Business Intelligence infrastructure deep dive in Project ...

Business Intelligence infrastructure deep dive in Project ...

Anaheim, CA | February 2-5, 2014 Marc Boyer Microsoft [email protected] Christine Flora Symnoian, LLC [email protected] m

PC329 Business Intelligence infrastructure deep dive in Project Online and Project Server 2013 Marc Boyer Program manager II Microsoft Christine Flora MCSD, MCITP, MCTS, MCT Symnoian, LLC

[email protected] Intelligence From Project Server 2013 and Project Online Business Intelligence Whats changed for Business Intelligence Single database with different schemas Access to reporting schema only

Existing Reports based on the Reporting tables and views still work The Reporting tables retain their previous names Some OLAP settings have been moved to SharePoint Central Admin IT Pro related, instead of functional administration Reporting Tables Data exposed as OData feeds 35 individual tables available

Projec Accessing Project data Data Sources Reporting Database Multidimensional OLAP oData for Project Online

Data Visualization Microsoft BI tools Excel, Excel Power add ins and Excel services Power BI sku for Office 365 SQL Server Reporting Services Or write your own custom app Discover oData Getting access to your

online data What is OData? HTTP-based Available initially with SharePoint 2010 for list data, expanded in 2013 ODATA AtomPu b

JSON XML Projec oData in Project Online Quick overview

Run it in your favorite browser and see the entities that are supported Format support Project Online oData stream supports either XML (default) or Json ($format=json).

Use Json when possible Json light support coming soon oData in Project Online Connection Rest query

Entities and metadata 35 entities with associations for easy Excel integration. Hit tables directly by adding appending them to the query /_api/ProjectData/Projects Get the list of properties for each entity$metadata

oData Permissions Sharepoint permission mode: Portfolio Viewers, Portfolio managers, Administrators

Project permission mode Access project Server Reporting Service permission Paging Depends on the tables, 100 (tasks) to 200 (issues) Using Excel Native or PowerQuery add in ? Best practice

Start small Create your report Refine your query Usage Using oData Precision and

performance System Query options Supported options $Select to reduces the number of properties $Filter to scale down the number of entries $Orderby, $Top, and $Skip to arrange the returned fields Unsupported options $expand and $link Excel 2013 uses the Association elements to help create for pivot tables and other models.

Get specific fields only projectdata/Tasks? $select=TaskName,ProjectName,TaskActualDuration,TaskFinishDate,T askPercentCompleted $select to improve perf This seems obvious, but it is often overlooked by BI users. Look back at your reports and updates the queries to only the get the data you really need. To the top projectdata/Tasks? $select=TaskName,ProjectName,TaskActualDuration,TaskFinishDate,T askPercentCompleted&$orderby=TaskPercentCompleted desc&$top=20 $top to reduce the scope When you only care about the top Race to finish Top 3 Filter on some properties projectdata/Tasks?

$select=TaskName,ProjectName,TaskActualDuration,TaskFinishDate,T askPercentCompleted&$top=20&$filter=TaskActualDuration gt 10 $filter to improve perf $filter out inactive projects, non relevant tasks to reduce the size of your download even more. Logical Operators Equal, Greater than, Or . Filter on a project Get the ProjectID

You can also do this programmatically Use it in your query projectdata/Projects(guid'b28fc3ef-99bf-e111-9f1e00155d022681')/Tasks Functions Date functions Int month(DateTime P0) - $filter=month( TaskFinishDate) eq 2 String functions bool substringof(string po, string p1)

More functions on Still using with SSRS ? SSIS connectivity to Project Online Project Online Windows Azure OData SQL

SQL SSIS SSRS Grant reporting access in Project Online Its a site collection feature Gear / Sites settings Site Collection features oData, Mobile and

You What is your app great at? Audience / User Activities it will Support Features to include Device Capabilities Consuming Data SharePoint Apps

SharePoint (self) Hosted Provider Hosted Auto Hosted Office Apps Project Task Pane Word Excel PowerPoint Mail/Outlook

Mobile Windows 8 Phone Windows 8.1 Store Apps Other Project Server / Project Online Projec What type of Authentication is

needed? On Prem Domain Joined Non-Domain Joined Online Domain Joined Non-Domain Joined O365 credentials

On Prem Authentication string query = "http://w15-sp/_api/sites/pwa/ ProjectData/Projects"; HttpClientHandler clientHandler = new HttpClientHandler(); clientHandler.UseDefaultCredentials = true; HttpClient client = new HttpClient(clientHandler); var response = await client.GetAsync(query); response.EnsureSuccessStatusCode(); Claims Authentication

Courtesy of: Alex Choroshin Demo Before you go 4 points to remember Conclusion

Easy to use Use Microsoft BI stack Pay attention to your queries

New SSIS connection scenario Other PC14 BI Sessions: Session Introduction to Microsoft Visio: A Swiss Army Knife for PMs Building Stellar Project BI Dashboards with Visio Real World Reports: Business Intelligence in Project Online and Project Server 2013 Reports That Jump Off the Screen with Microsoft Project Desktop

Business Intelligence Infrastructure Deep Dive in Project Online and Project Server 2013 Session Room PC245 204C

PC222 203B PC248 202AB PC232 201B

PC329 204A Time MON 11:15 MON 5:00 TUE 10:30 TUE

1:45 WED 12:00 References Authorization and authentication for apps in SharePoint

2013 OAuth authentication permissions on the fly CodePlex Project Claims Web Service Win8 Project Where it is explained Kirk Evans //Build 2013 Authentication Session

MyPC fill out evaluation s Fill out session evaluations by logging win into & MyPC on your laptop or mobile device. prizes! Evaluation prizes daily! Claim your

prize at the Registration Desk on Level 1. After the event, over 100 hours of resources; including all of the PPT decks and session videos will be 2014 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. Microsoft, Windows and other product names are or may be registered trademarks and/or trademarks in the U.S. and/or other countries. The information herein is for informational purposes only and represents the current view of Microsoft Corporation as of the date of this presentation. Because Microsoft must respond to changing market conditions, it should not be interpreted to be a commitment on the part of Microsoft, and Microsoft cannot guarantee the accuracy of any information provided after the date of this presentation. MICROSOFT MAKES NO WARRANTIES, EXPRESS, IMPLIED OR


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