Chapter 2

Chapter 2

Chapter 2 Review Age huge sheets of ice

formed. Sheets of ice that move slowly over the Earths

surface are called _?_. glaciers

During the Ice Age the water levels of the oceans dropped. This formed a land bridge between what two

continents? Asia & North America

What was this land bridge that connected the continents of Asia & North America

called? Bering Strait (Beringia)

What vocabulary term refers to diagrams that show events that take place during a certain period of time ? 2000

2001 2002 2003

2004 2005

2006 2007 Time line

What term refers to a period of: 10 years ___________

Decade The Roman Numeral for decade is - X to a period of:

10 years decade 100 years - ???????

Century The Roman Numeral Number for century is - C What term refers to a

period of: 10 years decade 100 years century 1000 years - ?????????

Millennium The Roman Numeral number for millennium is - M

Roman Numerals A smaller number in front of a larger number means subtraction, all else means addition. For example, IV means 4, VI means 6. You would not put more than one smaller number in front of a larger number to subtract. For example, IIV would not mean 3.

You must separate ones, tens, hundreds, and thousands as separate items. That means that 99 is XCIX, 90 + 9, but never should be written as IC. Similarly, 999 cannot be IM and 1999 cannot be MIM. I The numeral one. II is two, III is three. You seldom see IIII as 4, since IV can also mean 4, plus its shorter to write.

V The numeral 5. IV is 4, VI is 6, VII is 7, VIII is 8. X The numeral 10. IX is 9, XI is 11, etc. L The numeral 50. XL would be 40. C The numeral 100. Think of Century having a hundred years. C is short for the Latin word Centum, but that's not very easy to remember.

D The numeral 500. M The numeral 1000. The Four Corners consist of the four

states of: Vocabulary Terms

Scientists who study the cultures of people who lived long ago

are known as _?_. archaeologists

Objects made by early people are known

as ? artifact A possible scientific

explanation of how something happens is called a _?_. theory

The years before the birth of Christ are known by the

abbreviated letters: B.C. which

stands for before Christ.

the letters A.D. stand for ?

The letters A.D represent the days after the birth of Christ. They are the abbreviations for the Latin words Anno Domini,

which means in the year of our Lord or after death. tell about the origins

or beginnings of people are called _?_.

Origin stories Over time the climate

and vegetation changed and many animals died out or became _?_. extinct

Americans began learning how to grow crops for food.

This was the beginning of farming, which is also known as _?_.

agriculture What vocabulary term refers to the

practice of holding people against their will and making them carry out orders?

slavery group of Native Americans

known as the Mound Builders build as places of worship or as burial places?

mounds vocabulary term is a

synonym for the main foods the Pueblo Indians grew?

staple The three main food groups the Pueblos grew were corn, beans, and squash. Of

these 3, which was the most important? corn What vocabulary

term refers to having more food than the amount needed? Surplus having

more food than is needed traders traveled in

boats made from large, hollowed out logs called _? _.

dugouts The exchange of goods such as fish, shells, jewelry, or

baskets, for other items is referred to as _?_. bartering

The Northwest Coast and the Arctic Native Americans held celebrations of feasting and dancing to show off a

persons wealth. The host would give away elaborate and nice gifts. This type of celebration was called a _?_.

potlatch The Northwest Coast people used _?_, which

were long spears with sharp shell points, to hunt whales. Harpoons

wooden post standing outside an Indian house

that had shapes of people and animals carved into it.

Totem pole What was the most important resource to the Plains Native

Americans ? what about the 2nd most important resource?

1st - water 2nd - buffalo Resources of the Plains

Indians Groups of Native Americans that wandered from place to place following groups of buffalo were

called _?_. They were called this because they did not have a permanent place to live. NOMADS

_?_ is earth cut into blocks or mats that are held together by grass and its roots.

Sod Some Native Americans lived in cone-shaped tents, which were covered in buffalo skins. These

tents were known as _?_. Teepees Plains Indians carried goods from

place to place by using two poles tied together with animal skins and then fastened to a horse with a harness. What was this called?

travois The Eastern Woodland Native Americans lived in villages surrounded

by a wall made of sharpened tree trunks called a _?_. This wall protected them from wild animals and their

enemies. palisade Fertilizer is used to make

things grow better. What item did the Eastern Woodland Indians use to fertilize soil? fish

The Algonquian Native Americans lived in round, bark-covered shelters called _?_.

wigwams When two or more people have a disagreement, each side must give up a part of what they want

to reach an agreement. What is this called? To reach an agreement they must

COMPROMISE. Knowing how to compromise gives you another way to_?_ ,

or settle, your conflicts. resolve

Study! and be prepared!

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