehicle Model (200Nodes) - TMM FEM Mapping STOP & Observatory TA Obs. Case Studies & LV Delivery LAT LAT LAT SAI SAI SAI CDR CDR Oct 03 Mar 06 Support LAT T/M Distortion/STOP Obs. Strength (10.03) CLA LAT LAT LAT GSFC SAI SAI CDR CDR CDR+ Dec 03 Oct. 30 Dec 03 LAT SAI CDR

Dec 03 LAT SAI CDR Dec 03 CDR Dec 05 9. LAT FEM (Full) Nov. 05 Dec 05 Dec 05 Oct 03 11. LAT Mass Properties Information ICD Documentation (harness routing, connectors, etc) SAI to build mass simulators for S/C structural qualification 12 Identify sources of radiation for range LAT SAI 13. LAT Instrument/Spacecraft Simulator Obs. Development LAT SAI FINAL Apr 04 14. Spacecraft/LAT Instrument Simulator LAT Development DIIS SIIS SAI LAT Preliminary FINAL

Jul 03 Dec 03 15. LAT Input to ICD ICD Development LAT SAI Updates 16. S/C Flexures (Flight Like) LAT Testing Model Hardware SAI LAT Test 17. Drill Template LAT SAI LAT 18. S/C Acoustic Simulator LAT Model (FEM) Hardware SAI LAT LAT Testing LAT SAI 10. LAT STEP LAT Radiation Source Survey Ground Ops Plan (Hazardous & 19. Safety Critical Operations) LAT System Engineering STATUS/NOTES Received first

delivery. Awaiting second delivery. Oct 03 Done Dec 03 delivery on track Oct 03 - Done Dec 03 delivery on track Work in process November mass report released. Rev B in review 10/30/03 3/04 Flight Flexures remain at SAI 1/04 Preliminary Final 12/04 4/05 7/03 2/04 17 GLAST LAT Project GSFC Monthly, 15 Dec 2003 RFA Closure Coordinated plan of attack in place Horn/Graf/Hascall/Melton 37 CDR RFAs total, submitted 21 answers, have 5 draft answers Preparations for MRRs are driving RFA closure priorities Current status of all RFAs on SE website LAT System Engineering 18 GLAST LAT Project GSFC Monthly, 15 Dec 2003 Key Design Metrics LAT System Engineering 19

GLAST LAT Project GSFC Monthly, 15 Dec 2003 LAT Mass Status LAT System Engineering 20 GLAST LAT Project GSFC Monthly, 15 Dec 2003 November 03 LAT Power Status (Proposed) Operational Power Item 10-Nov-03 Estimate (Watts) ACD 9.4 2.3 3.9 3.2 10.5 152.4 1.5 0.0 150.9 153.0 64.9 0.0 0.0 64.9 65.0 318.6 44.5

87.3 186.8 327.5 20.4 20.4 0.0 0.0 35.0 Instrument Total 565.7 68.7 91.1 405.8 591.0 Instrument Allocation 650.0 % Reserve 14.9% Calorimeter Trigger & Data Flow Grid/thermal CALC (Watts) MEAS (Watts) ALLOC. (Watts) PARA - Best Estimate based on conceptual design parameters CALC - Estimate based on Calculated power from detailed design documentation MEAS - Actual power measurements of components Goals estimated using guidelines given in ANSI/AIAA G-020-1992 "Estimating and Budgeting Weight and Power Contingencies for Space Craft Systems"

LAT System Engineering PDR Reserve Was 15.2% CDR Reserve Was 13.4% Goal for PSRR Reserve > 5% LAT Power 700 650 Power - Watts Tracker PARA (Watts) 600 550 PDR 7/30/02 I 500 450 CDR 5/1/03 I PSRR 9/05 I 400 Jan-99 Jan-00 Jan-01 Jan-02 Jan-03 Jan-04 Jan-05 Jan-06 21 GLAST LAT Project GSFC Monthly, 15 Dec 2003 November 03 LAT Power Status (Continued) Survival Power

Component On-Orbit Average Power Total1 Regulated VCHP Power Total Unregulated Passive Survival Power Current Alloc. 278.00 58.00 220.00 PARA 0.00 0.00 0.00 Subsystem Power Estimates (W) CALC MEAS Total 230.40 0.00 230.40 48.40 0.00 48.40 182.00 0.00 182.00 Margin 20.7% 19.8% 20.9% 1 Power estimates reflect the LAT steady state orbit average. Numbers do not reflect transition into or out of survival mode, i.e. early orbit operations. Changes to power budget Updated Trigger and Data Flow Included design presented during Power Supply Peer Review (removed linear regulators) Incorporated measurements in power supply efficiencies Survival power updated to reflect selected heaters LAT System Engineering 22 GLAST LAT Project GSFC Monthly, 15 Dec 2003 FSW Resource Usage Current Estimates Resource

Total Available Anticipated Usage Margin Factor EPU Boot PROM 256 kB 128 kB 2 SIU Boot PROM 256 kB 128 kB 2 EPU EEPROM 6 MB 1.5 MB 4 SIU EEPROM 6 MB 1.5-2.5 MB 3 EPU CPU cycles 200% in 2 EPUs 30% >6 SIU CPU cycles 100% in 1 SIU 25% 4 EPU memory 128 MB 16-32 MB

4-8 SIU memory 128 MB < 16 MB 8 Bandwidth instrument to EPU 45 MB/sec 10 MB/sec 4.5 Bandwidth EBM to CPU 20 MB/sec 5 MB/sec 4 Bandwidth CPU to EBM 2.5 MB/sec 20 kB/sec 125 Bandwidth EBM to SSR 5 MB/sec 40 kB/sec 125 LAT System Engineering 23 GLAST LAT Project GSFC Monthly, 15 Dec 2003 Key Science Performance Metrics LAT System Engineering 24 GLAST LAT Project GSFC Monthly, 15 Dec 2003

Risk Management LAT System Engineering 25 GLAST LAT Project GSFC Monthly, 15 Dec 2003 Risk Management Activity No new issues LAT System Engineering 26 GLAST LAT Project GSFC Monthly, 15 Dec 2003 Top risks to cost ID # Proj Mgt 005 Proj Mgt 006 Risk Rank Moderate Moderate Risk Description Parts and vendor orders have not been completed therefore flight production cost may exceed projection Critical skilled positions (senior personnel) required to execute project remain open, potential impact to cost and schedule if not closed in short term Risk Mitigation Status Manufacturing engineer added to expedite minimum cost closure Clarification and purchase package review to ensure accurate bids

Processes in place Management team has identified critical skill needs Identify skilled personnel within Collaboration environment Added SLAC Site Rep in Italy Remaining vendor selections by 11/03 Added Scientist to Tracker Team & Proj Eng Continuing to expand FSW support Identified additional QA support requirements Added additional Structural analyst support Added Design Eng Support LAT System Engineering 27 GLAST LAT Project GSFC Monthly, 15 Dec 2003 Top risks to schedule ID # Proj Mgt 003 Risk Rank Risk Description Completion of Tracker subsystem qualification program delayed due to EM closure or MCM electronics Moderate ASICs fail to meet requirements; results in schedule impact Proj Mgt 002 Proj Mgt 004 SE-007 Moderate

Risk Mitigation Status Manufacturing Eng assigned to close MCM issues Increased team integration with Italian partners GSFC audit/support to Tracker EM closure 50 Unit Pre-production run established with Teledyne, ECD: Jan 04 Focused review & test. Margin for reruns protected where possible Individual risks Identified by subsystem DAQ ASICs flight ready, continued testing Engineer (Dave Rich) added to drive closure Added Design Eng Tracker GTRC error found, plan in place Cal/ACD ASICs continued testing Moderate TEM Power supply final design is delayed, final implementation may exceed current schedule Key focus item identified for DAQ Design peer review 9/03 Basing approach on flight proven designs where possible Peer review completed 9/22/03 Critical component failure post LAT integration requiring de-integration impacting cost & schedule Extensive use of EM test bed to support flight H/W & S/W development Thorough qualification and acceptance tests Pre planned I&T actions for deintegration LAT Assembly plan under update to incorporate EM1 lessons learned,ECD:

Jan 04 Moderate LAT System Engineering Re-baselined, tight schedule for EGSE 28 GLAST LAT Project GSFC Monthly, 15 Dec 2003 3-Month Milestones Update the LAT-MD-00408 LATPVP Released for review 12 Dec Complete FMEA GSFC picking up task, bottleneck is transfer of work in process Complete Spacecraft ICD Rev 2 release review 19 Dec Close remaining Internal ICD TBXs - Complete Update System Metrics Electrical updated this month, next mass update in Feb Complete X-LAT Review Completed Complete CIDL update Draft by 19 Dec Close all open RFAs October->December->??? LAT I&T Assembly Sequence 19 December Draft Dynamics Plan 19 December LAT Survey Plan 16 Jan 04 LAT Instrumentation Plan 16 Jan 04 LAT System Engineering 29

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