Classical Greece - Weebly

Classical Greece - Weebly

CLASSICAL GREECE Greece Geography Water, water everywhere Islands Hilly terrain on land What results? Mount Olympus This mountain was thought by many Greeks to be a hangout for Zeus and other major Greek gods.

Classical Greek mythology about the twelve major gods (called Olympians) spread throughout the Hellenistic world. Greece Economy Agriculture: up to 80% of population Importing Local, import or export?

Wheat Olive Oil Grapes Sheep/Goats Timber

Pottery Marble Precious Metals Literature/Philosophy Greece Trade Traded around Mediterrenean (sea routes) Needed many imports to function as advanced civilization Advanced culture and technology led to valuable exports Plato & Aristotle

Bill & Ted Greece Story 1 Minoans minotaur, anyone? Located on Crete Collapsed, 1450 BCE

Mycenaens, 16001100BCE Indo-Europeans Warriors Troy! Greece Story 2 Greek Dark Age, 1100-750BCE Wandering Adopted Phoenician alphabet

Greece Story 3 City-states develop, 750 BCE Athens wasnt the only one, just one of

the biggest Started colonizing Greece Story 4 Sparta Preferred conquest to colonization/trade/whatever else

Militarized society Didnt always get along with Athens Greece Story 5 Athens Began to develop council to make decisions: more on that later Greece Story 6

490-479 BCE: Persian threat Greeks unite! Darius Xerxes Sea battles, 300 story Greece Story 7 Athens unites territory

Pericles, age of Direct Democracy Greece Story 8 Athens and Sparta fight: Peloponnesia n War, 431

BCE Result: everybody loses Aww Aww Greece Story 9 Macedonians come into the picture

Philip II, big fan of the Greeks So, he conquers Greece Greece Story 10 Alexander the Great Taught by Aristotle

Crazy good general Greece Story 11 Alexanders conquests Greece Story 12 Effect of Alexander Hellenistic culture

spreads all over the place New Hellenistic kingdoms Greece Citizens Athens Citizens: men, probably wealthier men Women

Slaves Sparta Men: warriors Women Slaves Greece War

Ships biremes Phalanx Greek Religion Polytheistic Accessible gods Anthropormorphic gods Drunkenness Sex Drama Hierarchy

Gods make lots of mistakes Greek culture Athens Rich men: highly educated Citizens had public discourse (more on Government/SS) Sparta

Militarized society More Greek Culture Architecture (Nashville, TN) (Athens) More Greek Culture Literature

Illiad, Odyssey Why do kids read these in English classes? Philosophy Plato, Aristotle,

Socrates More Greek culture Olympics (male) Olympics (naked) (male) Olympics Greek Patriarchy Athens

No political rights for women Women valued for bearing sons Relationships between older and younger men Phocylides of Miletus, Satire on Women, c. 440 BCE The tribe of women is of these four kinds---that of a dog, that of a bee, that of a burly sow, and that of a long-maned mare. This last is manageable, quick, fond of gadding about, fine of figure; the sow kind is neither good nor bad; that of the dog is difficult and snarling; but the bee-like woman is a good housekeeper, and knows how to work. This desirable marriage, pray to obtain, dear friend.

Hipponax, On Women, c. 580 BCE Two happy days a woman brings a man: the first, when he marries her; the second, when he bears her to the grave. Greek Patriarchy Sparta vs. Athens: right from our fantastic book (p. 119) Spartan males were known for their toughness and their meanness. They were also known as the best soldiers in all of Greece. Spartan girls received an education similar to that of the boys. Girls, too, underwent physical training, including running, wrestling, and throwing the

javelin. The purpose was clear: to strengthen the girls for their roles as healthy mothers. Well-to-do Athenian citizens raised their children very differently. Athenian children were nurtured by their mothers until the age of seven ... The purpose of an education for upperclass Athenian boys was to create a well rounded person. To that end, a boy had three teachers. One taught him reading, writing, and arithmetic. Another taught physical education, a necessity to achieve the ideal of a sound mind in a sound body. A third taught him music, which consisted of playing the lyre (a stringed instrument) and singing. Education ended at 18, when an Athenian male formally became a citizen. Girls of all classes remained at home, as their mothers did. Their mothers taught them how to run a home, which included how to spin and weaveactivities

expected of a good wife. Only in some wealthy families did girls learn to read, write, and perhaps play the lyre. Greek Technology Math! Pythagoras Euclid Medicine


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