CISE FY2012 Request to Congress

CISE FY2012 Request to Congress

NSFs Public Access Initiative overview and update Amy Friedlander (Acting) Deputy Division Director, NSF Computer & Information Science & Engineering Division of Advanced Cyberinfrastructure Nov 19, 2015 Image Credit: Exploratorium. With thanks to Jim Kurose and Gera Jochum! Overview NSF public access: a brief history NSFs public access repository Public access plan: publications Public access plan: data Looking forward NSF Public Access: a brief history 2012 Internal

NSF WG 2013 2014 2015 NSF Public Access: a brief history 2012 Internal NSF WG 2013 2014 2015 OSTP memo NSF public comment OSTP: directs federal agencies to develop plans to make publicly available to the greatest extent and with the fewest constraints possible and consistent with law the direct results of federally funded scientific research.

NSF Public Access: a brief history 2012 Internal NSF WG 2013 2014 Architect, DOE/OSTI Implement chosen PAR NSF PAR partner NSF public 2 cycles 12 PA comment public supplements comment awarded OSTP memo 2015

NSF Public Access: a brief history 2012 Internal NSF WG 2013 2014 2015 Architect, DOE/OSTI NSF PA Plan Implement chosen PAR published NSF PAR partner PA Repository NSF public live 2 cycles 12 PA PA WG comment public supplements formed comment awarded OSTP memo

NSFS PUBLIC ACCESS PLAN: Todays Data, Tomorrows Discoveries Increasing Access to the Results of Research Funded by the National Science Foundation National Science Foundation March 18, 2015 NSF 15-52 Requirements: Public Access Repository Provide public access to journal, juried conference papers Minimize burden on PIs, NSF staff Leverage existing systems and workflows: Extensions to internal proposal and award management systems (; e-Jacket; Award Search; etc.) External systems DOE/OSTI infrastructure for publications Publisher/library services, e.g., CrossRef Potentially others (federated system engaging other Federal agencies, academic libraries, and publishers) Extensible to other products of NSF-funded research Minimize cost NFS Public Access Plan: publications

Public Access Repository: public access to journal, refereed conference publications soft launch scheduled Nov 23, 2015 (including extensions to 2016 Proposal & Award Policies & Procedures Guide (PAPPG) revised, published FAQ and website: We will gain experience, learn best practices by doing as the NSF Public Access Repository is used NFS Public Access Plan: data Data Management Plans: data management is dynamic and practices vary substantially across the broad range of scientific disciplines supported by NSF [NSF 15-52] What constitutes reasonable data management and access will be determined by the community of interest through the process of peer review and program management. In many cases, these standards already exist, but are likely to evolve as new technologies and resources become available [Data Management & Sharing Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)] NFS Public Access Plan: data Individual directorates (e.g., BIO,CISE) have released

updated DMP guidance (GEO underway) per-directorate discussions of DMPs Under discussion: foundation-wide workshop? pilots using persistent identifiers? PA repository provides extensible mechanism for data, other research products Longer term: continued discussion, consultation with multiple agencies roles, responsibilities, business models for data repositories NFS Public Access: looking forward Publications: gaining experience with public access repository, developing best practices Data: data management plans Longer term discussions: additional research products data repositories NSFS PUBLIC ACCESS PLAN: Todays Data, Tomorrows Discoveries Increasing Access to the Results of Research Funded by the National Science Foundation National Science Foundation NSFs Public Access Plan: Todays

Data Tomorrows Discoveries [NSF 15-52] describes NSFs current and future Public Access activities March 18, 2015 Many thanks To those who got us this far: Steering committee, sub-committees, and Public Access Working Group Requirements and usability working groups (c. 30 program officers, technical and administrative staff) DOE partner Technical team To those who will take us farther. . .all of you! BACKUP Thanks to those who got us here! Name Lance Vowell Tim Stoner Mark Martin Brian Hitson Jeffrey Salmon Amy Northcutt

Lisa Jackson Erika Rissi Elvi Solanes Beth Strausser Jean Feldman Jeff Vieceli Joshua Lindsey Affiliation DOE/OSTI DOE/OSTI DOE/OSTI DOE/OSTI DOE/OSTI OIRM SBE BFA BFA BFA BFA BFA DIS Name Akhilesh Mathur George Patch

Abhi Kulkarni Carlo Ilagan Belen Awetahegne Harry Burdick Aaron Corbett Steve Downing Pam Reichers Bala Krishnamoorthy Elanchezhian Sivagnanam Michelle Toombs Affiliation DIS DIS DIS DIS DIS DIS DIS DIS DIS DIS DIS DIS Program Officers and Staff Name

Affiliation Name Plan Working Groups (2013) Jos Muoz Emily Grumbling AAAS Fellow Jong-on Hahm Erika Rissi BFA Jeri Mulrow Sam Scheiner Frank Olken Bob Chadduck Maureen Miller David Saunders Finbarr Sloan John Cherniavsky Sue Kemnitzer Maria Burka Eva Zanzerkia Tom Statler James Whitmore BIO CISE CISE DIS DIS

EHR EHR ENG ENG GEO MPS MPS Eduardo Misawa MPS Affiliation OD OISE SBE Name Deborah Livingston Bob OConnor Cheryl Eavey Affiliation SBE SBE SBE Usability Working Group (2014) Diane Okamuro BIO

Melissa Cragin BIO Sam Scheiner BIO Thomasina Osborne BIO Sylvia Spengler CISE Niki Bennett DUE Lee Zia EHR Sarah McDonald EHR Josh Abbott ENG Barbara Ransom GEO Paul Sokol MPS Deborah Winslow SBE Shobhana Chelliah SBE Usability Team (2015) Roger Wareham BFA George Malanson

BIO Amy Apon CISE Brandy Smith DGA William Miller CISE Ece Yaprak EHR Laura Namy SBE Maryann Feldman SBE Mo Wang SBE Amnon Meir All UAT/pilot participants! MPS What does the plan say? (consistent with OSTP policy objectives) Requires deposit of journal articles and juried conference papers funded by awards resulting from proposals submitted in January 2016 (PAPPG) to be made publicly available no later than 12 months after publication in the NSF Public Access Repository, hosted by DOE/OSTI

Allows for a waiver to the 12-month embargo Retains current DMP requirement, allowance for costs, and data citation and calls for community engagement to support consistent data management best practice Supports public search through: Existing award search mechanisms Search capability on the NSF Public Access Repository, hosted by DOE/OSTI Expose metadata to third party search systems (future) Leverages current programs, policies, and systems Calls for a Working Group to provide oversight Establishes a website with the Plan, opportunity for feedback, and FAQs Calls for regular updates to the NSB and OSTP/OMB Allows for evolution to other products of NSF-funded research What will/will not change? Publication deposit in support of public access is a new requirement Deposit is separate, but integrated with reporting in to minimize burden and support post- award deposit including legacy articles Builds on existing reporting requirements

Article Processing charges can be requested as a direct cost, as is current policy Current DMP policies remain in place with activities intended to enable consistent identification, description, and management through the directorates/communities Public Access Supplements, FY 2014 Mayernik, Matthew (UCAR) 1449668 GEO EAGER: Repository Cross-Linking for Open Archiving and Sharing of Scientific Data and Articles Lehnert, Kerstin 1449298 GEO O'Grady, Richard (AIBS) Insight Policy

Research Inc O'Grady, Richard (AIBS) 1449499 BIO Geoinformatics Facilities Support: Integrated Data Collections for the Earth & Ocean Sciences: The Marine Geoscience Data System and the Geoinformatics for Geochemistry Program A Proposal for Participant Travel Support to a Workshop to Identify Issues Related to Changing Practices Around the Publication of Data E74979X OIA 1450894 BIO Hovy, Eduard (CMU) Martins, Emilia Webster, Michael 1450545 1451110

1451374 CISE BIO BIO Ruggles, Steven 1451112 ACI/SBE Attewell, Paul 1455947 EHR Hildreth, Michael 1457413 MPS Proposal for a Workshop on Reducing Barriers for the Management, Integration, and Public Sharing of Large and Complex Data among Biologists Working at Genome-Phenome to Macrosystems Levels A Method to Retrieve Non-Textual Data from Widespread Repositories

Evolution of integrated behavior (US-India collaboration) Meeting: Advancing the Accessibility of Digital Media for Biological Research in the 21st Century DataNet Full Proposal: Terra Populus: A Global Population/Environment Data Network (Supplement) Building an inter-disciplinary research community to prototype computationally-intensive analysis of large scale educational datasets Workshop Series to Gauge Community Requirements for Public Access to NSF-Funded Resesarch PI, PO, and Public: access to publications May 13, 2015 NSF Public Access Initiative 19

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