Descriptive Writing - ALEX

Descriptive Writing - ALEX

Descriptive Writing Writing to describe Good descriptive includes: Similes and metaphors Good word choice Writing to paint a word picture Five Paragraphs Introductions Three descriptive paragraphs Conclusion

Getting Organized Audience Topic Purpose Detail Detail Detail

Sample Prompt: Think about your favorite restaurant. Describe it for a friend. You may wish to include how it looks, what the food is like, and what is happening there. Clue Word: DESCRIBE Getting Organized friend

Red Lobster describe There are live lobsters and fish decorations. Food is amazing Service is friendly. Introduction

Do you have a restaurant you dream about going to? If there was one place where I would love to eat everyday, it would have to be Red Lobster. The live lobsters and fish decorations really entice you to enter the dining room. Not only is the food at Red Lobster delicious, but the service is exceptional. If you want to hear more about my favorite restaurant, read on.

2 paragraph-1 description nd st Upon entering Red Lobster, you will notice a large rectangular fish tank in which live lobsters take their last swim. Fish and oceanthemed items decorate the walls. Even the waiters and waitresses

don ocean-like shirts. 3 paragraph -2 description rd nd Their main food is lobster. Do you have a favorite plate when you go? When the crab is served, it is so fresh, it crawls

onto your plate. There is warm, juicy butter dripping from the crab. Not only is the crab delicious, but wait till you hear about the shrimp. The taste of the shrimp is explosive. The popcorn shrimp pops in your mouth. 4 paragraph-last description th

The service at Red Lobster is very friendly. Every time your drinks and cheesy biscuits get low, they bring you more. Also, they have quick service. While you wait for your food, small children are entertained by complimentary coloring sheets and crayons, while older kids are furnished with portable CD players. They give big kids big glasses instead of baby glasses. They dont mind if you take your drinks and food home with you.

Conclusion In conclusion, Red Lobster is my favorite restaurant. There are so many nice things about Red lobster. The service and food is amazing. Also, the decorations lend themselves to the family atmosphere. If you are looking for a nice place to eat, I would definitely recommend Red Lobster to you.

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