Finger and Hand Dexterity

Finger and Hand Dexterity

Finger and Hand Dexterity Presentation By: Dr. Mohamed Mostafa Mahmoud Finger and Hand Dexterity One Functional Capacity Test to be discussed is: Perdue Pegboard Test #1 Perdue Pegboard Test What

is the Perdue Peg Board Test? Since its development in 1948 by Dr. Joseph Tiffin, this test has been used extensively to aid in the selection of employees for various types of manual labor. It measures dexterity for 2 types of activities: gross movements of hands, fingers, and arms; and fingertip dexterity necessary in assembly tasks.

Perdue Pegboard Test This image demonstrates an individual placing pegs into the right column of the pegboard. Purdue Continued The

Purdue Pegboard was standardized after extensive experimentation in numerous plants involving the testing of several thousand employees in a wide variety of industrial jobs. The pegboard is equipped with pins, collars, and washers which are located in four cups at the top of the board. Purdue

It can be administered to individuals or groups. It is timed as follows: Right hand: 30 seconds, Left hand: 30 seconds, Both hands: 30 seconds, and assembly: 1 minute.

Right hand: place as many pegs into holes Left Hand: place as many pegs into holes Both Hands: place as many pegs into holes Assembly: Using both hands, place a peg, a washer, a collar, and another washer into as many pegs Entire testing period is about 10 minutes and it is hand scored. Purdue Scoring Scoring

is done by counting the number of pieces placed into the holes in the given time restraints. Purdue Validity The results show that the test-retest reliability is good (intra-class correlation coefficients from 0.66 to 0.90, depending on the subtest). Norms are presented to help

clinicians involved in rehabilitation services to better differentiate real dexterity deficits from those that may be attributed to normal ageing. References cardev/ppt.htm downloads/tests/Purdue %20Pegboard.pdf downloads/tests/Minnesota%20Manual %20Dexterity%20Validity.pdf hfs_intro.htm

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