CS 456 - Computer Networks

CS 456 - Computer Networks

CS 456/656 Computer Networks Instructor: Tim Brecht http://www.cs.uwaterloo.ca/~brecht Class: Tuesday and Thursday 11:30 am 12:50 pm DWE 3518 2:30 pm 3:50 pm MC 4060 Course Material: http://www.student.cs.uwaterloo.ca/~cs456 Communication via newsgroup: uw.cs.cs456 mandatory continual reading !!! Introduction 1-1 Today's Lecture course mechanics overview introduction

Introduction 1-2 Assignments, Labs TENTATIVE assignment schedule A1 due end of Week 5-6, weight: 10% A2 due end of Week 9-10, weight: 10% A3 due end of Week 13, weight: 10%

lab experiments two lab experiments featuring network setup & configuration on Linux and Cisco, weight: 2x 5% likely one in February and one in March Introduction 1-3 Exams, Marks TENTATIVE midterm date: Feb 28, 7-9

pm weight: 20% Final Exam: scheduled by registrar weight: 40% Must pass the exams (weighted average) to pass the class. Introduction 1-4

Course Overview mechanisms, algorithms, and technology components for communication networks example: the Internet Goals broad overview understand fundamental challenges learn about existing solutions typically: no single dominant solution Introduction 1-5

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