DOC/721R Presentation Template (change to reflect ...

DOC/721R Presentation Template (change to reflect ...

The acceptance by age group to redeem a casual dining restaurant electronic coupon, delivered to a cell phone, in the United States Ed Jennings March 22, 2008 Introduction and Background Electronic relationship marketing creates the

opportunity to share real-time promotional information between the buyer and seller (Tiago, Couto, Natario, & Braga, 2007). Electronic direct marketing of coupons can transition from traditional direct mail to electronic delivery via the cell phone. Problem Statement This quantitative study will determine if casual

dining restaurants can attract more users by age group, with electronic coupons delivered to a cell phone than traditional printed direct mail (Liljandler, Polsa, & Forsberg, 2007). Purpose of the Study This quantitative study will examine the willingness of people between 18 and 65 years of age, in the United States, who own cell

phones, to receive electronic consumer coupons and redeem the electronic coupons in a casual restaurant dining environment (Tiago, Couto, Natario, and Braga, 2007). Significance of the Study Loyalty programs that use direct mail promotions of consumer products and services are part of the traditional marketing mix.

The wide acceptance of cell phones with data capability, will add new ideas for businesses to deliver real-time promotions at a fraction of the cost of current printed direct mail. Research Questions/Hypotheses Is there a correlation to the age group and usage of casual restaurant electronic coupons

delivered to the cell phone? Are recipients of casual restaurant electronic coupons likely to redeem the electronic coupons (EC) if the ECs can be stored on the cell phone for later use? Theoretical Framework The theoretical framework of this study will examine the customer relationship management

acceptance of electronic coupons, delivered to cell phone users of different age groups, applied to the vertical segment of casual dining, in the United States. Scope of the Study Customer relationship marketing has been discussed in terms of providing on-going value and satisfaction to users (Hair, Bush & Ortinau,

2003). United States consumers of casual dining who own cell phones, will be studied to understand the willingness to accept and use electronic coupons. Limitations and Delimitations The external limitations of cell phones to receive, store, and present an electronic coupon.

The feeling of security by the user who knows that a consumer company collects profile information on the subject. The abandonment rate of electronic coupons over time, if relevant offers are not received by the user. Summary and Conclusion Technology offers a new way of delivering an existing

service in the form of electronic coupons to portable communication devices at a fraction of the printed cost. An Internet survey with screen shots and descriptions of the service is planned to reach the intended audience. References Hair, Bush, & Ortinau. (2003). Marketing research: Within a changing environment. Boston: McGraw Hill/Irwin. Liljandler, V., Polsa, P., & Forsberg, K. (2007). Do mobile CRM services appeal to loyalty

program customers? International Journal of E-Business Research, 3, 24-39. Retrieved November 10, 2007, from Tiago, M., Couto, J., Natario, M., & Braga, A. (2007). International reality of Internet use as marketing tool. Journal of American Academy of Business, Cambridge, 11, 138145. Retrieved November 7, 2007, from

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