Driving Delivery - HeliOffshore

Driving Delivery - HeliOffshore

Delivering Results Chris Bradshaw Delivering Results: Disciplined Execution of our Priorities for Safety David Martin & Rgis Magnac A few words to reflect on We dont think ourselves into a new way of acting, we act ourselves into a new way of thinking. Larry Bossidy 3 Fatalities 140 100

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ay s fl oa te d 120 To ta l Aviation Safety Staircase (2006-2016) Do we agree on how complex it is? Recognize the same safety initiative can necessitate different solutions: Regulatory differences between countries Aircraft type Operational requirements Supporting infrastructure

5 What is in it for us? OEM: investment that goes to market at a price and performance level that will attract customers IOGP: know price, schedule, and capability to deliver safety results Operator: know what supplier is capable of delivering and knowing my end client will accept solution Lessors: know value being added to their asset Regulators: know priority safety areas are being addressed. 6 Our vision of how this would work. Consistent structure for our collaborative delivery o Understanding key decision points and where we are in delivery This gives us: o A way to find clarity for yourself so we can start talking between us o Transparency of necessary information (but not everything)

o Connection between members, a way to see how to be in action to support each other Proactive approach to unblocking barriers and establishing enablers 7 How do we drive projects? 8 Stage Gate Reviews * Is this a priority for us? *Courtesy of Airbus Have we got a viable/resourced plan to develop the solution?

Have we got a viable/resourced plan to implement? Did we deliver the benefits? Lessons learned and implemented Forward Workplan 10 Manage multiple paths to an Outcome Is this a priority for us?

h/c type 1 h/c type 2 h/c type 3 Have we got a viable/ resourced plan to develop the solution?

OEM1 Have we got a viable/ resourced plan to implement? Operator A Operator B Did we deliver the benefits ?

Lessons learned and implemented Operator C 11 How do we make decisions? Managing our delivery Helioffshore Members View Safety Strategy Panel

Company Safety Plan Safety priorities Safety Safety priorities Strategy Panel Safety Workstreams Project Management Safety Actions Project Management 13

14 Table Project 1. Work together as a table to create a dashboard you could use to track progress of your contribution to HeliOffshore Safety Programmes. 2. Take a photo of it with someones phone, and email to [email protected] 16

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