German 3 Honours - University of Edinburgh

German 3 Honours - University of Edinburgh

Italian Year Abroad General Regulations : 1. Who? Students on any Honours degree with Italian spend all or part of their 3rd year in an Italian speaking country Entry into Honours: a final mark of 50% or above in 2nd year 50% or above in language component At least 240 credits passed 2. How long?

Everyone has to spend a minimum of 30 weeks approved residence abroad: Single Honours Italian or Italian + OSNAL: all year in an Italian speaking country Two languages curricula (e.g. MEL or MEL + EUS): 30 weeks in the two countries; at least 8 weeks in each language area When studying two languages: Try to spread year abroad evenly between the two countries 8 weeks minimum: usually if in other country for whole academic year

Options for the year abroad Three options (or combination of the three): Student at a university (ERASMUS exchange) Approved work placement English Language Teaching Assistant in a school (independently or with British Council) What you bring back from YA depends on your degree and your YA activity Teaching Assistantships

Normally 8 months, sometimes 4 (depending of places) Monthly allowance 12 hrs/week teaching, mainly conversation Native speakers only Must have completed secondary school in UK Application through British Council:

- British Council posts you: give good reasons for preferences - Two-part application process. Check on: - Treat as job application (references are needed!) Student at a University Co-operation with International Office: Check their website ( Go to their talks (watch out for emails!) Experience of academic study in Italian

and meet Italian students You can apply independently to any university in Italy and have the fees reimbursed, or as an ERASMUS student ERASMUS Exchange ERASMUS grant (amount varies) Italian has partner universities in: Bologna, Catania, Firenze, Milano, Roma, Pisa, Siena, Verona, Venezia; please note: Bologna and Rome Sapienza allow full-year students only Other subjects outside MEL may have other partners

You dont have a right to a particular place Research the cities/universities online - dont dismiss a place just because you do not know it yet! Apply for a place and rank your top 3 preferred universities via the Student Mobility Portal Work Placements You can choose according to your interests/ career plans The job would have to not be full-time involve enough exposure to Italian

You must consult us before accepting: a Training Agreement must be signed Check info on IO and Careers Service pages (see links on LEARN or search university pages) 8 weeks summer jobs Normally only when whole academic year spent in other country (for other language) We cannot advise on jobs, but try to find suitable work experiences via Careers service pages (global

opportunities) local council (twinning partner?) Internet (usual safety rules apply) Assessment of Year Abroad Year abroad counts towards degree Gained language proficiency is assessed in language classes in 4th year ERASMUS students bring back marks Language Assistants/working students may have to write essays (depends on degree, see YA Handbook)

Health and Safety Issues All students will have to investigate potential health and safety issues Take these aspects into consideration when deciding on what you want to do If you have a disability: let us know so that we can discuss how this may affect your choices for the year abroad What to do next Research and decide what you want to do for your

residence abroad Check the YA webpages: Language Assistantships: go to talk and website Study abroad: go to IO info session and website Internships: search options, go to Careers Service talks Go to Mobility Online portal to start applications for YA (in November) Watch out for further emails with instructions and come to the Italian YA Aperitivo! Friday 11 November 5-8pm

50 George Square, room G.06 A leading PALS scheme in Italian Shortlisted nominee for the EUSA Impact Awards 2016 in two categories: Most Innovative Project & Best Student/Staff Collaboration

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