Classification of Analytical Methods - Pace University

Classification of Analytical Methods - Pace University

Classification of Analytical Methods By Naaimat Muhammed Goals of Analytical Chemistry

What is it? Identification Qualitative Analysis How much? Quantitative Analysis

Analytical Chemistry deals with methods for determining the chemical composition of samples of matter . A qualitative method yields information about the identity of atomic or molecular species or the functional groups in the sample; a quantitative method, in contrast, provides numerical

information as to the relative amount of one or more of these components. Present day Instrumental Analysis Better and Faster

More Data (Images) Miniaturization Better data processing methods - Chemo metrics Classical Methods Separation of analytes by precipitation, extraction, or distillation.

Qualitative analysis by reaction of analytes with reagents that yielded products that could be recognized by their colors, boiling or melting points, solubilities, optical activities, or refractive indexes. Quantitative analysis by gravimetric or

by titrimetric techniques. Gravimetric Methods the mass of the analyte or some compound produced from the analyte was determined.

Titrimetric Methods the volume or mass of a standard reagent required to react completely with the analyte was measured. Instrumental Methods Measurements of physical properties of analytes, such as conductivity, electrode potential, light absorption, or emission, mass to charge ratio, and fluorescence, began to be used for quantitative analysis of a variety of inorganic, organic, and

biochemical analyte. Instrumentation is divided into two Category Detection

Quantitation Analytical Signals

Data Domain information encoded Non-electrical Domains (scale, number, chemical) Electrical Domains (volts, current, charge) Analog Domains continuous quantities (volts, current) Time Domains (pulses, slopes) Digital Domains (Off/On or Hi/Lo)

Digital Domain

Useful Websites Dealing With Instrumental Analysis American Chemical Society: Chemical Abstracts Service:

Chemical Center Home Page: (maintained by ACS) http://www.chemcenter/org Science Magazine: Journal of Chemistry and Spectroscopy:

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