Elements of Narrative Writing - Hellgate Elementary

Elements of Narrative Writing - Hellgate Elementary

Elements of Narrative Writing Choice Writing Assignment Quarter 1 The Seven Elements: Plot Setting Atmosphere Characterization Theme Point of View

Figurative Language &Literary Devices Plot What happens in the story; the events that occur from beginning to end. All plots have a conflict, which is a struggle between forces. Common conflict choices are: Human vs.

Human vs. Human vs. Human vs. Human Nature Society Him/Herself Setting The WHEN and WHERE the story occurs (time and place).

Place: The geographical location; where does the action of the story take place? Time: When is the story taking place? (historical period, time of day, year, etc.) Setting Weather Conditions: Is it hot and sunny? Rainy and cold? Snowing, etc. Social Conditions: What is the daily life of the characters like? Does the story

mention mannerisms, clothing ,dialect, etc. of a particular place? Characterization Protagonist: The main character or hero of the story. The character whose actions form the basis of the plot. Antagonist: The character who opposes the protagonist and/or creates obstacles for him/her. Also can be the forces that work against protagonist's success (ex. Protagonists own character flaws/traits)

Characterization Dynamic (or Round) Character: A character that changes throughout story; is complex and has many sides. Static (or flat) Character: A character that never changes throughout the story; is one-sided. Atmosphere Atmosphere or Mood: The feeling the created during the story. Is it bright and

cheery, or dark and frightening? This element can stay throughout the story or evolve over time and change. Theme The main point or central idea around which the story is focused.

Can be a statement about life or human nature that is explicitly conveyed or implied. Can be the authors message or central insight the he/she is trying to communicate through the story. Like a moral to a story. Examples: love, hate, betrayal, friendship, etc. Point of View Position or positions from which a literary work is told to the reader.

First Person Narration: Uses I, me , my, etc. Told from the perspective of the narrator speaking directly about him/herself. Third Person Narration: Uses he, she, etc. Told from the perspective of an outside narrator who Is not a character within the story.

Figurative Language & Literary Devices Figurative Language: The use of words to affect a meaning other than the usual or literal meaning of those words. Literary Devices: a technique a writer uses to produce a special effect in their writing. irony, imagery, metaphor, pun, oxymoron,

hyperbole, analogy, personification, paradox, simile, clich, alliteration, onomatopoeia, allusion, assonance, euphemism, idiom, consonance, flashback, foreshadowing. Requirements of Your Narrative

Plot-one common plot evident. Setting-place and time well established. Characterization-includes a protagonist and antagonist; more points will be given for dynamic characterization. Atmosphere/Mood-established early and continues throughout story. Theme-reader should easily be able to identify at least one major theme to the story. Point of View-FIRST PERSON ONLY! Requirements of Your Narrative

Figurative Language & Literary Devices Need to have AT LEAST 2 different literary devices used at least 3 times correctly in your story. More devices=more points!! Narrative may be nonfiction (true story) or fiction (not true).

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