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Context Clues -

Context Clues Whatchu Talkin bout, Mrs. Hunter? Clues! Definition Contrast

Explanation Examples Inference Definition We define an unknown word immediately based on how it is used in a sentence. Straight definition

Restatement Synonym Restatement A difficult word is restated in simpler terms and usually is set off by commas The poetry was sublime, lofty & moving, and brought tears to my eyes.

The village was depopulated, most of the residents dead or moved, but the livestock remained untouched. Synonyms We sometimes choose a different word that is more familiar or has a similar meaning to make that difficult word more understandable.

The ballet dancer was so lithe; she is completely limber and flexible. The cataract was spectacular; the waterfall had an 80 foot drop. Contrast Antonyms! But, however, in contrast, on the other

hand The guy was portly, but his wife was thin. Explanation Similar to a definition, but longer with more writing.

It was a martial parade: signs of the military were everywhere. Everyone was in uniform; guns, cannons, and tanks were at ever corner while jets flew overhead. Examples Usually use commas or hyphens

Look for signal words: such as, for example, to illustrate, etc. Legumes, such as beans and peas, produce pods. Inference

Uses reasoning and prior knowledge. This is one of the most important reading skills. Past experiences provide common sense clues. Because Shelly was nervous, she brought her lucky pink heart talisman with her to the test.

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