What is BestShine Edu App? Management Driver Student Teacher Parent BestShine Edu App, the unique school management for Student, teacher, parent & driver real time connecting system Why shine school app ???

BestShine Edu App provides a Real Time Connecting System Update of your kids on the move and live One stop shop for 360c update of your kid Connects all the interfaces of schools element and environment

BESTSHINE EDU APP KEEP YOU INFORMED We Communicate School Management Parent Teacher Student Driver Who Can Use BestShine Edu App BestShine Edu App WEB ADMIN MOBILE APP

APP LOGIN BestShine Edu App provides username and password for Teacher, Parent, Student, Driver and School Management TEACHER HOME SCREEN PARENT HOME SCREEN STUDENT HOME SCREEN DRIVER HOME SCREEN

DASHBOARD DASHBOARD Shows summary of whole school in a single page Single screen you can view all the features

of the App. Complete Attendance Report of class wise graphical representation in

MASTER Module categories like: Events (Sports, Cultural Program etc.) Subjects (English, Hindi etc.) Class (First, Second etc.) Exam Type (First Term, Session, Half Yearly etc.) Staff Type (Principal, Teacher, Accountant etc.)

USER ROLE Access to management For non teaching Staff, Management Staff based on the rights they will play role For EX: Library staff can have Access to use library whereas the library staff

cant have access to use fee management EMPLOYEE DASHBOARD In Single Screen you can see all details of

employee i.e.Name,Email,Mobile Num etc., In this page Create, you Update,

can or Remove Employee Get Username Password Employee. for & all

STUDENT DASHBOARD In Single Screen you can see all details of Student i.e.Name,Register No, Username & Password etc., For Parent

Username & Password also visible In this page you can

Create, Update, or Remove Student ATTENDANCE Parent and Student can check daily base attendance or for whole month Teacher can mark attendance absent student or present

for ATTENDANCE Teacher/Admin can mark attendance Class wise or Student wise.

If any modification in attendance the admin the modify alone has rights to LEAVE REQUEST Parent can send the leave request

by entering valid credentials Teacher can Approve/Deny the leave request KNOWLEDGE BANK Parent and Student can check daily base question and answer for his/her child

Teacher will create aptitude and question answers every subject for HOMEWORK Parent and Student can stay update of Homework or Assignment

Teacher can send Homework or Assignment for student FEEDBACK Teacher can send/receive feedback from Parent of his/her child performance Parent send/receive for also can

feedback his/her child performance to Teacher NOTIFICATION Parent and Student can get: Fee Notification Exam Notification Events Notification Leave

Approved/Denied Notification Parents meeting Notification and more Teacher will receive: Leave Request

VOICE SMS In a Single Instance You can send a voice call to one to every intimate information

For Eg: Tomorrow is holiday due to rain TRANSPORT Complete control of Bus fleet for the management and parent. User can add, update , delete and view for buses, routes and stops. User can add, edit, delete and view for driver details User can assign bus by route wise and track by bus location.

BUS ROUTE View all Buses and their Route Detail by current running location as well as particular stop Driver App Driver will start bus & he will login Driver app, simultaneously Student and Parent can track the bus

BUS TRACKING Parent and Student can get: Bus Driver Details Bus Route/Stop Real-Time Bus Track FEE STRUCTURE Create fee is classify into two type fee structure and fee collection. In Fee Structure school based fee is present i.e payment submit all type of Fees from one place and in one click, In Fee collection enter the register no and get all the

detail of Student Fee Detail You also get printout for receipt FEE STRUCTURE Parents can check regularly updated fee paid detail as per schedule of parent and management TIME TABLE Admin time can table

create as schedule management per of such as daily ,period , subjects and time. Admin User can create

Exam time table as per schedule of Exam Terms REPORT The cumulative contains document differentiated statement covers all report. Report includes Attendance, Library,

Student, Performance, Performance Collection Student Teacher and Fee TEACHER PERFORMANCE

Is an authentic, contextualized measure of Teachers ability of analyze Students.

And also you get the individual Performance Teacher. of STUDENT PERFORMANCE Make easy for Teacher, Principal & Parent to check the Progress Report of any Student anytime

by logging. RESULT/MARKS Class wise result can be view, add and update Manage Grade setting(Create, Update, Delete)

Individual Student wise result Can be update RESULT / MARK Parents and Students can check academic performance i.e, marks, Grade and Pass/ Fail using his username. Teachers can send marks, Grade and Pass/ Fail with student wise for his class. LIBRARY View Books inventory details Add, Delete,

Update Books Issue/Return books to and from student or Teacher Manage Books by all category Search books, Sort books with search functionality DATA MANAGER We can enter multiple

student /Employee profile in a single instance Instead of uploading one by one GALLERY In this section Parent and Student can see various images regarding cultural program, events,

architecture and more using his username View all event pictures Manage pictures like ADD & DELETE

Upload pictures under available categories Add Description to the pictures POST Text audio and

multimedia post enhanced in the app. Instant share of school profile picture on Mobile App splash screen. Upload the picture, Add Description SCHOOL PROFILE Parents and Students

can see the detail profile of the school like : Name of school Address Email ID Contact No School image BENEFIT FOR MANAGEMENT Dashboard

Notification Post Transport Master Fee Structure

Employee Result Student Report

Gallery Voice SMS Data Manager Text SMS

Holiday Bus Tracking Library Student Analyst



Just Now Free Download This App From Play Store BestShine Edu App Thank you for your valuable time Contact Us: +91-63803-52803 | www.ShineSchoolapp.com BestShine Education Campus Private Limited C-383, First Floor ,Ramphal Chowk, Sector-7,Dwarka,New Delhi

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