Female Genital Mutilation: Initiating a Multi Agency Approach

Female Genital Mutilation: Initiating a Multi Agency Approach


F U T KI Y M OR LE W UD D P I H IN Emma Danks Midwife, Dudley Group of Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust BACKGROUND

First encountered during my midwifery training No guidance in place Majority of staff had not encountered FGM No staff knew how to deal with the Woman BACKGROUND

(CONTINUED) Realised a gap in care for women in Dudley Contacted Alison Byrne at Heartlands Hospital Attended clinic and gained valuable knowledge and experience

Obtained regional statistics of women Discovered large Yemeni population locally Developed local guideline Began awareness training at the Trust FGM IN DUDLEY BOROUGH FGM increasing in the Dudley borough Large population of Yemeni women

presenting to the Trust Increasing number of African women now presenting to the Trust Continue raising awareness with midwives at the Trust More women being identified WORKING IN PARTNERSHIP WITH MULTI AGENCIES Introduced to Dudley Safeguarding Childrens Board (DSCB) Put together a programme for multi agency training with DSCB Raising awareness to agencies such as Health Visitors, teachers, probation, service, police and social services

FUTURE WORK Implement service tailored to FGM women into the Trust Devise clear pathways to multi agencies Continue to educate midwives, multidisciplinary team and multi agencies in the Dudley Borough regarding caring for women who have been subject to FGM Thank You Questions?

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