Chapter 6 Religion - AP Human Geography

Chapter 6 Religion - AP Human Geography

Chapter 6 Religion K O VA C S Religion is A symbol of group identity/culture Formal or informal worship and the faith in the sacred/divine Set of beliefs and practices (social system) in

which people seek mental and physical harmony with the powers of the universe in an attempt to influence nature, life and death [how humans occupy the Earth] Religion is Not Geography at its root as we are not

Theologians Origin, diffusion (extent/process by which), distribution (clue to practices/beliefs) Migrantstake religion, learn new language, maintain religion

Religion is Weakens (exceptions) farther from origin/passage of time Barriers stop/halt spread what are possible barriers?

Universalizing Religions Buddhism Islam Christianit y Statue of

Buddha Hong Kong, China Dalai Lama Spiritual leader of Tibetan Buddhism + head of the

government in Tibet Imperialism-Forced emigration by Chinese government Post Dalai Lama China improved standard of living through roads, power plants, hospitals, schools, agriculture, promote emigration. No new Monks trainedend of the line?

Religion clashes with government policies of China Where in the world Monk Throat Songs Define Universalizing Religion

Ethnic Religion Popularity Contest 2 billion Christians 1.5 billion Muslims 900 million Hindu 376 million Buddhists

Become members by birth or adoption. Members for distinctive closed communities Hinduism Taoism Ethnic Religio

ns Shintoism Confucianis m Define Branch- division w/in religion

Catholic, Protestant, E. Orthodox Denomination-division w/in branch unites local congregations under a single administrative body Methodist, Baptist, Lutheran, Presbyterian, etc. Sect- small group broken away from an established denomination Roman Catholic sects

There are many groups outside the Roman Catholic Church which regard themselves as Catholic, such as the Community of the Lady of All Nations, the Palmarian Catholic Church, the Philippine Independent Church, the Brazilian Catholic Apostolic Church, the Movement for the Restoration of the Ten Commandments of God, and others. Shamanism

Religion that requires acceptance of a shaman or religious leader, healer and worker of magic who can intercede with and interpret the spirit world. This is kind of like?

World Distribution of Religions Fig. 6-1: World religions by continent. World Population by Religion Fig. 6-1a: Over two thirds of the worlds population adhere to Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, or Buddhism. Christianity is the single largest world religion.

The breakdown of geography and religion Christianity- N. Am, S. Am, Europe, Australia, Af., Asia Europe/Latin Am. Roman Catholic Islam- (Indonesia, Pakistan, Bangladesh, India), Africa, Central Asia, [Europe/N. Am 5% today- Nation of Islam, Detroit, MI]

Buddhism- E/SE Asia *Buddhist + ethnic religion Sikhism-India Bahai-Africa/Asia Hinduism-India, Bangladesh, Nepal Primal-indigenous religions- SE Asia/S Pacific Islands God dwells in all things-nature is spiritual African Traditional-Animism-12% African continent Spiritism- human personality continues after death and can

communicate with the living through mediums/psychic (Brazil) Judaism-USA/Israel Vocab Monotheism Polytheistic Atheistic

Agnosticism Animism Single deity Many gods No deity Nothing can be

known about whether God exists Exists in all objects Quiz! Religions imposed by Conquest

Adoption Conversion *preserved in the face of hostility or indifference With a 10 foot pole and RESPECTFUL conversation

Can religion and government be separate entities separation of church and state as known in the USA? Or is religion the backbone of democracy (and other forms of government), as the ideologies of elected officials represent your own beliefs. Use evidence to support your claim.

Root of Conflict Catholic v. Protestant Ireland Hindus v Muslims India Catholics v. E Orthodox v. Muslim (former Yugoslavia) Jews v Muslims (Gaza/Jerusalem) [Christians]

Explain why Jerusalem is so hotly contested as a place for peace in from 1000 B.C. until 2011 Distribution of Protestants in Ireland, 1911

Fig 6-14: When Ireland became independent in 1937, 26 northern districts with large Protestant populations chose to remain part of the United Kingdom.

Catholic Protestors in Northern Ireland Peace Players International Website: http:// rn-ireland

Video: http:// Jerusalem Fig. 6-15: The Old City of Jerusalem contains holy sites for Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.

Boundary Changes in Palestine/Israel Fig. 6-16: The UN partition plan for Palestine in 1947 contrasted with the boundaries that were established after the 1948-49 War. Major changes later resulted from the 1967 War. Israel, the West Bank and

Gaza Political and Physical maps Fig. 6-17: The West Bank and Gaza have been under Israeli control since 1967, and numerous Israeli settlements have been established there. The area includes three physical regions: the coastal plain, the hills, and the Jordan River Valley. Section of Israeli Security Barrier

g. 6-1.1: A typical section of the security barrier built by Israel in the West Ban Israels Barrier in the West Bank Fig. 6-1.2: The planned route of Israels security barrier in the West Bank

includes many of Israels settlements in the territory. The Temple Mount, Jerusalem Temple Mount contains sites holy to both Jews and Muslims, including the Western Wall of the Second Temple, al-Aqsa Mosque, and the Dome of the Rock. Praying at

the Western Wall in Jerusalem Potala Palace, Lhasa Tibet

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