Forestry Review

Forestry Review

GENETICS REVIEW A physical trait that shows as a result of an organisms particular

genotype. PHENOTYPE An organism that has two different alleles for a trait.

HETEROZYGOUS The mathematical chance that an event will occur. PROBABILITY

Form of a trait that appears to overshadow or mask another form of the same trait.

DOMINANT A synonym for heterozygous. HYBRID

A characteristic of an organism controlled by a gene. TRAIT Male sex cell.

SPERM Strands of DNA and protein found in the nucleus of a cell carrying the code for

the characteristics of an organism. CHROMOSOME A synonym for homozygous.

PUREBRED A tool for predicting possible traits in offspring. PUNNETT SQUARE

Occurrence of a trait that makes individuals different from members of the same species.

VARIATION Form of a trait that can disappear in a population but can reappear in future

generations. RECESSIVE Segment of DNA on a chromosome controlling the

inheritance of traits. GENE Female sex cell. EGG

The different forms a gene may have for a trait. ALLELE An organism that has

two identical alleles for a trait. HOMOZYGOUS The genetic makeup of an organism for a trait;

alleles in a gene pair. GENOTYPE Pair of chromosomes containing alleles for the same traits.

HOMOLOGOUS The passing of traits from parent to offspring. HEREDITY

* Knowing the vocabulary is half the battle . . . You must also know how to apply the terminology

in order to answer questions about the relationship between parents and their GENETICS


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