Galileo's Telescope - Department of Astronomy

Galileo's Telescope - Department of Astronomy

Galileos Contribution to Astronomy: The Telescope Galileos Telescope Galileo didnt actually invent the telescope Terrestrial version was invented in the Netherlands by

spectacle makers (Hans Lippershey, Zacharias Janssen, and Jacob Metius) He did, however, improve upon the design in 1609 Also first to point toward the night sky (only his improvements made this possible) Telescope (Greek for far seeing) was first coined by Greek mathematician to refer to Galileos device

Support for Heliocentric Model Phases of Venus: Because Galileo observed all phases of Venus, it must orbit the sun Such an observation was impossible in the geocentric model of Aristotle or Ptolemy Venus photo credit: Doug Anderson, Shoestring Astronomy

Support for Heliocentric Model Moons of Jupiter: Galileo observed the 4 largest moons of Jupiter and traced their orbits around this gas giant This provided proof that bodies orbited objects other than the Earth

Jupiter photo credit: Doug Anderson, Shoestring Astronomy Other Contributions: The Moon Galileo first to report craters and mountains on the moon Moon not perfect sphere like

Aristotle claimed Other Contributions: Saturn First to observe rings of Saturn but was confused by their appearance and couldnt explain them

Other Contributions: The Milky Way Even small telescope allows one to distinguish individual stars out of milky cloud Other Contributions: Sunspots Galileo was one of first in Europe to observe sunspots Made detailed drawings

Argued sunspots were actually on sun and not satellites of the sun Further evidence against Aristotles view that everything in the heavens was perfect

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