Developmental Reading Assessment

Developmental Reading Assessment

DEVELOPMENTAL READING ASSESSMENT Picolata Crossing Elementary Grades 3-5 LEARNING GOALS Teachers will be able to administer the

Developmental Reading Assessment (DRA) to determine students reading accuracy, fluency, and comprehension. Teachers will utilize data received from the DRA assessment to drive differentiated instruction. Students need instruction and materials at their independent and instructional levels.

85% of everything children read should be easy for them 15% should be a bit of a challenge 0% at the difficult level because it provides no purpose for learning Richard Allington 1996 So, how do we determine

the independent and instructional levels of our students? DRA ASSESSMENT CYCLE Assessing

Performance Analyzing/ Reflecting Teaching/ Learning Planning Instruction

PURPOSE OF THE DRA Works in conjunction with DRA K-3 Provides classroom teachers of intermediate students -to access levels of performance on a variety of crucial skills and strategies -diagnose student needs and plan for instruction -prepare students to be successful in the classroom and on state test (FSA) -document progress across the intermediate years

-keep parents informed about the levels of student achievement BENEFITS OF DRA Determines each students independent reading level Confirms or redirects ongoing instruction Helps teachers group students effectively for reading instruction Documents changes in each students

reading ability DRA ASSESSMENT TOOL Should be administered twice a year at the intermediate level (3 for struggling readers). Rubrics can be used with any text throughout the year Continuum guides instruction

ASSESSES STUDENT READING ACHIEVEMENT IN: Wide Reading or Engagement (evidence in reading) Self-evaluation and goal setting Oral reading Fluency Comprehension skills and strategies Conducting the Assessment: The Overview

Step 1: Student Reading Survey (Optional) Step 2: One-on-One Student Reading Conference Step 3: Independent Student Work *For students reading DRA text Levels 20, 24, and 28 (secondgrade reading level), the teacher has two options: -Choose to have the student dictate some or all of the response in the Student Booklet. *Students reading DRA text Levels 30, 34, and 38 (thirdgrade reading level), will complete the accompanying Student Booklet independently in writing (unless the student has an I.E.P. or if writing would adversely affect the students level

of response, the teacher may have the student dictate his or her responses for the Prediction and Summary. READING ENGAGEMENT SURVEY While the score from this portion does NOT go into the final score to determine reading level, this survey provides valuable information to the teacher in learning more about the child as a reader.

ORAL READING FLUENCY While the student reads aloud the designated portion of the text, the teacher records all oral reading behaviors using the Record of Oral Reading Guidelines. Its important to record as much as possible as it will help in analyzing the students reading behaviors after the test is complete. You will time the reading to determine the students oral reading fluency rate.

ORAL READING FLUENCY After the student reads aloud, the teacher needs to quickly count the number of miscues (self-corrections are not considered miscues) to determine if the assessment should be continued with the student or if the text is too easy or too hard. In order for a student to be considered independent on a level, they must score in the

independent range in BOTH oral reading fluency AND comprehension. COMPREHENSION Students respond in writing for accurate analysis Separate comprehension checks include * Prediction * After reading response * Summary of text

* Literal Comprehension * Inferential comprehension * Reflection about text * Metacognition of comprehension strategies ADDITIONAL FEATURES DRA reflects the best practices of intermediate grade reading instruction because students Select the text they want to read according to their interests.

Use self-assessment forms which promote reading, thinking, and writing comprehension. Reflect on reading strategies to develop literal and inferential comprehension, summarizing skills, and metacognition. DRA2 WORD ANALYSIS Diagnostic assessment used with struggling and emerging readers to determine strength and weakness with spoken and written words.

Intended for: DRA ASSESSMENT RESULTS Provide teachers with: An understanding of the students engagement in the reading process A fluency rate based on the timed oral reading passage An oral reading score A comprehension score

Insight into the meta-cognitive process NOTES ON SCORING OF THE DRA Teacher Guide is available in every kit to help in determining correct answers. The Reading Engagement (survey) is not used in determining reading levels it is purely for instructional purposes. Students will be considered independent on the level

assessed IF they score in the independent range for BOTH fluency and comprehension. IVE DRAD, NOW WHAT? DRA2 Focus for Instruction Using the DRA2 Continuum, you will complete the Focus for Instruction as this will help you in forming your small groups or in conferences. Choosing 3-5 learning and teaching activities is useful

for small group differentiation. The Class Profile Sheets are helpful with this as well because it gives you a birds eye view of where everyone scored in the different areas. NEED PACKETS? Come by Room 112 in the

Front Office! If you need any further help, please contact me. I am happy to come in and model the assessment and/or assist you in scoring your tests.

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