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Canadian Children's Literature - University of Maine

Canadian Childrens Literature A Genre Approach to Reading Your Way Through Canada For more information, contact Betsy Arntzen Office of Canadian Studies Outreach . Canadian-American Center University of Maine 154 College Ave. Orono, ME 04473 [email protected] 207.581.4225 March 2006 Read Your Way Through Canada: PURPOSE To find answers to these questions: Does Canadian childrens fiction tell the stories of Canadian history, geography, and culture?

Can we get a sense of place through Canadian childrens literature? Can we get an overview of Canadian history through Canadian childrens literature? Can we learn about Canadian cultures by reading Canadian childrens literature? 2 Read Your Way Through Canada: SLIDES These slides present a selection of currently available titles as of March 2006

Note: There are MANY more excellent titles available than are presented here categorized by region: Atlantic, Central, Prairies, West, North grouped by genres of childrens literature Not covered: non-fiction / informational literature, and biography Audience: We created this presentation to introduce a wide variety of Canadian Childrens Literature to U.S. public library Childrens Librarians, and to K-12 School Librarians and Teacher-Librarians. 3 Read Your Way Through Canada: ELEMENTS

Canadian Childrens authors Book titles and brief summaries Identification as Picture Book or Chapter Book Author websites Publisher websites Resources 4 Genres of Childrens Literature Traditional - born of oral tradition, passed orally from generation to generation Poetry - ranges from poetry that rhymes to free verse Fantasy - rooted in traditional literature, but has an identifiable author, Science Fiction - speculates on what might happen in the future

and Contemporary Realistic Fiction deals with living today. Includes humorous stories, detective and mystery stories, school stories, adventure stories, survival stories, sports stories, animals fiction Historical Fiction realistic fiction set in the past Biography focuses on individuals (not covered here) Anthology collection of writings Non-Fiction, Informational accurate, authentic, up-to-date (not covered here) 5 Literary Regions of Canada Atlantic Newfoundland & Labrador, New Brunswick,

Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island Central Quebec Central Ontario Prairie Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta West British Columbia North Yukon, Northwest Territories, Nunavut 6 REGION: Atlantic Canada Newfoundland & Labrador Prince Edward Island New Brunswick Nova Scotia

7 Genre: Contemporary Realistic Ian Wallace Duncans Way For seven generations Duncan's family has fished off the coast of Newfoundland. Now, the fish are gone and with them, the old way of life. Duncan notices that his father is spending the days staring out to sea, watching television and baking bread and pies. Many families have left town in search of work elsewhere. Even Duncan's mother is beginning to suggest that they, too, join the exodus to the mainland. Mummers Song by Bud Davidge; illus. by Ian Wallace A rhyming story that refers back to the author's childhood in Newfoundland, when the Mummers, would go from door to door, entering houses and dancing and carousing with the people at Christmas time. Newfoundland is one of two places in North America where Mummering is still done. Picture Books 8 Genre: Contemporary Realistic Catherine Simpson Lives in Lewisporte, Newfoundland There are No Polar Bears Here Young girl sees a white bear and no one believes her A Viking Ship

Boy finds a magic Viking ship toy which allows time travel The Turnip Top Pony Who or what is eating out of everyones garden? Sailor: The Hangashore Newfoundland Dog How can a Newfoundland Dog not like the water? Picture Books 9 Genre: Contemporary Realistic

The Money Pit By Eric Walters Chapter Book What starts to happen as soon as Sam sets foot on Oak Island to visit his grandfather is more exciting than he could have hoped for, more surprising than the magic tricks he spends hours perfecting. Draws on the real-life history of the mysterious Money Pit on Nova Scotias Oak Island, 10 Genre: Historical Fiction Hand of Robin Squires By Joan Clark

For over two hundred years, people have been searching Oak Island, just off the coast of Nova Scotia, for elusive treasure buried there. Underground tunnels discovered on the island have never yielded their secrets. Chapter Book In The Hand of Robin Squires, Joan Clark weaves fact and fiction in the tale of an English boy at the centre of the mystery. When his father dies in 1703, Robin Squires is the only one who can help his seafaring uncle build the elaborate subterranean complex that has since tantalized and mystified treasure seekers for two centuries. 11 Genre: Historical Fiction Lucy Maud Montgomery Anne Shirley Series; Anne of the red hair

Chapter Books Anne of Green Gables (1908) Orphan is adopted by a brother and sister on PEI Anne of Avonlea (1909) Anne of Green Gables becomes a school teacher Anne of the Island (1915) Now 18, she heads to Redmond College Anne of Windy Poplars (1936) After college she accepts a job as high school principal Annes House of Dreams (1917)

Anne marries Dr. Gilbert Blythe, her childhood beau Anne of Ingleside (1939) Anne is mother of five with one on the way Rainbow Valley (1919) Annes children are featured as they help their neighbors Rilla of Ingleside (1921) Set in WW! focusing on youngest daughter, Rilla 12 Genre: Historical Fiction Sharon McKay Charlie Wilcox Its 1916, and Charlie Wilcox, a Newfoundlander, is interested in one thing only: going to sea, just like his father and uncles. Hell make his family proud. His parents have different plans for him, however: they want him to go to university.

Humiliated, Charlie sets out to prove he can measure up to the men in his family, and stows away on a sealing ship. Its only when they are far out to sea, and he is discovered, that he realizes hes on a troopship bound for France! Charlie Wilcox's Great War The year is 1918. Charlie Wilcox, now 17 years old, tall, broad and mature beyond his years, returns home to Brigus, Newfoundland. He is a man now, his childhood left behind on the battlefields of France and Belgium. And he is burdened by a secret, one he fears will inflict terrible grief on the village and people he loves. Chapter Books 13 Genre: Historical Fiction Eric Walters

Hydrofoil Mystery Its 1915 and 15-year-old William is a bit of a troublemaker. But when his concerned mother sends him to spend the summer with Alexander Graham Bell in Nova Scotia, he finds life isnt as boring as he once believed. Run In 1976, a teenage delinquent, Winston MacDonald, is sent to Nova Scotia to be with his father after being suspended from school. Mr. MacDonald, a newspaper reporter, is working on a story about a young man Terry Fox who is running across Canada to raise money for cancer research. Chapter Books 14

REGION: Central Canada Ontario Quebec 15 Genre: Traditional The Nanabosho Series By Joe McLellan and Matrine McLellan 9 stories based on Ojibway legends created to bring Aboriginal stories to Aboriginal children. Nanabosho is the teacher and protector of the Anishinabe people These are stories with a story, as an elder tells a traditional story to a contemporary child. The story features Nanabosho, and they show us the relationship between people and nature.

Picture Books Nanabosho's capable of great things. He's part spirit, part Manitou, part man, and he was sent to teach the people. Early on, he found out that you can't tell people anything. They don't listen. You can't tell them to do something, and you can't tell them not to do something, and so he thought, 'If I act real stupid, they'll see that and laugh at it, and they'll remember not to act like that. And if I do the wrong thing, they'll figure it out. If I just do the right thing, they'll just say, 'I can't do that, but you, Nanabosho, you can do because you're a spirit.' What Nanabosho does then is take all of the silly stupid things we do and magnifies them and lays them out there for us to look at, says author Joe McLellan. 16 Genre: Historical Fiction Roch Carrier Stories describe his life growing up in 1940s-50s

in rural, francophone Quebec Picture books The Hockey Sweater The Boxing Champion The Basketball Player The Longest Home Run A Happy New Years Day Short stories Hockey Sweater and Other Stories Prayers of a Very Wise Child 17 Genre: Contemporary Realistic Gita Series by Rachna Gilmore, Ontario author

A young-reader picture book series featuring a girl who immigrates from India, becomes homesick, adjusts and makes friends, and then faces moving back to India. Lights for Gita Roses for Gita A Gift for Gita Picture Books 18 Genre: Contemporary Realistic The Road to Chlifa By Michele Marineau

A Lebanese teenager, Karim, escapes war-torn Beirut, travels a dangerous route over the mountains to Chlifa, and then on to Montreal and a new life. But his new life is not without difficulty he encounters contempt and racism at high school. Chapter Book 19 Genre: Historical Fiction Underground to Canada By Barbara Smucker Taken away from her mother by a ruthless slave trader, all Julilly has left is the dream of freedom. Every day that she spends huddled in the traders cart traveling south, or working on the brutal new plantation, she thinks about the land where it is possible to be free, a land she and her friend Liza may reach some day.

Chapter Book 20 Genres: Historical Fiction The Last Safe House By Barbara Greenwood A blend of fact and fiction, designed to be a story of historical fiction paired with historical fact, this book also has hands-on extension activities. Slave life, the movement to abolish slavery, and elements of the underground railroad are seen through the eyes of two young girls. 21

Genre: Historical Fiction Brian Doyle Chapter Books Angel Square Boy O'Boy Easy Avenue Covered Bridge

Mary Ann Alice Uncle Ronald A budding young detective named Tommy, confronts racial prejudice in Ottawa after the Second World War. Summer 1945, Martin O'Boy lives with his family in Lowertown Ottawa, and tries (unsuccessfully) to steer clear of the head of the boys' choir. An orphan in the 1950s, Hubbo O'Driscoll is torn between loyalty to his poor but fun friends and family and the shallow but rich kids at his Ottawa high school. Covered Bridge pits earnest Hubbo O'Driscoll against two determined, cynical land developers Mary and her teacher investigate a project to dam up the Gatineau River in 1926 In 1895, to escape his violent father, Mickey is sent to stay with his Uncle Ronald

22 REGION: Prairie Provinces Alberta Saskatchewan Manitoba 23 Genre: Historical Fiction Josepha: A Prairie Boys Story By Jim McGugan Picture Book Story of immigrant boy learning English in school with the small children, and having to choose between

going to work or staying in school. A young boy learns the news that his friend Josepha will soon be leaving school, alienated because no one speaks his language. What can the boy do to show that his friendship with Josepha has meant much to him? 24 Genre: Poetry If Youre Not from the Prairie By David Bouchard Poem with the premise that if youre not from the prairie you can't understand the wind, the cold, the grasses. However, even though we might not know the prairie, we all do know the sun. Picture Book

25 Genre: Contemporary Realistic William Kurelek A Prairie Boys Winter Follows William and his family through a winter on their farm in Alberta A Prairie Boys Summer Summer on the prairies during the Depression was not a vacation from school; it was hard work. A Northern Nativity Picture Books A young boy imagines the nativity could have occurred anywhere and to any racial group. 26

Genre: Contemporary Realistic Jo Bannatyne-Cugnet A Prairie Alphabet On each page is a single sentence consisting of words that begin with the featured letter, describing a scenario: "We auction our Aberdeen Angus at Agribition"; "A mouse munches a meal of millet by moonlight." A Prairie Year Captures the rural lifestyle shared by people in Saskatchewan and Alberta, providing a month-by-month anecdotal record of life on the plains, accompanied by a series of full-page paintings. Heartland Sampler Using the frame of a sampler quilt, it takes a unique look at the landscape, customs, history, traditions, and peoples of the Prairies. Picture Books 27

Genre: Contemporary Realistic The Moccasin Goalie By William Roy Brownridge Fictional story of friends who didnt make the hockey team but really want to play hockey. Based on the true life of the author as a child. He physically couldnt wear skates, but played goalie on winning hockey teams. Picture Book 28 Genre: Contemporary Realistic Farley Mowat The Dog Who Wouldnt Be This is the story about a dog and his boy. The boy was the author and the dog was Mutt. Clearly, Mutt believed that he could do better than just be a dog.

Owls in the Family A story of a young boys pet menagerie which includes crows, magpies, gophers and a dog growing out of control with the addition of two cantankerous pet owls, Wol and Weeps. Chapter Books 29 Genre: Contemporary Realistic Northern Exposures By Eric Walters Chapter Book Kevin Spreekmeester has just won a photography contest he doesnt remember entering. The prize is a five-day trip to Churchill, Manitoba, to photograph polar bears

with a renowned wildlife photographer. It all sounds pretty good - its a chance for Kevin to escape his controlling parents and the tedium of school. 30 REGION: West British Columbia 31 Genre: Contemporary Realistic Ann Blades Mary of Mile 18 was her first book. She wrote to give her students something to read about themselves. Mile 18 is now named Buick, BC.

Mary of Mile 18 Mary finds a wolf pup but is forbidden to keep it as a pet, until it proves its worth on the family farm . A Boy of Tache Charlie, a boy of the Indian reserve of Tache in northern British Columbia, joins his grandparents for the annual spring beaver hunt. But theyre not at the camp long when Za becomes ill and Charlie must go alone to get help. This is a simple, realistic story of how a native people continues traditional ways. Picture Books A Salmon for Simon illustrator Simon has been trying all summer to catch a salmon. But when he gets his chance, Simon no longer wants to keep it--it's too strong and beautiful! 32 Genre: Contemporary Realistic Waiting for the Whales By Sheryl McFarlane A man teaches his grand-daughter how to identify animals, plants, and how to garden, but most of all, when to watch for the annual return of the Orca whales. A seasons of life story. Picture Book 33 Genre: Fantasy Paul Yee

Grew up in Vancouvers Chinatown. Ghost Train Extreme poverty forces the father to leave his family behind in South China to take a dangerous railroad construction job in BC. After 2 years of sending his pay home, Ba asks that Choon-yi join him, but when she arrives in Vancouver she learns that her father has died in a landslide. Her plans to return to China come to an end, when her father appears in a dream. Roses Sing on New Snow While Maylin does the cooking for her family's Chinatown restaurant, her greedy father and two fat brothers take all the credit. When her specially prepared dish, ``Roses Sing on New Snow,'' is served to the visiting governor of South China, he asks the brothers to show him how it was made. Picture Books 34 Genre: Traditional Paul Yee Grew up in Vancouvers Chinatown. Tales from Gold Mountain Eight original stories give readers a sense of the hardships faced by the first Chinese-Canadians. In "Spirits of the Railway," a young man appeases the ghosts of dead railroad workers who were never properly buried. In "Forbidden Fruit," a father's prejudice keeps his daughter from marrying her beloved. Dramatic illustrations accompany the stories. The brief, pithy tales strikingly reflect traditional Chinese beliefs and customs in New World circumstances. Dead Mans Gold and Other Stories

Explores 140 years of the history of Chinese immigrants to Canada through tales with a subtle sense of the supernatural. They creating a snapshot of the lives and times of these early immigrants--men who left their families in China hoping to bring them to the sweeter life of Gold Mountain, only to come up against racism, discrimination, and unfair immigration laws. 35 REGION: North Yukon Northwest Territories Nunavut 36

Genre: Contemporary Realistic Farley Mowat Lost in the Barrens Two teen boys must survive while stranded in the Northwest Territories. Jamie is an anglo-Canadian orphan living with his uncle in northern Canada. He and his best friend, Awasin, native Cree, set out with a trapper for an adventure in the Northwest Territories. Unfortunately, a canoe accident leaves the boys lost and alone in the northern tundra. Relying on what survival skills they have and their innate courage and ingenuity, Jamie and Awasin must survive and make their way through the soggy bogs and harsh landscape of Canada's north. The Curse of the Viking Grave Chapter Books Awasin, Jamie, and Peetryuk, three adventure-prone boys, stumble upon a cache of Viking relics in an ancient tomb somewhere in

Arctic Canada. They discover its significance while out-running officials. Includes little-known information about the customs of Viking explorers. 37 Genre: Historical Fiction Trapped in Ice By Eric Walters Thirteen-year-old Helen is not sure she is looking forward to spending the next six months on board the Karluk, a ship headed on an Arctic expedition. But with the recent death of her father, it is the only work her seamstress mother can find. Helens nine year-old brother, Michael, is delighted to be off on a real adventure. Based on true events surrounding the ill-fated Canadian Arctic Expedition of 1913, Trapped in Ice is a riveting, fast-paced adventure set in a marvelous but brutal world of ice and snow. Chapter Book 38 Genre: Historical Fiction Maatas Journal: a novel By Paul Sullivan A picture of Inuit life in Arctic Canada in the early 20th C. Chapter Book Inuit teen, Maata, realizes that in order to thrive in this new world, she must adapt to this new way of life. As she learns to read and write in English, she begins to keep a journal as she struggles to retain her traditional ways. However, when she is chosen to join a mapping expedition to her beloved homeland, she finds that all of her skills -- both from her Inuit and western educations -- become equally invaluable when tragedy strikes. 39 Genre: Contemporary Realistic Ted Harrison A Northern Alphabet Ted Harrison's paintings illustrate a northern alphabet, a child's introduction to the alphabet through the landscape, people, flora and fauna of the Canadian North. Children of the Yukon Brilliant, colorful paintings depict children of the Yukon at work and play: snaring rabbits, feeding ravens, racing on snowshoes and hunting moose, panning for gold in famous Bonanza Creek, and exploring the ruins of Dawson City. Picture Books 40 Genre: Contemporary / Trad. Michael Kusugak Grew up in Repulse Bay, Nunavut My Arctic 1,2,3 Counting book using Arctic wildlife Arctic Stories Collection of Arctic tales inspired by authors experience, set in the 1950s. A Promise is a Promise Allashua disobeys her parents and goes fishing on the sea ice Baseball Bats for Christmas True story resulting from never having seen trees. Hide and Sneak One afternoon Allashua is lured into mischief Picture Books Northern Lights Explores the Inuit belief that the Northern Lights are the souls playing

soccer 41 Genre: Contemporary Realistic Whats the Most Beautiful Thing You Know About Horses? By Richard Van Camp Picture Book The narrator, a member of the Dogrib Nation asks his family and friends, "What's the most beautiful thing you know about horses?" It's a surprising question since "All's we had up here were dogs. Illustrated by an artist of the horse-knowing Cree Nation, George Littlechild. 42 Across Canada Not region-specific Canada-wide 43 Genre: Anthology Meet Canadian Authors & Illustrators By Allison Gertridge 60 Creators of award-winning childrens books; their photo, their list of books

Brief biographies include why and how they write and illustrate Do it Yourself ideas at each bio, suggesting a writing or drawing prompt inspired by the author or illustrator 44 Genre: Anthology This Land: A Cross-Country Anthology of Canadian Fiction for Young Readers

Selected by Kit Pearson Each province and territory (territories are grouped together and called the North) has from one to five selections, reflecting its population and the range of authors who have written about it. There is a nice mix of contemporary and older stories ranging from 1925 (L. M. Montgomery) to 1996 (Janet McNaughton), and a range of cultural backgrounds. Care was also taken to balance protagonist genders and literary genres. ISBN: 01403-8989-X 45 Genre: Anthology Winds Through Time: An Anthology of Canadian Historical Teen Fiction Compiled by Ann Walsh Ann Walsh has selected fifteen captivating stories written by well-known authors from across the country. Each contributor has penned a dramatic account of a real episode in Canadian

history. From mine disasters to scarlet fever epidemics, from the Great War to the Gold Rush, these writers breathe life into the tales of our ancestors and tell stories only history could have imagined. Authors featured in the anthology include: Joan Weir, Lynne Bowen, Joan Skogan, John Wilson, Barbara Haworth-Attard, Linda Holeman, Andrea and David Spalding, Shirlee Smith-Matheson, Norma Charles, Constance Horne, Joanne Findon, Beverley Brenna, Kathleen Cook Waldron, and Kathryn Hatashita-Lee. 46 Genre: Anthology The Spirit of Canada Edited by Barbara Henner The Spirit of Canada, a visually stunning anthology that celebrates our countrys life and times, is filled with stories, songs, poems, and legends. 150 works by15 of Canadas childrens artists illustrate almost every page. The Spirit of

Canada can serve as a cultural reference guide, as well as a literary keepsake. Taking readers chronologically, and beginning with native creation myths, readers are introduced to a cross-section of Canadian history. Chapters include the discovery of the New World, early settlement, and Confederation, as well as legends, humor, and multiculturalism. 47 Genre: Anthology - Alphabet M is for Maple by Mike Ulmer A shining tribute to Canada. From British Columbia to Newfoundland, this Canadian alphabet book shares our nation's symbols, history, people and culture. Eh? to Zed by Kevin Major Set in tightly linked rhyming verse, the words for this

unique book resonate with classic and contemporary images from every province and territory in the country. 48 Genre: Contemporary Realistic Tom and Liz Austen Mysteries By Eric Wilson Tom Austen and his sister Liz have shared many suspenseful moments while exploring our nation, says series author Eric Wilson. A former teacher, Wilson designed this series with the reluctant reader in mind. The 20 adventure stories are dialogue-rich, fast paced, and predictable. The stories are rooted in Canada's culture and landscape; Eric Wilson lived in the area he wrote about while creating each story. Chapter Books 49 Genre: Contemporary Realistic Screech Owls Series By Roy MacGregor 20 stories by journalist Roy MacGregor, about a mysterysolving peewee hockey team comprised of boys and girls. The stories open with face-paced dialogue to intrigue and hook the reluctant reader. Each book takes place at a hockey camp, in their home town of Tamarack, ON or at one of their hockey tournaments. They compete around the world - not even sabotage, theft, murder, kidnapping, or terrorism can keep the Owls away. Chapter Books 50 Genre: Contemporary Realistic Redline Racing Series by Anthony Hampshire Follows the progress of Vancouver racing driver Eddie Stewart and his team from the Pacific Northwest as they work their way up the ranks of professional road racing with team work, determination and a commitment to excellence. Written for readers of 9-15 years, they feature strong, principled characters with intense, authentic racing action balanced by a good deal of humor. Chapter Books 51 Genre: Historical Fiction Our Canadian Girl A series of historical fiction for girls Edited by Barbara Berson 12 different girls, ages 9-12: Chapter Books Elizabeth (1762) moves from New England to Nova Scotia taking over an Acadian farm Rachel (1783) lives in northern Nova Scotia after escaping slavery in South Carolina Liza (1862) travels to the gold fields of Cariboo Angelique (1865) a Metis girl, she experiences the community buffalo hunt Marie-Claire (1885) lives in Montreal during a small pox epidemic Emily (1896) lives in Victoria B.C. befriending family servant, a Chinese immigrant

Keeley (1901) frontier town life in Alberta Millie (1914) lives with Ojibway aunt and uncle in Ontario Penelope (1917) lives in Halifax on the eve of the explosion Ellen (1939) lives in depression-era Vancouver Izzie (1941) lives in southern Nova Scotia during WWII Margit (1944) a Jewish girl immigrates from war-torn Czechoslovakia to Toronto 52 Genre: Historical Fiction Dear Canada A series of historical fiction in diary format By well-known Canadian childrens authors Chapter Books The 15 books, based on historical fact, feature girls ages 9-12

Hlne St. Onge (1666) Filles du Roi in Montreal Sophie Loveridge (1721) living in the new world in NL Anglique Richard (1755) Acadian Genevive Aubuchon (1759) at the fall of Qubec Mary MacDonald (1783) Loyalist Susanna Merritt (1812) War of 1812 Isobel Scott (1815) pioneer to Red River Harriet Palmer (1862) overland to the Cariboo Kate Cameron (1882) railway west Victoria Cope (1897) orphan Eliza Bates (1916) WWI Charlotte Blackburn (1917) Halifax on eve of explosion Chin Mei-ling (1922) Chinese immigrant Ivy Weatherall Milorie (1926) immigrant to Saskatchewan Devorah Bernstein (1941) WWII 53

Genre: History & Historical Fiction Holocaust Remembrance Series For Young Readers The first series of its kind Claras War by Kathy Kacer Hanas Suitcase by Karen Levine The Secret of Gabis Dresser by Kathy Kacer The Night Spies by Kathy Kacer The Righteous Smuggler by Debbie Spring The Underground Reporters by Kathy Kacer Chapter Books 54 Genre: Traditional

Author/Illustrator: C.J. Taylor Illustrated retelling of First Nations stories about the way things began How Two-Feather was saved from loneliness Abenaki The Ghost and Lone Warrior - Arapaho Little Water and the Gift of the Animals Seneca The Secret of the White Buffalo Oglala Sioux Bones in the Basket collection of 7 legends How We Saw the World 9 creation stories The Monster from the Swamp collection of 8 legends Picture Books 55 Genre: Science Fiction, Fantasy RanVan Series By Diane Wieler

RanVan: the Defender Rhan juggles his life between being a young teen in a Canadian town and a brave knight in a video game. RanVan: a Worthy Opponent Though 15-year-old nerdy Rhan dreams of saving civilization like in the video games he plays, real life is different, until, when put to the test, he discovers hidden powers. RanVan: Magic Nation Rhan, 18, is at the brink of adulthood, embarking on the game of real life. Chapter Books

56 Genre: Science Fiction, Fantasy Silverwing Series By Kenneth Oppel Silverwing Shade, a small bat, must save his colony from voracious rats brought in from the tropics. Sunwing Shade and Marina must use all their resourcefulness to rescue Shades father -- and stop Goth from creating eternal night.

Firewing Feisty new hero Griffin, son of Shade and Marina, must come to terms with his heritage and his self-doubts Chapter Books 57 Genre: Fantasy Robert Munsch The Munschworks Grand Treasury Produced in an extra-large picture-book format, featuring 15 popular Robert Munsch stories Picture Books

The Paper Bag Princess The Fire Station I Have to Go! Davids Father Thomas Snowsuit Pigs

Mortimer Purple, Green and Yellow Murmel Murmel Murmel Something Good Stephanies Ponytail Angelas Airplane Jonathan Cleaned Up -- Then He Heard a Sound Show and Tell A Promise is a Promise 58 Genre: Poetry Sheree Fitch Toes in my Nose She writes whimsical, rhyming poems that are fun to chant. There Are Monkeys in my Kitchen Rhyming, catchy phrases describe the scene as they wait for

help Mabel Murple Poems for young children featuring Mabel's wacky purple world If I Had a Million Onions Picture Books New collection of clever and funny poems 59 Genre: Poetry Eenie Meenie Manitoba By Robert Heidbreder 37 made-up skipping, clapping, ball-bouncing rhymes, chants and poems, which sound traditional. Each describes something Canadian. Sample:

Words of Warning Ogopogo shimmy, Ogopogo shake Dont dive deep in the Okanagan Lake Sasquatch roar, and Sasquatch rail Dont stray off that mountain trail. Ogopogo scrunch, and Sasquatch crunch Youll be an Ogopogo-Sasquatch brunch! 60 Genre: Poetry In Flanders Field By John McCrae Picture Book "In Flanders fields where poppies blow between the

crosses, row on row..." Words from the famous poem by John McCrae. In Flanders Fields is the story of the poem. Starting in the trenches of Ypres in 1915, the story is interwoven with information about the First World War. 61 Genre: Poetry Canadian Poems for Canadian Kids Compiled by Jen Hamilton This anthology for children contains 25 poems by a variety of Canadian poets including Linda Rogers and Patrick Lane. Some poems are humorous with titles like Emily's Backpack by Diane Bawber, Hiccups by Alison Lohans, Allergic to Numbers by Linda Rogers, Dallin's Pool by Angie Mansen, and 'Tis the Season by Gerry O'Brien. Some are descriptive and thought-provoking, and

among these are Stories by Irene Watts, Cloud Watching by P.K. Page, and Treasures by Beryl Young. Others, such as Only at Night by Lynn Davies and My Ice Cream Cone by Jocelyn Shipley, are clever. 62 TEACHING WITH CANADIAN LIT Teaching Canadian Why Not? Schools need more Canadian, says Peter Carver, editor and former high school teacher, and author of an article promoting Canadian fiction in the Language Arts curriculum. ARTICLE:

63 Teaching Canadian Youth Fiction Carver, editor and former high school teacher, recommends these books because as he says, each has its own distinctive tone, its own agenda and bias; each exhibits the abilities of a talented Canadian writer; each places its characters in a community and a moral universe that can be well understood by intelligent young readers. Collections of Short Stories Ordinary Miracles Diana Aspin Necking With Louise Rick Book Traveling on Into the Light Martha Brooks Close Ups Peter Carver Golden Girl and Other Stories Gillian Chan Back of Beyond Sarah Ellis Toxic Love Linda Holeman Sky Kickers Shelley Leedahl For a book list of novels see Teaching Canadian Why Not? at The Laws of Emotion Alison Lohans The Crying Jesus R.P. MacIntyre

The Leaving Budge Wilson 64 STUDYING CANADIAN LIT Scholarly paper presented 2001 to the History of the Book in Canadas Open Conference Looking at ourselves, Looking at Others: Multiculturalism in Canadian childrens picture books in English By Gail Edwards and Judith Saltman, University of British Columbia We begin by asking a series of questions. What do Canadian children see when they open a Canadian picture book? Do they see themselves and their environment reflected in the illustrations? What is it about Canadian picture books that is unique to this country and its evolving identity? From its nineteenth century beginnings, Canadian childrens literature has been closely linked to the land, to an imaginative sense of place. Canadas first childrens books of the Victorian period were entirely rooted in the physical dimension s of the Canadian wilderness its dangers, challenges, and awesome beauty and were engaged in finding the human place in it. 65 RESOURCES FOR Accessing Canadian Childrens Literature Canadian Childrens Book Centre A go-to place for everything about authors, illustrators and Canadian childrens literature. CCBC promotes, supports and encourages the reading, writing and illustrating of Canadian books for children and teens. Quarterly Magazine - Canadian Childrens Book News Annual Review - Our Choice A selection tool used by teachers, librarians, parents, and booksellers across the country to choose the best new Canadian children's books, magazines, audio and video.

Canadian Book Publishers: Links to web sites of active companies in Canadian children's book publishing (click Publishers Sites) 66 Selected Canadian Publishers ATLANTIC REGION Breakwater Books - Nimbus Publishing CENTRAL Tundra Books Second Story Press - PRAIRIES Red Deer Press - Pemmican Publications - WEST Raincoast Press -

Orca Book Publishers - 67 Selected Canadian Publishers NATIONAL Fitzhenry & Whiteside Publishing - Firefly Books Formac Distributing Groundwood Books

Kids Can Press - McClelland & Stewart Scholastic Canada - 68 RESOURCES FOR Accessing Canadian Childrens Literature CM: Canadian Review of Materials A biweekly electronic reviewing journal. Librarians and Teacher

Librarians review Canadiana of interest to children and young adults. Reviews include publications produced in Canada, or published elsewhere but of special significance to Canada, such as Canadian writer, illustrator or subject. Materials reviewed include books, video and audio recordings and CD-ROMs. Specifically-Canadian materials are identified by a red maple leaf. Comprehensive source for book review. All reviews are indexed by author and title. Site includes author profiles, back issues, and archive. 69 RESOURCES FOR Accessing Canadian Childrens Literature Resource Links A national print journal devoted to the review and evaluation of Canadian resources for children and young adults, published 5 times/year. Links to back issues on-line.

Canadian Childrens Book Awards This site was chosen because it contains a listing of Canadian Childrens Book Awards in a concise format: Note: NBS does not sell to U.S. libraries and schools 70 RESOURCES FOR Accessing Canadian Childrens Literature Local Independent Bookstores Westminster Books - Fredericton, NB Just one example of the many friendly and helpful general bookstores in Canada Woozles - Canadas Oldest Childrens Bookstore, Halifax, NS 71 Bookstore Chain: Browse Childrens Books Search in Childrens Books: Canadian 72 Bookstore Chain: Tab: Kids Books Search by Ages Click: Kids Need More Canada 73 Canadian Book Festival FREE! HALIFAX, NS and four other cities across Canada The last Sunday in September An annual, largescale celebration of literacy and the printed word. 74

CONCLUSION A Genre Approach to Reading Your Way Through Canada This presentation concentrates on Canadian Childrens Fiction to the exclusion of Non-Fiction, Informational, and Biography genres. These genres will be addressed in a future presentation. Sources for the content of this presentation include those listed on the slides titled Accessing Canadian Childrens Literature, plus Toronto Public Librarys list of Recommended Reading, and A Guide to Canadian Childrens Books by Deirdre Baker and Ken Setterington (McClelland & Stewart, 2003 ISBN: 0-7710-1064-8) DISCLAIMER This presentation merely skims the surface. It is meant to acquaint U.S. librarians and teacher librarians with the world of Canadian Childrens Literature. There are many more Canadian books, Canadian book publishers, Canadian bookstores, and on-line resources about Canadian Childrens Literature than are mentioned in this presentation. If your book, company, or organization was not mentioned, we apologize. ___________________ For more information or to make comments, contact Betsy Arntzen Office of Canadian Studies Outreach . Canadian-American Center University of Maine 154 College Ave. Orono, ME 04473 [email protected] 207.581.4225 March 2006 75

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    Movement Towards Industrialization The Brooklyn Bridge- New York City--1883 The Brooklyn Bridge- New York City--1883 Steel = Cable Support System 1,595 ft. long Symbolic of America's transition from a rural to Industrial nation. Also indicative of the uneven results of...
  • Unsure about how to decide which sorority to

    Unsure about how to decide which sorority to

    Submitting Preferences • Called "preffing" for short. • Process in which PNMs submit a list of their favorite. options via computer. • Occurs at the end of each event round of fall
  • Framework for Enhancing Student Learning

    Framework for Enhancing Student Learning

    Inquiry Mindset. Each school in the district has been engaged in an inquiry process focused on student learning for three years. The school inquiry processes and findings from the inquiries have informed the district planning process and provided more clarity...
  • Welcome 8th Grade Families!

    Welcome 8th Grade Families!

    3 Sections ELA 90 min. / 110 min. / 110 min. 3 Sections Math 80 min. / 80 min. / 80min. ... Final Exam is administered at the end of the year >80% final average needed for course credit. World...
  • Week 2 lecture slides - MIT OpenCourseWare

    Week 2 lecture slides - MIT OpenCourseWare

    DA and 5-HT. One thousand times less common than the major neurotransmitters. Mainly modulatory, slow. Originate in brainstem, but released throughout the entire brain and spine
  • DART Sandbox Training - Tennessee Gas Pipeline

    DART Sandbox Training - Tennessee Gas Pipeline

    So we are at the Trunkline PIN and we want to pool that gas up to the Z0 South LA Pool PIN. Sense we are getting gas from off of SNG's pipeline, this is called an "Off system supply" next...
  • Three Theories of How Social Reproduction Happens

    Three Theories of How Social Reproduction Happens

    Theories of How Social Reproduction Happens (to the extent that it does) Economic determinism (Marxist approaches) Cultural and linguistic capital Resistance In order for this theory to work, we need to see…. the separation of students by social class background...